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  2. Hey everyone! Okay so a friend of mine on SL is moving land and selling their land, they owned a whole sim, he is moving his sim elsewhere and selling his land. I am buying 1/4 of the area. I will be putting up rental spaces for people, and you could rent my places. Because of the area it is in, a former beginners area, I plan to keep my rates low for rentals, but medium to high for my shop, because I would like to recoup some of my costs. The place I am getting and the amount of land is not cheep, BUT it is cheaper than anywhere else I could buy from. Normally when people sell their land, they sell for 1.0, 1.5 or even 2.0 of the original cost, this is to get their money back and make more money from the sale than what it cost them, Because this person is a friend. I am buying for 0.5, which is one hell of a steal!!! Additional Land Parcel Size (m2) Square Equal Line Length (m) Max Prims 1/128 Mainland Region 512 22x22 (16x32) 117 1/64 Mainland Region 1024 32x32 234 1/32 Mainland Region 2048 44x44 (32x64) 468 1/16 Mainland Region 4096 64x64 937 1/8 Mainland Region 8192 90x90 (64x128) 1875 1/4 Mainland Region 16,384 128x128 3750 OpenSpace 65,536 256x256 750 1/2 Mainland Region 32,768 181x181 7500 Homestead 65,536 256x256 3750 1 Mainland Region 65,536 256x256 15,000 +1/2 Mainland Region (when already at US$195 level) 32,768 181x181 7500 Private Island on pre-2007 server technology (second hand purchase only) 65,536 256x256 15,000 Private Island on current server technology 65,536 256x256 15,000 I do not haveit yet, nor do I have a name or anything for it yet, I will be putting more info as more beccomes avalible
  3. Ryan did That fucking faggot. I guess I have to make this topic so that I can reply to threads?? Confused OG here y'all Trump is president I'm a travelling faggot and this community is still a thing for some reason <3
  4. Doing  mkay...hope all is well with you all..just waiting for All Hollows Eve next month...ahhh..Fall, hot like Summer lol:lmao: :wave:

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  6. I finally went back out in drag and I also redid my saint/nun gig this past thursday (nfsw) and yes that is a boy I made out with during my number with blood coming out of my mouth if any of you are ever interested in seeing a full video of a performance, I can send you one on fb :^ )
  7. Ryan..in America..Service dogs are allowed legally to go in anywhere the the disabled persons need them including eating places. This man had PTSD, This dog was trained by professionals ..that' why he's well behaved..This woman knew the laws about Service dogs..Blind people need them, so do deaf people. Now she's claiming they are all racists. By them using the N word.
  8. Last week
  9. Personally, I don't like the idea of animals in restaurants, and I wouldn't like it if there was a dog near me when I was eating. However, the woman in this video is screaming and going about it in the wrong way. If the restaurant doesn't have a policy of not allowing animals in, then she just has to deal with that. If she doesn't like it, then she shouldn't come back. Her behaviour was despicable, and the dog was very well behaved.
  10. Okay ..posting this as a discussion..thoughts are welcome... Take in mind the man in the yellow shirt is a Disabled Vet with PTSD and the woman is now claiming racial slurs were made on her....thoughts ?
  11. NO HANDS
  12. I've had a finger up the arse too. Also I went for a testicular cancer test once, my GP was trying to get men tasted so a doctor touched my balls.
  13. I know that. I know exactly what you're saying. But there is no way to know for 100% certainty if someone is pregnant or not. They might look full-blown pregnant to you, but that doesn't mean they are. As I said already, I and many others have been 100% sure that a person was pregnant, only to find out that they weren't. The only people who are probably going to be able to tell if someone is pregnant with 100% accuracy are medical professionals.
  14. No one asking for regulations. All we're saying is businesses should have the right to refuse booze to full blown preggies. The ones that are hard to tell then that's different.
  15. I'm an iPhone fag now...got the whole package MacBookPro too...fagotry excess.

  16. Thanks baby girl
  17. Had a doctor at hospital check my balls for appendicitis (my appendix isn't in my nutsack). Also had the ol' finger up the arse, which wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience, having a 40+ year old sarcastic bastard hanging out of you by his finger.
  18. Everything is well with me..letting you all know. I take it one day at time.. :wave:

  19. Can you believe, some people actually do that stuff for fun!
  20. Jimmy is so daddy. hahaha!
  21. I hope you weren't conscious
  22. This is the main issue imo. There's no real way to tell if someone is pregnant or not. You just have to take their word for it. I've seen so many instances where I or someone else could have sworn that someone was pregnant but it turned out they were not. It's not like people carry around ID cards that say whether or not they're pregnant. It's impossible to regulate.
  23. I had a friend that looked pregnant, but isnt. She is in her late 40's, has had four children and is a heavy drinker. She legit looks pregnant even though is having menopause symptoms. Again, I do not support pregnant women drinking, but if a woman LOOKS pregnant, but is not pregnant, she should be able to buy as much alchol as she wants.
  24. After giving birth to my daughter, which that also required someone to touch my vajayjay, after that my bladder didnt go back into place and the surgery I had for that was vaginally.
  25. I've had a tube stuck up my wiener as part of surgery. Once I was in a condition to leave the hospital, a nurse had to help me out with a suppository laxitive, because 1: morphine makes it hard for you to take a dump, 2: I hadn't taken a dump since I had the surgery, 3: being high as a kite on morphine makes it very difficult to administer a suppository for yourself.
  26. my gyno has touched my boobs for an exam but hasn't checked my hoo ha for some reason
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