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  2. Yar, but I'm hoping to go deeper. Return to the ocean within, little drop!
  3. that's deep
  4. Mh. Pxc is my social personality, but there is a deep silence and emptiness behind that layer that keeps peeking through, which intrigues me to peek, too.
  5. I know who you are! You're pxc!
  6. I'm working on discovering who I am. also I started running and climbing endless Mario stairs at a gym as my sister's workout buddy.
  7. Losing weight (again) and getting toned, i think once i start losing weight (again) it should be easy for me to get toned because im quite strong already. It seems i can lose weight easy when i stay dedicated to a low carb diet; which means giving up pizza (i love pizza, but i am super dedicated to getting in better shape)
  9. IMO super underweight is worse than super overweight; at least in the near future. This being said, ive never been underweight and i will never get anywhere near as bad as those people on 600 LB LIFE, ive never even hit 300LBs (im at around 260 LBs and ive started working out most days) and im back to trying to lose weight again (which i have a couple times, but its easy to get lazy and gain weight; its much harder to keep doing the same or better).
  10. I don't agree, sure the threat is there but it's there if you're obese aswell, while your organs could shut down, they can if you're too big aswell, you both could have heart attacks at any moment because of how hard it is working, if you're obese you're far more likely to end up with an undiagnosed issue that puts you in immediate danger aswell. Again, I think there's a certain stigma on underweightness that is not there if you are bigger, but you could be in just as much danger.
  11. when you're super underweight, it's more often than not (in first world countries) the person doing it to themself intentionally to be that size i mean both are bad, but if u know what you're doing is bad ur dumb
  12. Sure, but as has already been mentioned in the thread, being super underweight is a far more imminent threat to your life/health. That's why I'd argue that it's worse.
  13. I think they're both equally bad, both have serious health issues that are hugely detrimental and life risking at either end of the scale and both produce life long issues both aesthetically, physically and mentally. We only look at being underweight as more of a detrimental because people associate that with illness, but the truth is that you can be anorexic at 250lbs and you could eat 4000kcals a day and not be able to gain it. I think both issues need to be looked at based on the individual
  14. An underweight person can put enough clothes on and stop looking disgusting. A super obese person like the Health Minster for Belgium can't.
  15. Personally, when I look at a super fat person in a purely appearance oriented sense, I think "Gross". But that's about it. On the other hand, when I look that same way at a severely underweight person (take Eugenia Cooney as an example) I feel physically disturbed and get shivers.
  16. both are awful but i think underweight could definitely be worse because it can be a much quicker way to die. sure there are all sorts of risks to being overweight but if you are severely underweight your body burns all its fat and muscles for energy, your organs shut down, etc and even if you overcome it there can be permanent damage both physically and mentally. i've always found being underweight to be scarier
  17. From an aesthetic prospective it's far worse to be obese, being overweight isn't actually that bad. From a health prospective you're more likely to die far much more quicker for being really underweight (anorexic) than being a fat cunt. I myself I'm a bit overweight but to lose that weight I'd have to stop drinking which isn't happening any time soon. As I said again it depends which way you're looking it from.
  18. Do you think it's worse for a person to be super overweight or super underweight? Obviously, both are very bad, but I'm of the opinion that being super underweight is worse than being super overweight. Reason being, when you are underweight, your body literally starts to shut down, it can't function. If you have no fuel in your body, then obviously that body can't run. Whereas yes, being overweight is terrible, and yes, it will lead to organ failure, BUT, at least your body actually has the fuel it needs to function in the first place. I'd compare it to a mobile phone. If you constantly overcharge your phone battery, yes, it will cause you lots of issues and eventually become almost useless and you'll need a new one, however, if you don't charge your phone battery in the first place, it won't function at all. Regardless of opinions, I'm sure we can all agree that both of these things aren't good, and no one should want to be them.
  19. i'm about to go on week 4 of performing as Milky Juicy
  20. 😏
  21. True, but not as productive as potato wine
  22. Hash browns are always productive
  23. Most people tend to have one or two things that they are always working towards at any given time. For me that has been my new book as of late, for some others, it is perhaps some art project, a documentary, or even just a focus of losing weight or becoming healthier. So what are you currently working on?