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  2. Is there a reason for that?
  3. Yeah, I was never a Street Fighter fan. Soul Calibur has some good things going for it, but really it's largely a mess. Mortal Kombat just feels like a caricature at this point where they seem to pride themselves on brutality rather than good fighting game mechanics.
  4. It's Tekken, man. Tekken 7 is proof of that. Street Fighter fell off. Soul Calibur just can't get it right. Mortal Kombat is just getting worse. Injustice is fun, but it's not quite there yet. Let's not forget it's a NR fighter. Shouts out to Dead or Alive though, consistently great. They just put themselves in a weird corner because they've also focused heavily on making the game appeal to perverts.
  5. I main Lee, always.
  6. TheEternalSeeker. I play some Dota 2 and Quake III Arena every once in a blue moon.
  7. a woyote obviously
  8. a what
  9. A woyote!!!!!
  10. a what
  11. no, a Woyote
  12. are you a coyote
  13. Woyote
  14. About to boot the game up for the first time Who's your main @SkyBlu AND DO YOU HAVE THE GAME? @Thor
  15. My main issue with gaming is that I get so indecisive about where I wanna play things. I've had such a terrible internal struggle since having both a PS4 and Xbox One. I've ended up using the Xbox One for pretty much everything other than PS exclusives. It pains me to evenly divide my time between them, cause I hate not having all my achievements/trophies linked and whatever else. I pray for the day that we get the ability to link our profiles. I doubt it'll ever happen though
  16. Sa'll about personal preference maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I use both, but play different games on each.
  17. Summer Games is coming
  18. Anyone played The Long Dark? I first played it around 9 months ago. It's basically a really intense survival game. They've just released a story mode and it seems like it's gonna be pretty good. I just uploaded my first let's play video of the game: But yeah, if you like survival games then you should check it out. It can be pretty difficult.
  19. My personal favourite is, and always has been, Tekken.
  20. Skaibloo/skyxblu
  21. I don't really play/use Steam at all these days, but as usual, I'm ragreynolds.
  22. whats your steam username? i need people to play with and im sure some of you do to.
  23. Never played anything past my Gameboy Advance. Still have it to play zelda and the only pokemon games worth playing: yellow, silver, and pinball.
  24. I still do and every now and then i buy more games even if i never play them because they have a great library of games that hold value very good. I knoe eventually it will be phased out and the only current Nintendo system will be the switch, but the 3DS is still going strong right now. Ive been playing Ever Oasis since yesterday and its a very good a little different from other games where you do quests and kill monsters because of the town building aspect of the game.
  25. So I've been debating what to get. An Xbox One X will cost me around £450 and it will be able to do 4K, not the greatest but good enough. I've been trying to build an online build that would do 4K, all the builds keep going over £650. Both with intel and AMD. I will need at least 8GB which I can only go up to GDR4(then the build goes up to the £800 range) of ram compared to Xbox's 12GB of GDR5 Ram. I'll need at least 6GB of VRAM and that still is shit, so like GTX 1060 which is like £250. For CPU, I will have to go with the highest i5 range or the lowest i7 range and both are expensive as fuck. With AMD, I'm getting GDR3 ram motherboards unless I want to go with Ryzen. With intel at least I'm getting USB-C. It's all fucking annoying to be honest. PC Master is BOLLOCKS. If you wanted to build a gaming PC similar to console , it can cost up to almost double. Kind of loses the point of buying a gaming PC. I'm not made of fucking money. All these PC master race fags brag about PC's are better but if I spend £450 on a gaming PC, it will be a fucking potato, with integrated fucking graphics and 4GB of Ram just enough to handle fucking youtube. So I'm probably buying an Xbox One X, I have a 4K tv also, if I got the shitty pc, I would have to spend at least £250 on a 1440p display. Since PC making became so mainstream because of supply of demand, you end up with an extortion because it's expected now that you build it by yourself. The fact that I'm building it myself should mean, it should be fucking dirt-cheap.
  26. Gimme those memes Gimme those funky vids Gimme those new patches Gimme those rumours Gimme those opinions GIMME THOSE MAINS! My mains, Offensive: Tracer (slowly getting those hours with Sombra) Defensive: Mei/Junk/Tjorb Tank: Zarya/DV.A Support: Ana/Mercy