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  2. 7/10, it was alright, better than expected. ________ I dedicate this to @ragreynolds, I like him too u know
  3. 7/10 alone, but when you count the fact that Summer was used as a MoonMan beat, it's easily 10/10.
  4. One can't judge Jan Terri on a 0-10 scale. It just doesn't do her justice.
  5. I like it, AI give it a 7/10, even though AI only listened to the first three songs, but I liked it anyway.
  6. 6/10. Not bad music, just not my style.
  7. Wagner doesn't work very well in the background. His music is always the centre of attention.
  8. Yeh, I suppose I'm pretty biased. I could listen to Chris Thile play for hours
  9. Stephen Fry is great. Wagner's music is the kinda thing I love to have on in the background.
  10. 5/10 - there was a lot to like about it, but I also found a lot I didn't like about it. My main issue was with the length of the song. I like long songs, but 10 minutes is just too long for my taste.
  11. 8/10 So jammin'.
  12. 7/10 I like it a lot
  13. One of my favourite people on the whole wide word speaking about one of my favourite Opera composers and dramatists, Richard Wagner. Richard Wagner in my opinion surpasses every other composer in the 'feelings' department. Richard Wagner's music can make any audience feel any emotion that he wanted them to feel. From depression to elation. From a feeling that needs to be resolved to a complete harmonious resolution that makes you feel a complete ecstatic nostalgia. He can give you tears of misery and he can give you tears of joy. He might have been a jew hater but god, he was a brilliant dramatist. Richard Wagner everyone.
  14. You wait @4 Hours for that Musical Orgasm at 12:40. Wagner and German Opera at its best.
  15. I feel this needs it's own topic. I love this song so much right now!
  16. One of my favourite songs!
  17. Great as always
  18. Here's a song (and any other songs should I feel like posting some later on) Little somber rendition of Dolly Parton's "Jolene":
  19. Post a link of what you're currently listening to
  20. Rate it from 0 to 10, make a comment about what you think of it and then post your music. You know the drill.... ___________ I'll start
  21. Post songs in other languages, only rule is it has to be in everything but english language, it can be any type of song as long as its a real language, folkloric, classical, moden, rock, etc all accepted.