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    • sheilamotko

      Hello everybody, hope all is well..just looking into my family history..if you guys interested in doing that there is a site called FamilySearch.org you can go too.
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    • sheilamotko

      Hello all..how is everyone..me I pretty good ..Hey @ragreynolds I might have some English in me...came upon  a census from 1920 that lists my great great grandmother(on my mom's side) as her Nationality as English...lol Birthday shout out to @Lynx, hope you had a great one.
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    • sheilamotko

      Hello all..hope all is well with you all..me, I am good, well so far ,day isn't over yet
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    • Myvagmademedoit

      Does anyone here know anything about making 3D objects? If you do,  please send me a message in my  inbox, I would like to know more. Thank you. 
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    • sheilamotko

      Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing fine Happy Birthday shout out to @Aimieee on this her 17th Birthday..have a wonderful day .
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    • Myvagmademedoit  »  Aimieee

      Happy birthday
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    • sheilamotko

      Hello everybody, just a update from this morning..the breaks got pumped a few times..and it worked well enough to get it to their friend who can fix it. 
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    • sheilamotko

      Well yesterday went from good to bad..my son's and his gf's car breaks needed a new part..went a got it..they put it on...They went to test drive and make sure the care was driveable..and they hit the gate ..damaging both the car and the gate. Hopefully , all they got to do is pump break fluid into the breaks..and it will work. If not they could lose their jobs, and it will go from just bad to worse. Yes , my son and his gf are alright though so that's a plus.
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