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    Just going to say. Micah, Jamal, and their prostitute sister.
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    hard no. not a fan of fb and i don't really like having multiple places for group chats, becomes hard to keep up with. discord is more than enough.
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    None of the poll options fit my response.
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    when we all found out about dawn's underage porn trafficking
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    I'm pretty sure Body Dysmorphia Disorder is just a fancy way of saying what I already said; basically a major problem with how they see themselves, again to them normal weight is fat; so in their twisted minds way too skinny looks good and is healthy. It's like when they look in a mirror what they see is say 50 lbs overweight when it is 5 lbs overweight (or close enough to normal)
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    List some of your favourite drama from the history of RR. Some of my favourites include: When RagReynolds graced the site. That time when ala told Fiona that her dead baby wasn't actually an angel in Heaven. Robert Dalton rejecting Phoebe. ebug PMing mods with polls saying "If you agree then type "ragreynolds"". Dirk suicide bombing Kelley's account.
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    Just a little bit of shameless self promotion. Feedback on my channel (most recent stuff) would be greatly appreciated!
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    If youre not watching it i HIGHLY recommend it, it's honestly sooooo good. The only issue I have with it, is pacing, as witnessed by this weeks episode where story lines were wrapped up too quickly, at least i felt that way, the build up was too good for those things to play out. However, apart from that, an absolutely stellar cast performing brilliantly so a well written script and you honestly get so enthralled in it that what i said up there truly doesnt matter. WATCH IT ALREADY.
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    As for keeping my voice the same. That's why I add changes in pitch to represent another person, because I find my voice is very monotone an pretty much incapable of impersonating another person. But I'll give it a shot in my next video.
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    I'll have you know I find pewdiepie very offensive as my great grandfather died at a concentration camp .....he got drunk and fell out of the guard tower the poor bugger
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    Useful reddit post for starting out and understanding your gear traits.
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    This was probably BF? Spicy Desu.
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    There have been a bunch in the past, no one ever really used them other than for like the first few days. Probably no point having another.
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    These pictures go backwards in terms of my state of drunkenness.
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    10th grade, when I went with a junior he isn't pictured, but he was one of those friendzone/brony guys and even wore a fedora and brought an anonymous mask since it was masquerade themed 11th grade, with dumbass ex 12th grade, with Nik
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    I didnt go to my high school prom. I went to my middle school one though!
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    I stayed home and played runescape. Kinda glad I didn't go, two girls from my year ended up getting pregnant and knowing my luck, it would have been three if I went.
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    My friends are hottie's. @bryanna@TokentheToken
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    When jimmy got down voted so hard he cried
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    When I posted my under-aged{by a year}nudes.
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    I was referring to their mentality as well, like I said, they see anything besides too skinny as too much overweight; when they get past that, then they can become healthy. But someone like Eugenia Cooney will never voluntarily get help, she should be in a hospital so she doesn't starve herself to death.
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    She needs to get her shit together and her mom needs to open her eyes.
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    Id be so fun dating her...you can offer to pay for her food at a restaurant every time and won't have to worry about actually paying her bill because she won't order anything
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    I think she knows how to gain weight and keep it, the problem is these people have a huge image problem and only think they look good when they are unhealthily skinny; and what they need is professional mental help to get them a healthier perspective. Not saying I'm a health guru, but at least I'm not one of these people so skinny I could die.
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