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  2. Hello all..hope you guys are having a great day..checking in with you all :lmao::rock:

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  4. Hello to each and every one of you ...hope your having a great day/night..checking in .:lmao::rock:

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  6. uhoh
  7. same tbh
  8. Sorry, I forgot that it's incredibly difficult to be a parent and talk to the school about this day? You clearly do care anyways because you don't want your kids involved in your fake scenario because you want ask the school what this day is about. Missed my point Molly, be a parent and find out about this day instead of assuming and getting outraged. Then come back and tell us and then get outraged. I don't disagree, I just also don't care because there are bigger scourges on society.
  9. You got: Creativity You’re a creative soul who is always open to new perspectives and experiences. You’re the type of person who can make something from nothing, and you’re constantly presenting solutions that people didn’t think were even possible. But sometimes it can be exhausting to be creative! We totally get it. Don’t let yourself crumble under the pressure to produce something “good” or original. Embrace your creative spirit, even on days when you don’t feel creative at all. 🤔🤔
  10. Better take your kid out of school then
  11. I agree it's strange no permission slips were needed since that's usually a common thing. But I do also think that you can't let fear stop you from doing things in life. If you let the fear of being caught up in a shooting/terrorist attack stop you from doing things and going places, then you'd never leave your house. Just remember that it's far more likely that you and your child would die in a car accident on the way to the trip than it is that either of you would ever be caught up in a shooting. You don't not drive places because you're scared of car accidents, so you can't not go into crowded areas because you're scared of shootings! Remember that!
  12. Maybe so, but everyone ignored the other half of what I said though, that having that many people together, now a days after all the shootings in schools and public places in general is a scary thing.
  13. Oops. Okay well I still think it's unnecessary to have a whole meeting about appreciating other cultures, as I feel like that's just something that should be taught in general (to be accepting of others, even those who are different) but it's certainly not an issue, and I still think it's silly to assume what the content of the meeting actually is. I completely agree with this statement, but I'm not sure that @EndangeredSharksaid otherwise. I think the response you got was more because you're making the assumption that it's about illegals.
  14. How is it racist to want people to do things the right way to be American citizens? I dont care where people come from or what color they are, everyone who isnt born here should take the proper steps to be a citizen here.
  15. As you said, you don't have any proof regarding what this is about, so you shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions. I think having a "Cultural Appropriation Meeting" sounds like a dumb idea entirely, but that doesn't mean it has anything to do with being accepting of others or of illegals. Cultural appropriation is a totally different thing so I don't think it's fair to assume it's about what you think it's about.
  16. I've never actually played Zelda so rip me
  17. What the fuck is wrong with you and everyone involved.
  18. instead of getting all pissy about what your kid may or may not be learning in school, you should be pissy on the fact that you totally fucked up the spelling of career
  19. Do you hear yourself. Why on earth would it be about accepting illegals and even if it is, you ever think it's just about teaching kids with intolerable, racist parents to just treat other people with some respect. Keep your kids off school if you don't like it, or better yet ask the school what this is about? Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to how you are seen in society and approach the school and ask what this will fully be about! Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to your kids infact. Just ask. You're the parent. You're literally pulling shit out of your arse to be angry about because you won't ask the school or keep your kids off school for the day, don't give me any bullshit that you already did because you would've posted it.
  20. wasnt aware he did that a first time
  21. Lets share Zelda music
  22. Okay so at my Kids school, there will be a field trip to the convention center for the kids, under the guise of having a "Cultural appreciation" meeting, which because of where I live geographically, I feel this could be about acceptance of illegals. I dont have any proof that this will be the reason for the meeting, but I'm pretty sure that is what they meant. I know when we dd the political quiz to see where we fall in the spectrum, my results were more liberal than anything, but I cant and wont accept this. If anyone wants to come over to America and be a legal citizen, fine, but do it legally. I dont care if someone is white, black, brown, yellow or red, you want to be an American citizen, do it the right way, Maybe our legal system here needs to be fixed, maybe we need a faster system for those who want to come over and do things the right way so that there isnt such a threat of deportation to people, but instead of teaching American youth to accept what is broken, there should be a class about how to contact our local senators and organize peaceful protests to fix the system that is clearly broken. Do not teach children to accept the status quo, but rather, teach them to change the status! Not to mention, in all of my eight years (including kindergarten) of my kids school carrear, this is the first time that I have noticed no permission slips were needed for this trip and having many children in a confined space is rather scary.
  23. Hello everybody, what's up ?? I doing okay..my life has its ups and downs...today is so so..not bad not good lol .:lmao::rock:

  24. Im 18 now and this is how i look
  25. Don't be too harsh, Bry. He might delete all of his videos again!
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