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  2. People are ridiculous, Sheila! People are constantly claiming that the world is going to end, yet the world doesn't end!
  3. I made a volgish video yesterday telling the nut jobs who thought the world was going to end...how we are all still here...lol They believe everything I will also add the day prior to this one here too. Comments will be accepted. . From the 23rd of Sept. in the morning This one's from the 22nd of Sept. in the morning as well. This is just how I feel...And also I don't remember if I mentioned in either video...but if God was going to destroy the world..he certainly wouldn't tell people the date and the time ...I was sneaking with these videos btw..dumb girlfriend of my son thinks just because she is on the lease and not me..gives her the right to tell me(her elder ) what to do..Anyways...comment if you guys like