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  2. https://discord.gg/wGGkS97 KFFZ 3.0
  3. Hello all hope all is good..Me, getting ready to move in less then two weeks...yippy :rock::rock::applause::allears:

  4. Yesterday
  5. Hope you’re well Sheila

    1. sheilamotko


      Yes I am...waiting for the 1rst of March , which will be a long day but we'll be home. Are you still in the US or have you gotten home ?

  6. Hey everybody, hope your having a wonderful night... :applause::allears:

  7. Dayum. When this place first started up we all had a laugh about how short a time we expected it to last, you sure proved everyone wrong. Four years is one damn fine effort.
  8. Last week
  9. Hey everyone ...hope your all well..can't believe soon this forum will be no more...sad face :applause::allears:

  10. Hey guys..hope all is well..little early..:applause::allears:

  11. Hello everybody hope your having a great day..checkin in :applause::allears:

  12. Hello everyone..hope all is well..it wont be long until we are home again...:applause::allears:

  13. Hello all hope your all well..well we got Drama here and not the good kind either:facepalm:

  14. Earlier

    Checking in and doing fine ..hope you all are..Ryan have fun in LA !!!!






    Going to Fontana !!!! yeah ..only bad is my son may not have a place ..but he knows he's welcome with us..just the Uncle who owns the house doesn't like his girlfriend...She's a control freak





    Kind of early for me..but here I am ..checking in..counting down the days until we move




    Hello everyone, Birthday shout out to @Hanna ,hope your having a wonderful day...I am well all.





    Hello all..hope all is well with you guys..moving  soon from here .




  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN..AKA @ragreynolds Hope your having a wonderful day...and I am checking in...hello everybody




  21. I was writing a post but I accidentally closed my browser so I'll try to type out what I had before from memory. I didn't really spend a whole lot of time here, just sort of visited on and off occasionally posting. I always wanted to be more active here, but I guess I sorta felt my reputation as a fuckwit weirdo on OFO both iterations I was a part of it sorta made me feel out of place (I was Calebbait back then, at least some of you will probably remember), like I would always be viewed like that, but a lot of that was probably just my own insecurities holding me back. I regret not getting closer with the community here, but I guess there's not much to change that now. I'll try to be more active in the last month it's around I guess. Here's my Discord if anyone wants it: Caleb#3642 If you want any other ways to contact me just ask. Also droppin' some appreciate for @TokentheToken's drag, pretty rad.

    One more month till RR goes got good..gonna miss updating statuses and stuff here...sad face ..



    1. bryanna


      do you have a twitter sheila?

    2. sheilamotko

    Hey guys ,hope all is well..I'm doing good.




    Hello all of you..hope all is well..checking in..


  25. Hey everyone, hope your doing fine...Birthday shout out to @Lilyblu, Hope your having a great day.


  26. Hey everybody, hope you all are well..well its San Bernardino bond on March 1


  27. Hello everybody , first off , birthday shout out to @ArseRaptor on this their 26th Birthday...yes its early today ..sometimes I will post status early


  28. Hello everyone, hope your having a great day. Things are a little better..just so much stress for us all


  29. Hello everybody, I hope your having a better day then me..everyone is on short fuses right now..but once the first comes we will be fine. .


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