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  2. i mean it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeyCSigD2EEv_D5evBRBWQ/videos
  3. Yesterday
  4. Been packing little by little..until we have a actual  move out date Checking in Hi Guys  :rock::applause::pray:

  5. Last week
  6. Off to look at giant arthropods and twitchy water monitors
  7. Hey guys, hope all is well..having a quite day myself  :rock::applause::pray:

  8. Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing okay  be better with no stress once we are in a new place. :rock::applause::pray:

  9. Hello everyone, hope you all are well..checking in :rock::applause::pray:

    1. ragreynolds


      Hope you are well too Sheila

    2. sheilamotko


      Doing better, looking for a new place with my son,daughter in law and my husband...:rock: Keep prayers for us Ryan :pray:

  10. Hello everyone, hope your well..checking in and saying hello :rock::applause::pray:

  11. Earlier
  12. How is everyone..?? Birthday shout out @Alfie ..Happy Birthday ...see you later guys not doing to good.. well explain soon :rock::applause::pray:

  13. Hey guys hows your weekend going..mines' okay :rock::applause::pray:

  14. Hello everyone, still waiting for that charger...hopefully soon...checking in..how is everyone today.:rock::applause::pray:

  15. Hello everybody, checking in..hope all is well. Hopefully , I will have a new charger as soon as tomorrow..:rock::applause::pray:

  16. Hello everybody, hope your year started out good..mine well..we will see soon..Birthday shout out to @Scarytale , Hope it was a great one for you

  17. Thankl you guys
  18. Hope you had a really good christmas Sheila! and i hope you have the best 2018 that any of us could possibly have!
  19. 2018 will be your year!
  20. Other then worrying about my son and his girlfriend being out there..they made it home safe and earlier then I thought they would..now if they could just get the registration tags for their car, we get another place to live that is afford..all will be well
  21. :rock::applause:Hey everyone...birthday shout outs to @Chris ,@lily and @xoxo

    Hope you had a wonderful New years and hopes it will get better for you as the year goes on

  22. Hope you have a great year, Sheila
  23. I liked 2017. I have no real complaints. 2018 will probably be more of the same.
  24. :rock::applause:Hey everybody!! Happy 2018 ..were in the world its already ..and for those of us not yet there...check back in ,in 2018

  25. I'm home so I be okay...gonna be worried about my son and his girlfriend...they are out at a party, she doesn't drink..but he will.
  26. you too sheila!!
  27. I want to wish you all a safe and fun New Years, If you go out and drink, please think of other drivers and have a sober driver. Life yours and theirs are to precious to lose. May you have a great new year. 2017 has not been a great year for me and my family. We've lost family members, had to move and deal with drama we didn't need to . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! TO ALL OF YOU AND RAGREYNOLDS FORUMS...BE SAFE!! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU IN 2018.
  28. How was 2017 for y'all? What do you think the next year will bring?
  29. :rock::applause:Hey everybody!! Hope you are all well..well,second to the last day of 2017 California time...hope you all have a safe and fun New Years

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