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For all film lovers out there. This is the place to talk about your favourite movies.

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  2. Cara is great at modelling and she is super attractive. BUT her acting ability isn't very good.
  3. I'm tempted to watch it because of Cara Delevingne. That woman is the epitome of beauty and the epitome of making me horny.
  4. Can confirm: great visuals, shit acting.
  5. Has anyone seen the movie yet? I'm gonna see it super soon. From what I hear it's not the greatest movie (the worst part being the two main actors) but it's really amazing to watch, especially in 3D IMAX.
  6. I'm excited
  7. Avenger Fans
  8. the trailer leaked and it looks quite good cant wait to see everybody fucking die (except spiderman )
  9. Here Alone The plot was extremely tenuous if not absent entirely. There's really so much you can do with zombie survival, and even if it's been done before you can do it differently, but they didn't choose to do anything really. Just a bunch of puttering around in the woods, occasionally gathering food in a fenced off neighborhood with a surprisingly minute zombie population and an abundance of unraided houses, and arguing about nothing. As if they chose to cut out all of the exciting parts of a zombie adventure and left the bits in between. The movie was over before anything really had the chance to happen. They ended it with the main character making a hasty, emotionally-driven decision to save the little girl who tried to sabotage her, thus losing the little girl's step father who was an overall more proficient and likeable person to survive with. Bleh. Waste.
  10. Environment had so much story potential.
  11. King Arthur. It was fucking terrible and plot lines didn't meet up or even finish up. Guy Richie's worst film.
  12. It got really shit reviews but I saw it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  13. I want to see it! I forgot it was out, oops. I'll have to go see it
  14. I think it was called SiREN? I'm going to rewatch it but I think it was pretty terrible
  15. I've been meaning to watch that movie
  16. This was a really good movie! This is about a group of Astronauts who find life on Mars, but what they get is more than they bargained for! Movie in English! Wonderful movie!!! It was very intense and thought provoking!!!! 10/10!!! Would watch if a sequel to this came out!!!!!!!
  17. I'm too lazy to watch things with subtitles
  18. This is a Korean Movie with English Sub titles about a virus that breaks out and turns everyone into Zombies, now I like Zombie movies and if you do too, you might like this! Sure American Zombie moves are good too, but this was something entirely different from anything I have ever seen before of that genre! This is for sure, a 10/10!!!
  19. Alien Covenant. IT WAS BORING AS HELL. But for some reason, everyone is saying it was great. I disagree entirely.
  20. I refuse to go and see it, purely because I'm a die hard fan of the Brendan Fraser movies and I hate Tom Cruise with a passion.
  21. I've seen the movie twice now. I actually quite enjoyed it, and more so than the Brendan Fraser movies. Don't get why all the reviews are slating it. It's certainly not an amazing movie or anything, but it's not as bad as the reviews are making out. Anyone else seen it?
  22. DeCent
  23. I saw it the other day when it came out. Really was a good movie. We agreed that it was definitely one of the better DC movies out there. It was a nice unique spin on your typical "journey of self discovery" type movie.
  24. Great movie, just saw it yesterday. It's easily the best DC movie out there besides The Dark Knight trilogy. Anyone else seen it yet?
  25. A Series of Unfortunate Events