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  2. On The Rag #12 LIVE

    I will be live with Jamie Leigh Fischer at the following link on the date and time stated in the event information.
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  4. Does anyone remember that really annoying black girl that came to RR from OFO? I can't remember her name or what she did, but I remember she was really something else
  5. You're really bad at this
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  7. These pop up ads are getting dirtier and dirtier
  8. Well still waiting on a replacement charger...probably won't be until my birthday ..once we catch up on bills ..just checking in letting you all know I am doing okay...still alive :) My son got a job working for the management company that manages these shitty apartments..Only have my phone to go online with. Once I do get a new charger I will be back on here more often. :awesome::applause:

  9. That Joyspark(who whatever the you know what her name is) is a total nut case..just saying. I watched some of her debates..she just wants attention lol..I think she does videos about other more popular youtubers so she gets more views..just my opinion.
  10. I'm getting my sleep schedule back on track while getting a TBC mage geared up. So far, so good.
  11. Yuck
  12. This is what I was working on, it's done now though! Hooking out your poop
  13. I lip sync to a song of my choice which includes dancing and becoming that song Drag isn't limited to just that though, some drag performers sing live, impersonate celebrities, do stand-up comedy, compete in pageants, act, et c. What I do (again) is lip sync in bars and get tipped while doing so. it just all comes down to entertaining your crowd
  14. Ayyyy lmao
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  16. What do you do exactly for the performance?
  17. all of these sorry
  18. my drag, henny last Thursday I finally got out and performed at a bar in a city an hours drive away, and now I'll be continuing that and going (or at least trying) to every Thursday show here's a gif of me from last week
  19. Good news for you both it got renewed today. Im just having the best time with this series. I will say however i am enjoying the drug side of it, not to give away any spoilers, far more than i am sauls side. Tbh with you though that every story happening is pretty strong and in some way you feel for every character and i just love it GIMME DAT MUTUAL RESPECT RELATIONSHIP IN ALL TV SHOWS FROM NOW ON AND I DEMAND MORE NACHO. The fact they haven't made a tv show just for Nacho is upsetting to me.
  20. Aw my God, it's fucking Twixie Scuderi 🙊
  21. I don't think there's anything to worry about. It has great ratings an viewership. It will definitely get renewed.
  22. Little peek at the layout design for the social network I'm going to create. I've been slacking a bit, mainly because I'm trying to think of what to fill the white blocks with exactly (I know the middle will be the feed, unsure of the sidebars though) Also, the black line on the side is part of photoshop; I was too lazy to save this as a png so I just used lightshot to screenshot.
  23. Agreed, I feel like next season since *cough* spoiler *cough* is gone.....he might just become him. I am really worried though, if the series doesn't get renewed, I'd be devastated and I'll fucking RIOT!
  24. Just finished my first year of uni, I'm in the middle of writing a short film screenplay that's an adaptation from King Henry VI Part 2 ....Other than that... I'm working in conjunction with my liver to survive all this drinking this summer.
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