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The world is filled with nice people. If you cant find one, be one! :D

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  2. Not much, probably, but it depends on what you mean by "nice", because there is a huge spectrum of possibilities. I mean, it would be great with no conflict, but with perfect peace comes a lack of action. One would think the great minds of the world undivided would create and advance technology much faster and better in all walks of life, and we would become a utopia, but I also think that progress requires friction. If we were all "nice" to one another, would there be critics to tell us when we've fucked something up? How would we grow? On the other hand, maybe it would be our "peak of humanity", so to speak. Once conflict is resolved, progress is no longer necessary, because where can we go from here? If we can live together right where we are without the desperate need to "become better" or "move forward", that may not be such a bad thing, but it's all very subjective.
  3. That's the kinda thing I like to tell people who are suicidal. I always say that when you die, there is absolutely nothing. Sure, there's no suffering, but there's also no joy. When you are alive, even if you are depressed, even if you feel like shit all the time, there will always be something that gives you even the smallest ounce of joy. That might be a TV show you love, a movie you watch, a meal you eat, or a video game you play. Maybe it's even a certain conversation you have with someone. There will be at least one small thing. I always say that having that little bit of pleasure, no matter how small, is better than having none at all.
  4. We'd all wake up, cause it'd just be a dream.
  5. Everyone's got something good going for them, everyone does, even if that other thing is waking up, eating food, just whatever you have in life that is considered good, let's talk and give thanks.
  6. What would happen if just for a day, everyone in the world was very nice to one another, no war, no murder, no corruption of the human race, for as much as possible for a day! What would happen? To be real, this would never happen, but what if it did? What would the world be like for that day! Let's dream together! <3
  7. What is the nicest thing you have ever done?
  8. I'm alright at the moment. A little stressed though cause I'm trying to edit a bunch of videos to get ahead of my new upload schedule. I finally made a schedule for the first time ever, and I have videos I need to make for my main channel and my gaming channel, PLUS certain exclusive and early videos for Patrons.
  9. Hey, just wanting to make a thread where people can check in, tell me about their day or just well, most anything!