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  2. Im 18 now and this is how i look
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  4. Don't be too harsh, Bry. He might delete all of his videos again!
  5. Hello everybody, hope all is well..just looking into my family history..if you guys interested in doing that there is a site called FamilySearch.org you can go too.:lmao::rock:

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  7. Oh honey, we dont talk about base game sims. We all know that sims is only good because of its creators. Same with second life.
  8. adding onto that sims dont even look bad. a lot of people use cc and make their sims look really good
  9. this dude is just desperate for views. not only did he come here just to post that video, but he has the same clip in another video.
  10. Last night, my most recent video was removed from YouTube. It appears to have been flagged, and YouTube's system has taken down the video. I have also received a strike on my account, meaning that I will be unable to livestream for the next three months, and hence, will not be able to host my podcast the way I usually do. I have filed an appeal against the decision, and hopefully, my video will be reinstated and the strike will be removed, but I am preparing for the worst-case scenario. If the video is not reinstated, I will most certainly start distributing my content more frequently across other platforms. I am getting sick and tired of YouTube's terrible decisions and practices, and I refuse to let them have any control or influence over the creative direction of my content. If the decision is not reversed, I will start posting my videos, in full, to Facebook and Vidme. Stay tuned, as I will be posting a full video update to my YouTube channel in the coming week.
  11. He's dumb. He also made a video repeatedly calling me a keyboard warrior, literally right after I confronted ShortVideos IRL. So clearly I'm the OPPOSITE of a keyboard warrior.
  12. Hello all..how is everyone..me I pretty good ..Hey @ragreynolds I might have some English in me...came upon  a census from 1920 that lists my great great grandmother(on my mom's side) as her Nationality as English...lol Birthday shout out to @Lynx, hope you had a great one.:lmao::rock:

    1. sheilamotko


      This the 1920 census...Matthies (which is my mom's maiden name) Look across under the name Ella( its says English, even though she was born in Ireland) What I think is this part of my family who came from Ireland were probably from Northern Ireland...they were all Protestant . My grandfather grow up in that faith and changed to Catholic to marry my grandmother.


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  14. you don't need rubbing alcohol to set paper on fire, stupid
  15. They look worse than Sims! Well, depends which Sims game you look at...
  16. fake and gay
  17. Why? Lol it wasnt that good that many years ago. The people there looked like creations from The Sims, I havent been there THAT long, but thats what someone else told me I spoke to that has been there that long.
  18. Hello all..hope all is well with you all..me, I am good, well so far ,day isn't over yet :lmao::rock:

  19. I didn't know people still played this game tbh It was a big thing like 10 years ago
  20. Does anyone here know anything about making 3D objects? If you do,  please send me a message in my  inbox, I would like to know more. Thank you. 

  21. Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing fine Happy Birthday shout out to @Aimieee on this her 17th Birthday..have a wonderful day .

  22. this trailer seems like its gonna be super misleading, especially kylo reaching out his hand for rey ive also seen people saying that they think kylo isnt gonna kill leia but i think its highly likely he will or someone else will cause she has to somehow
  23. Hello everybody, just a update from this morning..the breaks got pumped a few times..and it worked well enough to get it to their friend who can fix it.  :O:unsure::pray:

  24. If you do, and you want to advertise for my land on your channel, I will give you (and Vi if she wishes to join too) free rent on any house or appartment of your choice, excluding shops, for as long as you wish to live there.
  25. I should try the game out sometime
  26. I have some rules of my area I would like to share here, I will not share the link to my land just yet as I havent fully set up, but please expect pictures to be coming to this thread soon too. If you are on Secondlife, if these rules sound good to you and you wish to visit, please stop on by. Still setting up now though. Welcome to your new home I have some rules for you, but they are simple and won'tbe that hard to follow. 1. Please pay rent on time. you will have two warnings about this before you are evicted. 2. Please stay within prim limits of your rental. There will be a prim counter in your rental, so you can see how many you have up and how many you have left, please dont go over your limit. The limits are set becuase I am sharing my overall prim count with you and have divided up these prims on the property, if you DO go over, I will get notices from the GLH (German Land Holding) Notifying me I am over prim, so please, lets stay with our limits. 3. Please do not decorate my sidewalks, keep all prims inside your rental unit. The prim counter does not count prims outside the unit, unless you know how to count your prims, please don't go over them. 4. I will inlude a free furniature set along with this notecard, you can use it, but you may also purchase your very own and use that instead, please feel free to use what you like, as long as you stay within your alotted prim count. 5. If you unpack an item, please clean up after yourself. Though I strive to have a family like atmosphere, this is not your mother's house. I will have access to whatever prims you put down and if you unpack something not copyable, it will get deleted instead of returned to you. To avoid this is easy, pick up your boxes. 7. No temp rezzer items allowed. Temp rezzers are boxes with code that put toegther large objects, this can lag the entire sim. I would rather no one use any temp rezzers on my land, If you do not know what I mean. Contact Betyourbippy or goodchildlegacy and we will be more than happy to help explain this to you in further detail. 8. If you rent one of my shops, you will have more prims than anyone else at a higher cost, becuase shops are intended for you to sell your goods. You may have a sign indicating the shops name, but again, then it is up to YOU to include that one prim in with your total count, as prim counters only count prims inside the dwelling. If you decide to rent a shop, I encourage you to rent a sign board somewhere to advertise your goods, I will even pay one month of lindens to you to put on that board. This brings people to my area, I encourage this. 9. No public nudity. If you are wearing an unpacked item and it happens to knock off your shirt or pants/dress/skirt, no one will give you any problems, it is up to you then to realize you're naked and fix it. I want my place to be family friendly, so please lets not have public nudity. 10. Rules are subject to change at any time. Should the rules change, myself or Godric Goodchild will send out note cards to the tennants revising the rules. CO OWNERS: Betyourbippy (Skye Muller) Goodchildlegacy (Godric Goodchild) MANAGERS: Hein888 (Hein Muller)
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