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  2. A Christmas Memory Christmas of my memory,fresh in my mind, The tree,the ornaments glow, The lights,colors of various kinds, How our excitement starts to grow. Dreaming of presents under the tree, Hoping for all we asked for. Trying to stay good and full of glee, Never to be naughty no more. Watching the snow fall Those bright white snowflakes Looking at our tree ,so tall, And seeing the ice on the lakes How I miss those Christmas days And Mama and Dad Its those memories that pays Makes me happy and sad. They always made Christmas grand, They made our wishes come true. Though they didn’t have a fortune on hand, We never had the Christmas blues. I hold on to Christmas past, But look forward every year. And hope our traditions last And always keep loved ones near. Hope you all like it, I wrote it just last night..comment if you like too.
  3. :rock::applause:Hey everybody, hope your warm were you live..So California is always warm lol..will not always

  4. Yesterday
  5. :rock::applause:Hello everybody...sitting here trying to catch up with all my pages lol...hope you all are doing well.

  6. Last week
  7. :rock::applause:Hello all..feeling better...things are good so far...but the day isn't over yet lol

  8. pocket camp
  9. Breath of the wild
  10. :rock::applause:Hello everybody, checking in early, been sick ..but I will be better soon..nothing serious

  11. Earlier
  12. :rock::applause:Hello everybody, checking in..and doing okay ..hope you all are too.

  13. Horizon Zero Dawn, and it’s not even close. I honestly didn’t find many games to be exceptional this year.
  14. What do you think was the best video game of 2017? Best I've played is hands down Horizon Zero Dawn, ive started playing Nioh just recently and really enjoy it as well; but haven't played it for long. Ive also enjoyed Nier Automata; though after the first few "playthroughs" (every time its different in major ways; i still have so much to do on that game) it starts to get really hard and i haven't played it in a while. Very strong year for PS4 with many amazing exclusives; next year should be better for the Xbox only crowd (more exclusives to come out since Xbox One X (should have kept it as Scorpio) was released).
  15. :rock::applause:Checking in guys..hope you all are having a great day...things are so so with me right now ,but I am taking it one day at a time.

  16. :rock::applause:Sorry its been awhile...been having health issues..my skin broke out..but its better...hope all is well.

  17. Well its been fun for the small amount of time that ive been here and it will be weird for it to be gone (even though i only have been showing up from time to time for a while now).
  18. then hook me up bitch
  19. you must be in ryans but the more active one where the squad hangs out youre not in
  20. already there sucka
  21. Fake and gay
  22. how does one join?
  23. we got a discord tho if you wanna join
  24. welcome back fobe
  25. god DAMNIT i come back and you do this to me. no but really i love this place. and as some know, it's been a wild year for me so i haven't even been online much. thanks, ryan for always being a dickhead. you're a cool dude. and my boyfriend likes your tweets. my momma loved you guys and every time she said something funny, she'd tell me, "go post that on rag."
  26. hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  27. I am also very white too
  28. On Seconclife I have a couple friends that I was talking to, one speaks German, the other Indonesian. I was using a translator from Secondlife so that the Indonesian girl could understand me. I speak a little German (No where near fluent) so I was talking to the girl that spoke Indonesian, in English so that my translator would translate it for me, but the translator did not translate from Indonesian to German (But would translate from German to English) , so everything I said to both, I had to say once in German for the German speaker to understand, and again in English so that my translator would translate it to Indonesian for me. The German asked the Indonesian girl, "Where are you from" This did not translate to English.. So I told the German lady where she was from, In German, then again in English so the Indonesian The German lady said in English "I know very well" The translation said "I am also very white" I explained what she meant in English to the Indonesian lady and we all had a pretty good laugh.
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