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    She's beige you insensitive twat!
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    You had that guy fatigued the whole round at about 11 minutes and you just took to long to pull the trigger. I wanted to shout.
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    Before I start, I think you'll find everyone is aware poverty does not discriminate, but people in better positions do and people in the worst positions do aswell. Just the way it in our country and won't change ever. Remember when we used to be told in school the class system doesn't exist? I like to think myself as somewhere in between but more liberal than conservative, but very recently it's leaning more left so maybe I'll change it one day. I too find labour pedantic and also to just be an extension of the Tories, I think that's why labour can't keep it's shit together with someone like Corbyn. Growing up, I have always been impacted by any cutbacks and austerity the gov gives out, not through choice, very few people go through that outta choice, so I support legislate and candidates who try to put the most vulnerable first or atleast on the same level as the rest of the uk, as theyre the ones impacted the most. You never know the future and I truly hope everyone finds sustainable jobs and never finds themselves in a position where they might need help for disability because you'll get fucked over. Apart from that, I generally follow politics and support politics that try to give Wales more independence and support our economy, the money we make, not the money received. In general my other political views are generally left leaning, except on immigration where I always stand in the middle on.
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    your freckles make you look so cute
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    Ummm considering i live in a southern state. No.
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    It's healed good, not as bad as I thought it was, he's spooning Sage weirdly enough
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    I can't even begin to explain how drunk I was
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    Played for a bit today, only the tutorial and then a few online matches. I streamed an hours worth: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/122548740 I feel like if I keep playing I'm gonna be pretty damn good. I'm feeling that it's the kinda game I'm usually pretty good at.
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    Oh my god that first picture you look like you've made a big mistake. @Alfie
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    LOOK AT MY LIL RONALD! How's his scratch?
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