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  2. That's a big fire. Also, your camera quality looks better, Sheila.
  3. I made this video today ..fire near my house
  4. lmao he crapped himself
  5. Gotta love raccoons
  6. Thanks, it could have been far better though, the edit is what brought it to a B. Next year I'll do it on the conservatives, it'll be lit. I'm going to the Conservative Conference in November and interview people on what it means to be a conservative and how different those beliefs vary between MPs.
  7. Looks really good. The production is excellent.
  8. Life on a Boat is a documentary about canal boats. I made it as part of my university coursework. We explored canal culture within Northampton and South Northamptonshire and asked people what impact boating has had over their lives and the in and outs of canal boats. It was great fun working on this documentary and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry about the horrible colouring, the camcorders that were used were ancient. I would have used my DSLR but nothing beats an XLR input when it comes to sound (too much hiss with DSLR's standard jack) I can't monetise it because of the music when in fact it is actually in the public domain. Oh well...
  9. death
  10. this
  11. lol social media isnt that scary as long as you're smart about it a good portion of these people have my phone number and probably my old address and it doesn't really bother me a kill yourself comment is literally nothing
  12. Fat
  13. RR is going downhill fast...
  14. I'll say it here as well. Kill yourself.
  15. There are a few reasons for this 1. I decided to not pursue this anymore. The channel and my video are still out there, yes, but I'm going to pursue that anymore, at least for the time being. Social Media as a whole is rather scary if you think about it, so why on earth did I think Youtube would be LESS scary? Social media is watched heavily, not just celebrities, but the ordinary joe is watched there too. For these reasons, I would never ever be able to do a podcast or anything of the like, but major major props to people who can and want to do that. 2. I know not everyone on the internet is nice by any means, but someone left a "Kill yourself" comment and Sharky, the owner of the channel "Sharky" wasn't very happy with that and indirectly said that the channel shouldn't be promoted for the time being. 3. Not sure what happened to the link, but the link I posted was MY story here, and when I checked back, before deleting the link, somehow my sister's story was up here, not sure how that happened. if in the future, I become more comfortable with the idea, maybe i'll relist it, but for now, I hated the quality of the mic, the fan noise in the background and the general shortness of the story.
  16. why
  17. Chester Bennington left us early. A music icon that will be missed. When I was young, Linkin Park was everything to me. When I used to listen to Chester, when I was younger, I used to imagine that it was I that was singing on that stage. Even if I stopped listening, even my ears wanted to listen to something more soothing as I grew, I'm still upset that he left us so early and in that manner that he did. His pain was too great. I wish his family all the best. I lost my father to suicide too, it will not be easy for them. I loved Chester, I really did.
  18. Not really. You shouldn't be expected to to care about someone if you don't. RIP Chester.
  19. This thread has been deleted.
  20. Im not a big fan of much of their music past their second album; but i still find it disheartening that he killed himself.
  21. It's just weird that even if you liked a celebrity when you were younger, because you don't really follow them anymore it doesn't matter if they die. And that's probably not the case with Chester but you've said that for some celebrities. Does it not make you think of a time when you were a fan of that person and enjoyed what they were doing or creating? Just trying to understand cause it's odd to me. Personally for me, I was a fan of Linkin Park when I was like 14, so it's been quite a while since I've listened to their music at all. I can honestly say that as I grew out of their music I saw their songs as more of memes than something to be taken serious, but when news broke out that Chester killed himself I was sad because the music that I loved when I was younger is gone in a sense. Also not related to what Ryan said, but people took their lyrics for a joke, me included but not on such a scale that others took it. When their new album came out, there was huge backlash and people were giving them shit on social media about how their music has changed and they're shit now. I haven't personally listened to the album and I'm not going to but it's actually quite weird and sad to think that the lyrics are kind of like Chester's final words? Like suicide notes in musical form? Don't know if that makes any sense but he was writing what he was feeling and nobody took it seriously so he ended his life? Like looking back he had a giant platform to cry out for help and nobody did anything. Scary fucking shit if you ask me, the music industry gets really dark.
  22. Is it bad if I say "I don't care"? Because I've honestly yet to hear about a celebrity death that even slightly bothered me.
  23. I wasn't sure where to put this thread if better suited elsewhere, please Admin feel free to move it to a better spot, Thank you. Chester Bennington was found hanging in his closet on July 20th. Toxicology reports that they found alcohol in his system, but no illegal drugs. Suicide is a terrible thing, and mental illnesses are often hidden below the surface, appreciate everyone you have in your life and tell them how much they mean to you, daily. My heart goes out to his family and friends during this time, Chester was greatly loved and adored by many and he will be forever missed.
  24. You should still just have that sorta YouTube channel. Who cares if it's done to death. Just do what you enjoy. To embed, just paste the YouTube link, hit enter, and wait. It should do it automatically.