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  2. Just uploaded the first episode of my Slime Rancher series!
  3. New to my $1 Patreon reward tier is a video schedule detailing videos to be released each day of the coming week.
  4. If anyone has any questions about my Patreon, then this is the place to ask them. https://www.patreon.com/ragreynolds
  5. Much appreciated!
  6. I became a Paetreon.
  7. @Harry_Hilter just to add to this topic, I have recently updated my Patreon reward tiers. There is now a reward for $15+ (so included at $25) that let's Patrons vote on a video game they'd like me to play, and each week I will post an exclusive Patron only gaming video for that video game.
  8. So I've put together an approximate video posting schedule. Things will certainly vary (especially for On The Rag), but hopefully this helps people know roughly what I'm aiming to post and when I'm aiming to post it. Note that Patrons tend to get 40-60% of all of my videos at least a day early, so although the videos will go public on the days listed in the schedule, they will often times be available for Patrons earlier.
  9. I don't really have much that I'm definitely gonna play. I've already uploaded some Overwatch and UFC stuff, and I've started uploading a let's play of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I'll for sure be trying out a bunch of different types of videos, so trolling types are not unlikely. I'm also open to taking requests.
  10. What games are you for definite going to be playing? I think it would be great to see you do some trolling gameplay. That's my forte, anyway. I'm a bit iffy when it comes to Let's Plays, but if you pick a good enough game I think it'd be worth the watch. You're a funny guy, so I can imagine your commentary to be particularly entertaining.
  11. What are these women even bitching about?! Women already have a lot of rights! Women can hold jobs, both menial and corporate and everything in between! Women can buy land, buy houses, buy land and pay for someone to build a house for them or build one themselves!! "Pregnancy discrimination? WOT? I wonder if these women have ever carried a baby!! My first trimester, I was sick ALL THE TIME no matter what I ate, sick, sick and sicker!! Second, I was tired all the time, all I wanted to do was sleep. Third, I was having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions in my back, last thing I wanted to do was go back to my nurse job, wipe dirty adult assess, change bedding, do wound care, feed people and the list of all of that was never ending, be fucking happy for your break when you're pregnant! It's common sense! If you are a woman working, and you happen to THINK you have experienced workplace discrimination, based on your gender then you're probably not doing your job the right way, has nothing to do with owning a Vagina or Penis! Domestic abuse and violence? Someone should set that bitch down and make her watch Sir Patrick Stwart's video where he talks about the abuse of his mother at the hands of his father as a child, and how the police basically made it out to be nothing, while that specific thing, does not happen anymore to women! If a woman is abused by a man, and she has marks or bruises, that is a felony in America and the man goes to jail! I feel bad for men in this situation because women can abuse men just as easily as men can to women, but men have fewer rights in that situation! Someone should tell these people that the only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason that that movement worked for a white woman, was because white people were considered majority, and still are!! s Their statement of the ERA is for everyone, especially the part about "sexual Orientation" from America, the first LGBT rights activist was someone in 1983ss, so where the fuck do they get off saying that the ERA was for everyone? Kimball Allen (born 1982), writer, playwright, performer, author of Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon and Be Happy Be Mormon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LGBT_rights_activists#United_States_of_America I consider myself to be pro choice, a woman should be able to choose what she does with her body, I saw a documentary, if you want to call it that, from Kanadajin3 a J-vlogger who spoke about Japan's laws where abortion is not a thing that happens, and these babies are often dropped off in an orphanage or "Care" institution where these babies grow up, and when they are the age of legal adult, they are thrown out on the streets to live as the homeless in Japan and a lot of these unwanted babies, go on to commit suicide because they have no education and most can't even read or write. Someone make her go visit one of those places in Japan, PLEASE!! Planned Parenthood is a bunch of shit anyway! Not only were they guilty of tax fraud, but if a woman gets an abortion, and the abortion fails, they have a "LIVE ABORTION" which means killing the baby right as the mother delivers it, cord blood and stem cells are very precious to the scientific community, Stem cells can reverse heart disease, heal the skin of burn victims and do many other things because it works with one's own body and could even have the potential to REGROW missing limbs. the only way to obtain stem cells is if a fetus (Or newborn baby) is dead. HELLO PLANNED PARENTHOOD!
  12. When I get good
  13. 1v1 League match when?
  14. one more channel i'm not gonna watch
  15. Just posted the first video to my new gaming channel. I'll be posting the first actual gaming video tomorrow, but Patrons will get access a day early, as they often do with a lot of my content. This channel is just for me to have fun with, I'm far less concerned with it than I am with my main channel.
  16. @ragreynolds I'sm curious, but if I were to become a Patreon of your channel,s specifically the 25 level and I have been interested in this for a while now, but I am curious. I dont have any social media, infact your forum is as "social media" as it gets for me because facebook is too depressing, no point in having a snapchat and there's not enough characters in Twitter. If anyone else uses social media, more power to you, but it's just not for me. Instead of the social media part, can I get all my youtube comments on your channel, liked by you, as well as regular likes and responses here, as you would on social media accounts? I think that's the only question I have for now.
  17. This is where I'm gonna dump videos I make for my "Worse Than a Child Molester?" series. Feel free to give me valuable feedback/advice or whatever. Try to enjoy them, also feel free to make requests. Keemstar Onision Billie Dawn Ingle Shoe0nHead LeafyIsHere Eugenia Cooney Filthy Frank Vegan Gains Blaire White