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    Try it backwards or with a more weighted rope. It tends to be easier to sync with the speed when the rope is a bit heavier. Or ya know. Just fuck skipping. You're a strong, independent, black woman who don't need no rope in your life.
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    Hey, I got here first.
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    Flawed characters as well as any character with strong desires, problems and/or goals are the best characters. The point of a main character is to follow their journey and watch them grow in a sense while seeing the world building through their senses. I think some great examples of strong characters and uncovering character development are films like Silence of the Lambs and Psycho. I feel like when people see characters make mistakes in movies and TV nowadays they're too offended by it. I disagree with your 5th and 6th points Nox. Character development comes from interaction with other characters or with the world built around them, also their character description based on looks alone can say a lot when they're first introduced (ie how they are dressed or their overall posture).
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    Yeah I mean it's much easier as well. If I want a character that everyone would hate, I would think of my nemesis and incorporate that into it. If I write about a woman and want to create sexual tension, I have to use personal experience because if I don't, then it's all clichè. Also its easier because if I'm going to be directing real people trying to perform these characters then I have to definitely incorporate personal experience into character development. However, I'm also quite liniment when it comes to improvisation and I like for the actors to put their own spin on the characters. It's like you choose the flower seeds in the screenplay during pre-production and then you watch the actors flourish and grow through the performance on location which is so beautiful to be honest. To me writing a screenplay and directing it afterwards is like playing god, creating a universe. That is what I love about my field.
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    This part causes issues in itself. Obviously I'm not trying to be nit-picky with you and say "what is deemed too mental? That's too broad" because I know what you meant (I think). You're implying those guys who are either severely suicidal or homicidal by nature right? They haven't necessarily performed a heinous act of violence but their mind is contorted with the urges. If that's the case, then the only way to find out about these people is through a rigorous psyche evaluation, which can be lied to very easily. Now, if you're talking about the mentally handicapped (I'm not being condescending when I say I honestly don't think you were talking about them, but I'll address it just in case) then boundaries of "freedom" are being pushed to a limit because their rights are being infringed upon. The whole thing is this stupidly sensitive scale that will probably never be 100% balanced.
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    Make one about Ala, @ragreynolds
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    Yeah, totally. I was once told that fiction is designed to explore ideas. If you aren't exploring, it ain't fiction. Characters are like ships in this regard, helping you sail into the unknown... I've been told that writing from personal experience is a good thing too. It was Picasso who said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal," and this is true for writing too. Steal your own experiences and your writing will be better.
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    wait what i thought you meant you didn't know how to skip as in the weird run we don't call jump roping skipping here
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    BREATH OF THE WILD BREATH OF THE WILD BREATH OF THE WILD I'll probably just steal it from my sister when she gets it, because I have no other purpose for the thing. I have my Gameboy, N64, and Wii (which plays gamecube stuffs), and that's all the nintendo I need.