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    we're all getting crocs guys
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    did they ever name their special sauce
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    YAY!!! She did good!!! I liked her little dance and swaying with the music It's cute!!
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    I have other orifices.
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    I want to pierce my lips shut so that I always have an excuse to not talk to anyone.
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    You're so sweet! I'm glad u like it.
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    I got this one like three days ago
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    I had my ears pierced when I was give at a fucking mall kiosk, which is probably one of the stupidest things I could have done. I later on stretched those holes to a 00g. I have a piercing next to my tunnels that I did myself. Both didn't hurt too bad. I had my right nostril pierced last year. I got snakebites for my fourteenth birthday back in August.
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    awww it's okay, little one. I didn't mean to hurt your feeling. *pat pat*
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    we need more dudes with piercings out there
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    wow seeker having your tongue pierced doesn't make you a hoe
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    Couldn't find a screenshot of this being used.