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    Had a doctor at hospital check my balls for appendicitis (my appendix isn't in my nutsack). Also had the ol' finger up the arse, which wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience, having a 40+ year old sarcastic bastard hanging out of you by his finger.
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    Exactly what nox said. I used to refuse to sell cigarettes to pregnant women when I worked in a tobacco shop all the time. Hell, I refused business for much less. It essentially came down to this: If she wants to get her fix, she can get it elsewhere. That's her choice, and that's fine. But I won't have a part in it. I respect the choice of other businesses to do the same.
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    Would you be willing to pour beer down an infant's throat? Would you be willing to give a beer to someone who you knew was going to feed it do a baby? Why is it different if the baby hasn't been born yet? I think it goes without saying that businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone. This would extend to pregnant women, I imagine.
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    Today marks the 4th birthday of this community! Note: The site went live around 4 am UK time on the 12th of September 2013. Because it was 4 am, it was actually the late night of 9/11 for the Americans in the community.
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    I totally agree @ragreynolds I am dealing with morans myself on CafeMom..I posted a comment in support of a young woman who had to give up her child for adoption..and I mentioned I knew where she was coming from and I had experience in how to deal with the pain of the situation. ..I've had to choose adoption 3 times..and omg..you think I killed the President ..But I stood up and dealt with it lol.
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    this is really the memes about jimmy thread tbh
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    Oh just because he can't get over on you...He shit talks everybody and when the confront him...he tries to debate .
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    is that still a thing...am I living in 2005?
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    Inuyasha Full Metal Alchemist Cowboy Beebop
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    @Myvagmademedoit I believe your a real person @ragreynolds I can completely understand why he wouldn't want to..Tell I said hello next time you talk to him.
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    So I finally made a thread for this rather than posting random photos in other threads. Yes, I am a bioqueen. Meaning I am a biological woman doing exactly what drag queens do. Wigs, full makeup, heels, et c. I love embracing the femininity by becoming an extreme ideal version of myself. Though I still call what I do "drag" due to the fact it is still under the drag umbrella. So who am I? My drag persona is called Milky Juicy. Funny enough, as sexual as my name sounds, I actually ripped it off from the title of an obscure CD I found at a thrift store for $2. Sexy sure, but it's from an alternative folk album. My aesthetic is late 80's-early 90's band groupie girl, or a waitress trying to join a motorcycle gang in 1987. Whichever. No I shouldn't have to explain what my "look" is, since you'll be able to see that in looks below, but I like to include it. Since I am a real girl, I try to really hone in on a good performance. I do this by often creating a character for a song. You can half ass being a drag queen if you are a biological guy, so I feel I'm under a closer watch and try to be out of the box since I already stick out as it is. How did I begin/How long I've been doing it. Well I was introduced to RuPaul's Drag Race in my freshman year of college and I became obsessed with it, like most young queens do. The first time I went out in "drag" was well over a year ago, towards the beginning of 2016. I then continued to try to do drag makeup in my room. For months I collected and bought clothes, wigs, makeup, tights, et c. But this June I finally got out and performed at a bar in Birmingham (an hour drive from where I live). So in total, I've been performing for 2 months now but have greatly improved in such a short time. Where I'm going. Well this portion isn't going to be me saying "I'M GONNA BE A STAR" don't worry. However this is something I want to continue in the years to come as I've already started gaining fans. Christ almighty, I've sounded pretentious this entire time, but that took the cake. It's truly a jarring experience when people say that you're their favorite performer. Any who, I've been asked to be a part of a photoshoot project about drag queens, booked for a gig on campus in October that raises money for an LGBT based charity, and I'll be performing in another charity based event a week after this is posted. Looks (oldest to newest), most can be seen on my drag insta: sistermilkyjuicy Ask anything you'd like about what I do if you please! I'm sure this will be looked over but there are titties hidden here
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    This is the main issue imo. There's no real way to tell if someone is pregnant or not. You just have to take their word for it. I've seen so many instances where I or someone else could have sworn that someone was pregnant but it turned out they were not. It's not like people carry around ID cards that say whether or not they're pregnant. It's impossible to regulate.
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    Well Happy Birthday RR Community !!!
