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    I have om on my upper back and a quote down my spine (one day i'll take a new photo) & hip tattoos
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    it's always been my dream to resemble my grandmothers floral couch
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    I hear if you say her name three times she appears.
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    Post pics of your tattoooooos I got this today, my best friend got a matching one ayy I'm not sure why that posted upside down or this one sideways...
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    i've only made appointments for two of my tattoos (shell and rose), the rest were walk-ins! i'd say just call around and ask some local places and depending on what you want they'll tell you what they can do!
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    O_O So i guess this will turn her on
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    also make sure to ask about shop minimum!! especially if you're considering something small, just keep that in mind when choosing a shop! the delta on my wrist cost me $75, while the shell and flowers only cost me $100, so there's a ton a variation in an artists pricing
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    Holly was a member of my OFO (by 'my OFO' I'm referencing the one that I basically governed over on my own, with my own rules and everything) I banned her because she kept spamming threads about starving herself and talking about how everyone who told her to stop starving herself was an idiot. Anyway, soon after that, she appeared on RR. On RR I have a strict 'no banning' policy, so she proceeded to spam non-stop for weeks on end. People were sick of her shit so they gave her hell. Meanwhile she was PMing me. I made the mistake of letting her add me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and KiK. She even got my phone number from my sister at one point. Anyway, she'd spam me with messages all day every day. I would honestly receive 200 messages a day on each of the platforms I previously stated, and it didn't matter if I responded, she'd keep sending the messages one after another anyway. To make it even worse, almost all of the messages just said "bee bee wasp", "michael shit himself", or were the same picture of a child crying. I could not respond for a whole week, and she'd still keep sending the messages all day. One night when I was drunk I gave her my sisters phone number because my sister was annoying me. That's when my sister gave her my number. She left RR multiple times, only to come back multiple times. She ended up on ala's forum, but ala couldn't handle her and banned her. The drama between those two is a whole different thing entirely. I tried being nice to Holly and actually talking to her once in a while and listening to her problems, but she'd randomly get upset with me and be like "I know what you did" or "Why are you being an ass" even though I hadn't done anything. I got sick of her shit so I ended up starting to be nasty to her. She also faked being pregnant multiple times. She would send pics of her 'baby bump' which was literally just a picture of her pushing out her stomach or having a pillow under her top. She even faked having a baby by sending pictures which turned out to be an actual baby doll. Her mum messaged me on Facebook at one point and was raging at me because I said I wouldn't ban her from RR, and told her to be a better parent instead. I thought that over mic she wouldn't be so dumb. But we added her to a Discord group and she came into call, only for us to find out that her vocabulary was still 80% made up of "bee bee wasp" and "michael shit himself". I could go on, but I think you get the gist.
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    I've been with my partner in total for just short of a year, however we did have a period where we thought things would be better for us if we were not together. We met because he was friends with my best friend, who has no patience, and was all "hey, so we are going to play Wow with Mason because you make me want to scream." And I ended up liking the kid. A lot. He makes me very happy.
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    tfw Ala leaves you in charge of his whole forum, because he thinks he's going to die soon, again.
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    Who remembers this waste of brain cells?
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    Do they mean anything or did it just seem like a good idea at the time to get florally decorated shells and sticks inked on you?
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    how much did the wrist tattoo cost you cause i'm considering getting a wrist tattoo
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    Oh right, cool I guess. I thought you were gonna talk about how you raided a pub in WoW or something.
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    1. Uncharted 2. Overwatch 3. Assassins creed 4. Tomb Raider 5. Castle crashers 6. Knight squad 7. Fat princess 8. that dodge ball game on Ryan's xbox 9. Supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars 10. Minecraft Random order....
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    the lily is on my left wrist, I got it for my grandma after she passed the Keith Haring one is my favorite piece by him so I got it stabbed into me the eyes just looked cool
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    The Chinese hackers said no.
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    Ive been in a long-distance relationship for 4 months now. We only see each other once a week if we can. I wish we were closer because I wonder if we would get tired of one another or something. Idk We met through a fix-up with via my ex's friend.
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    my relationship status is 2 wanks a day.
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    1. Divinity: Original Sin 2. Dark Chronicles 3. Ni no Kuni 4. FFx 5. LOZ: Majoras Mask 6. LOZ: Orcarina of time 7. FF7 8. GTAV (especially driving safely) 9. Arkham Trilogy 10. Fable Lost Chapters. I don't really deviate from what i know i'll enjoy.
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    Danila Kozlovsky Chris Evans Wes Bentley Evan Peter's Juan Diego Botto Rhys Wakefield Jared Padalecki Cara Delevingne Stuart Townsend Colin Farrell Gerard Butler Sam Heughan Eric Bana WeedLion and his mic Eddie Redmayne
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    i dont like eating rank pussy.
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    You cheese haters are the worst, a good cheese is amazing, but the best cheeses aren't cheap.