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  2. Thanks baby girl
  3. Jimmy is so daddy. hahaha!
  4. drugs r good
  5. i get the "drugs are bad, M'kay" thing from southpark. just thought id sprinkle some knowledge on this turd sammich.
  6. not really... hospitals use ( a cleaner form of ) heroin to help people with severe pain. add/adhd meds are basically methanfetamines and marijuana can completely cure epilepsy and seizures for a limited time
  7. yes they are
  8. Drugs are bad m'kay
  9. BUMP dat thread ____ <3
  10. Just to showcase my ridiculous hair growth over the course of the last year (a couple weeks short of a year, but whatever)
  11. Actually, if we both liked creepy clowns we could talk about them, why not? I have to be in a specific "lets make creepy clownAs" mood, but they do happen from time to time. Creepiest damn one, hands down is Pennywise..but I also kind of like it... Sometimes....
  12. There used to be a member around here that went by the name of Clown. Her avatar was a creepy clown too. I'm assuming you wouldn't have been too fond of her!
  13. Clowns is not a topic like very much, in fact, It is one of my least favorite topics of viewing or discussing, sI suppose it's not the sight of clowns, pictures of them either. but more of the idea that's I find the fake smile and makeup covering their real faces that resembles entirely different features in a most obvious way, that scares me the most. I find myself being drawn to "Scary clown art" and making some pictures, so far I only have one, but maybe in the future, I will add to my own thread with more pictures, Sharing is caring! HA!!!
  14. Do you think this is funny, Bry? Fight me IRL.
  15. officially triggered
  16. Post your dank memes and just shit post in general.