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    update: He lives at my house now. About a month ago he was homeless and he asked if an offer that Tristan made back when he got shot was still available. Tristan offered to give him a place to stay while he got clean since he had nowhere to go. I asked Tristan...Tristan said yeah. So... he was homeless...living on the street and had just gotten jumped so his gf got him a ticket to Denver and we picked him up at the airport. He was kinda bummed out for a couple of weeks.. ya know...new setting...only having one working arm...that kinda thing...but he's in good spirits now and clean ours apartment while we are at work and hangs out with our neighbors and their dogs. He may be getting a job as a flagger or, as I like to call it, a flaggot soon as that's one of the few jobs you can do with only one arm. He still has his second arm it's just severely fucked up. I'll try to get him to join and post pics because it's crazy looking. So...yeah. He's staying here for a month or two while his gf gets her ducks in a row and he is able to move to Washington. He's also clean btw which is good.
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    I've been out of the closet about being heterosexual since birth. Feels good to not hide it.
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    i dont like eating rank pussy.
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    I hear about cancer constantly. Talk about cancer is bloody non-stop, especially in October. Saying nobody cares about cancer is idiotic.
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    No he doesn't give a fuck about cancer, he just wants to stand out and be controversial and watch all those teenage girls who look up to him like Jesus agree with him. He doesn't care about cancer he just likes to say mean shit at wrong times because he is a sociopath.
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    [13/05/2017, 01:33:45] ragreynolds: You should join Patreon [13/05/2017, 01:33:46] ragreynolds: https://patreon.com/invite/wnlwyb [13/05/2017, 01:33:50] ragreynolds: There’s an invite link [14/05/2017, 22:22:25] Meh: And you should become a Christian [15/05/2017, 11:22:21] ragreynolds: Okay [15/05/2017, 11:22:33] ragreynolds: You join patreon and I'll become a Christian [15/05/2017, 18:47:45] Meh: Is it true that MyVagMadeMeDoIt is Seeker's alt account? [15/05/2017, 18:56:14] ragreynolds: No [15/05/2017, 19:02:59] Meh: Are they the same person though? [15/05/2017, 19:03:03] ragreynolds: No [16/05/2017, 00:32:14] Meh: Do you still talk to Onision? [16/05/2017, 01:02:35] ragreynolds: Yes [16/05/2017, 01:02:38] ragreynolds: Why
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    Just to clarify: I am not Molly, but I am in fact Erica. I'm sorry for the confusion.
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    Isn't this the guy who said you can't rape your gf but you're just now done with him?
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    For some people, humor allows the mind to think about and accept tragedy. You can't accept things that you can't think about.
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    Jokes are fine, but Onision's behaviour is not. He's clearly just trying to get attention from this by being edgy, kinda like he always has done with these situations in the past. He thinks he's being 'brutally honest' but in reality, he's really just acting like an autistic edge lord desperate for attention. He's just a fucking idiot.
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    Because it's literally been years...
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    1. Killing people who we suspected to be witches was also a tradition, funny how we stopped doing that... 2. This point is irrelevant because you're not talking about fox hunting. 3. Irrelevant because it's still not about fox hunting. 4. Irrelevant again cause once again, not about fox hunting. 5. Hey...guess what? Irrelevant, not about fox hunting. 6. Foxes terrorise the countryside? Ah yes, a nocturnal, skittish animal is terrorising the poor towns people in Rams Bottom, oh no. Wait...they're not? So yeah, I don't even know what you're on about
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    1. Tradition isn't an argument. It is traditional for Muslim men to beat their wives if they speak out of turn. Does that mean that beating your wife is justified? Of course not. Tradition is irrelevant. Banning wife beating would not be a political attack against Muslims. 2. Hunting is pretty simple to understand. You shoot and kill an animal for a reason. There are many reasons, sure. I agree with hunting for meat, and I agree with culling. I, however, do not agree with trophy hunting and hunting for fur. If I'm missing something then please explain. However, I do not think there's an appropriate explanation that justifies killing foxes. 3. So does gassing Jews. Countless things give jobs. In fact, pretty much anything can be made into a job. This isn't an argument. 4. Hunting is natural to a degree. But if you really believe that then go out and hunt with your bare hands, then it'll be all natural. See how well you fare then. It is part of our primitive make-up. Times have changed and we must change with them. 5. It's not hypocritical in the slightest. There's a difference between eating animals that are killed for food, and simply killing animals. As I already said, I am for hunting for meat. Hunting for meat is an entirely different scenario than hunting foxes for their furs. These are not comparable. 6. This is your only substantial argument. To that, I'd say that hunting foxes is okay in certain areas, and for that reason. However, there should still be limitations on hunting foxes in general, and for their furs. I agree that human life is more important than the life of an animal, simply because I'm human of course - I'm sure that foxes think that fox life is more important than any other animal, but that doesn't make it right to just kill things for the sake of killing them, or for their furs. At least when you kill for meat, you are killing for a survival purpose. Killing for meat is also more ethical than buying meat from a store since that meat is probably the result of factory farming, which is horrific. Bear in mind that I'm one of the more right wing people on this forum, and I agree with you on most political issues. I'm also easily the biggest advocate for eating meat on these forums.