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    fun fact: ryan and tallvideos were in a call together discussing what videos they'd make and when they would end the drama and tallvideos also has an account on this fucking site
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    convince me in 6 words as to why i should click play
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    That's fair. And anyone not being nice can be kicked out of the club! That's what's good about clubs!
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    How do you define being nice? Do you think you're nice? Do you actively try to be nice? Personally, I like to tell people that I'm the nicest nasty person you'll ever meet. I'm a tolerant person, and I'm generous and nice to my friends and family. I always stick to my word, and I don't go out of my way to hurt other people. However, I am blunt, I am unapologetic, and I often lack remorse. If someone wrongs me, the gloves are off and there are no limits. I don't particularly care about being viewed as a nice person. I prefer to be viewed as honest and trustworthy rather than nice.
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    I didn't read it but LEAVE HIM ALONE
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    Thank you Ryan and Thank you @bryanna So far its been good..
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    People are terrible, Sheila
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    Does this house believes that capitalism is more beneficial than Socialism? Order, Order, The ayes to the right, 4. The No's to the left, 1. THE AYES HAVE IT, THE AYES HAVE IT _______________________________________________________________________________ You may discuss the results. Also more formal debates to come. If you wish to post a formal debate, check the standing orders of the house of RR rules.
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    Find a video that best describes a country. Let the stereotypes commence. __________ Scotland. @ragreynolds England
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    Anyone else that didn't participate can vote too! @SkyBlu @Retskrid @GAR @Tangytang @TokentheToken @ArseRaptor @C_O_T_O @collatz @Hanna
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    POST POLITICAL MEMES post them ____ Here are some freshly harvested ones. They're freshly made, right from the stove. (Stolen basically, but current)
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    Yes it has..I will be sitting with a friend who has a thick New York accent ..and I will start talking in that accent..Same with the a friend from the South..I will do the same..now that's happened to me..I usually don't know I am doing it until someone points it out lol
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    I have indeed. Sassy .gifs galore, btw. I've considered getting into it myself, if I find out whether there's a place for it here. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to or is just starting out?
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    Basically, it's a really weird show with trippy visuals and not a ton of dialogue, telling most of the story through it's atmosphere. It's about a girl called Lain and her experience with the Internet, but is also quite a bit more than that. It touches on quite a few philosophical concepts and predicted the modern Internet (namely, our obsession with it). It's not a show for everyone given how different it is from literally anything else out there, but I love it. EDIT: In some ways, I get FLCL vibes from it with how weird it is, despite how vastly different the story and tone is.
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    @ragreynolds Sometimes even twice ..still have a messed up charger ..just no money Electric bill is almost 400 for a month..Bare with ,just trying to have a sense of humor amist the drama in this apartment lol
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    I was going for a blue green look, but I didn't want to do solid lines, so I used spray paint and could on;y do one line on each side, I haven't seen many pictures of you or videos of Ryan's featuring you, so clothes, hair, and pose was just a guess. I have no idea about what shoes either of you wear, and hair color was just brown. i could have gone light brown or dark, but I didn't want you two to look like siblings. Hahahha! And the pose was inspired by another picture, I didn't mean to make your leg look broken! lol!! I'm glad it's liked over all, I'm not the best artist ever over Microsoft paint with my mouse as my only drawing tool, but I like to draw!
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    I keep seeing pictures like this but I honestly don't understand why. What about the entire situation makes people think it's a dick measuring contest? I don't think ego is involved at all. North Koren leadership is insane and just wants to destroy the US - nothing to do with ego or "dick measuring". Then Trump is literally just responding to threats by North Korea. I'm not even defending anyone here or giving my opinion about what's going on, I'm just saying I don't see any way this could be seen as a dick measuring contest. So if you could explain, please do.
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    There isn't any drama so there's nothing to pay attention to. I don't pay attention to youtube drama because I do have a life. I prefer drama where I know the person, I like forum drama where I can join in. So anyway let's start some drama....... @Retskrid is a massive dickhead @ragreynolds has gained weight @Harry_Hilter your hairless eyebrows weird me out @_C_O_T_O_ ur the devil @Alfie Ur cute but ur Scouse so I have mixed feelings
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    Parasyte. I really enjoyed Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Durarara!!! (need to finish the new series though, ja feel?) I would say Bleach but that left a really sour taste in my mouth Psycho Pass Berserk JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 4 was reeeeeally good) One of those is probably my favourite