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  2. Nah, I don't think the stuff I make is that good enough for DA. ive recently moved on from Photobucket and am using IMGBB for the hosting of my work and important pictures. Thank you, that is a very big compliment seeing as how most of the stuff I have seen on Deviant art is rather good.
  3. @Harry_Hilter is this true?
  4. Of course it makes a lot of sense but making the title "ai uses shortened English that looks like gibberish to communicate more efficiently" isnt gonna get those clicks.
  5. The title is very sensationalist, the bots were designed to improve in any way possible, so they came up with an efficient way of communicating. Seems like standard programming logic to me, you cut out anything useless and as they can interpret anything to mean anything else, this makes a lot of sense.
  6. honestly took molly for a deviantart kinda girl
  7. This is how the world ends http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/08/01/facebook-shuts-down-ai-robots-after-they-begin-speaking-their-own-language/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=062316-news&utm_campaign=dailywire-reciprocity
  8. Hostimageforfree.com is a great Photobucket alternative. It does the same shit, but it's entirely free. Ala told me about it and I've been using it for 2 years now.
  9. Edit: misunderstood what you meant. I'd suggest doing it differently, store your photos on three platforms, PC, hard drive and the cloud. Whenever you want to share them, use imgur, I always thought it was a great website for sharing photos imo.
  10. I stopped using Photobucket a long time ago. I used it for around 6 months in 2012. I uploaded everything to my account and would share my images around (mainly on forums). Then one day all of my shared image links were broken. So I went to my Photobucket account and found out that I had exceeded my monthly bandwidth, meaning that people could only view my images a set number of times per month, and if I wanted more people to see my images, I'd have to pay more. I refused to use them again after that.
  11. I like to photoshop images when I feel inspired, it's a hobby of mine and I have a whole collection of things I have made over the years and can see where my progress has taken me, and again this is just a hobby of mine. I have used Photobucket, a free image hosting and sharing site for many many years now and I have discovered days AFTER it happened a (The start of this was July 20) that Photobucket no longer will let you share picture links of any sort. Not without paying a whopping 400 dollar subscription fee. Photobucket is going to go under for this if this is not fixed, Photobucket started as a free service. If you have any images you would like to keep on Photobucket and host at a later date, or even just to make sure you still have the photos in case anything happens to Photobucket because of this, save them to your PC and then find another image hosting site! Not sure if anyone else knows about this, but I think the 400 bucks sub fee is VERY WRONG!
  12. I saw the flash of the gun
  13. there's at least,,,,,,one gay out there in there world
  14. people are dead
  15. I didn't know where to put this, but this seems as good of a place as any. Gimme a vague yet descriptive headline on something that's happening in the world! Cause why the fuck not! Trust me it's easy! Some Asian country fired some bombs, could be nukes, could destroy Florida, trump is disappointed is China!
  16. Everyone
  17. "dirk deserves better" oml
  18. i feel like at some point on the old rr there was a thread like this so i thought i'd make one cause im bored as fuck i feel like i should say right away that i always forget people so call me out on that shit also not sure if everyone is even a member on this site but they are like on discord and shit so ill list them anyways caity obviously thor is my buddy cherie isnt that bad i guess dirk deserves better token is the dog pic dealer lily gets sympathy from me cause she is mute kelley might not ever be around but she'll always be right here in my list kendra is everyones fave lets face it leon is ok until you mention something you like and he has to fight you on it
  19. one of the ladies my aesthetic is inspired from pam is my queen
  20. the bees are dying we know
  21. Are you gonna tell us who the fuck died or are we gonna keep sitting here with our thumbs up our asses waiting for you to tell us?
  22. Time to show off your cute celebrity crushes everyone or be made fun of if you post an uggo