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    Seeker isn't Molly, but Molly is Seeker. he's been fooling us all! Good catch Ala
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    give seeker some credit he's not that bad
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    its fun. but the people omg. they got to me bro. I'm gonna work on youtube for a bit and once I go back to live.me I'm gonna advertise the shit out of my youtube. I'm up to four hundred dollars made on live.me now
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    Today I was bored, so I took the liberty of making a Wikipedia account and then an article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femisplaining
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    I wonder how long it will last
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    if my kids did heroin i'd shoot them too.
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    A Scottish YouTuber is getting a year shoved up his arse for offensive jokes and it isn't you? You aren't trying hard enough.
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    Honestly, I'd like to see the world from a perspective like yours. Just for a day, perhaps. Because never in the history of ever has outrage or conversations between average people been the cause of scientific breakthroughs. What you're advocating is slacktivism, which no, the world most certainly doesn't need more of, and no, the world most certainly doesn't benefit from being about something other than whatever the fuck is trending right now. All it does is make you feel better about yourself, which is fine, don't let me rain on your parade, but seriously... What the fuck is going through your head?
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    Time stamped. 1:51:19 He's also in the most recent episode
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    Sounds like you just got a free slave!
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    For those who've been living under a rock, Laci Green has recently been under fire from her 'own side', for daring to express an interest in conversing with people on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. What are your two cents on it? Personally, I'm enjoying the shitstorm it has caused, but it also gives me some strange hope for the future. I'm quite excited to see what will come of this, and whether others will follow suit.
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    What Seeker said. I love giving presentations, it's one of my favourite things. Just make sure to be prepared, and like Seeker said, do it in front of a camera. The more you do these things, the better you get at them and the more relaxed you'll be during them.
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    Getting put in a hotel tomorrow night and then Tuesday I'll be flown out to San Antonio for BMT. Peace out bitchessss <3
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    You're just after the military benefits. My mom warned me about women like you.
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    what the fuck was the rest of the video
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    what would gollum know about snapchat?
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    Jokes on him, because Second Life is short on preteens.
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    You should ask ala. I'm sure he's a SecondLife expert.
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    Came here for the dancing. Did not leave disappointed.
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    I think that neither VR or AR will ever "take over" gaming. These things are simply niches, and most people will want gaming to be the way it is now for the most part. The only thing I think could even come close to replacing the current format is when VR advances so far that it is fully motion controlled, and you can taste, smell, feel, etc... basically live inside a game world as if it was real. But even then, it would be insanely expensive and because of that it would be unlikely that it would ever replace the current format. This is something that has already been happening slowly over the past few years. Personally, I prefer having my games digitally. When you have a game digitally it runs better, and you can also access it faster. Plus you don't need to worry about ever losing or damaging a disc. Sure, it's nice to be able to sell games, but both Sony and Microsoft have already shown that they are intent on eventually getting to a stage where used games are no longer a thing. Remember when Microsoft revealed the Xbox One and they announced that you couldn't play used games? Eventually they reverted that due to the bad reactions from gamers, but it has been made clear that both Sony and Microsoft, along with a lot of developers, want the industry to move in that direction. So really it's inevitable that eventually everything will be digital only. I think this would be a bad, bad move. The whole point of buying a console is so that you don't have to change out parts. You buy a console knowing that it can play every game that is ever released for that console. As soon as you start having to upgrade parts and whatever else, then you'd be just as well... in fact, you'd be better off just gaming on PC.
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    That moment when you realise...
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