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  2. nothing is true everything is permitted
  3. theres a few shady details about the whole thing but idk if i would say that i believe the conspiracy theories
  4. Do you believe the mainstream explanation of 9/11? Or are you more in line with the likes of Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists who think that there was something else at play?
  5. i dont think its fake but this video had me shook idk
  6. Of course, I think it was fake. Aside from the aspect that many people think it took place in a studio, what I think happened was the Americans went to Space, they did land on the moon but perhaps they met other life and decided it wasn't safe. I think this because the Russians were supposed to have their own expedition there, but never did, and I think this because it would be rather selfish of Humans to think that Humans are the only life forms out there in the whole universe, there has to be more than just humans. I'm not a scientist, I can't prove any of what I had just said, but looking at the film evidence of this, the shadows of the astronauts all go in different directions, which would mean a multiple light source, but if they were on the moon wouldn't there be only one light source, meaning all shadows would go in the same direction? This could be debunked by the discrepancy of there being hills on the moon causing the light to go in different directions. There is a radiation belt around the earth, to get to the moon they would have had to go through this . Nasa claimed that there was sufficient aluminum plating on the ships interior and exterior to protect the astronauts from lethal doses of radiation, but this event happened sixty years ago and at this time, not enough was known about radiation and the effects of it on the human body, as such disasters like Chernobyl wouldn't have happened for another fifteen years, and even at that time, people still died during such because again, not much was known about radiation. The flag itself was WAVING in space, how can that be since there isnt any air on the moon? I think the whole event was fake.
  7. Of course, it wasn't fake. I think this is one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories. Does anyone here actually think it was fake? If so, post your evidence.