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    Hey Ryan I think jimmy is a little cheesed you didn't post a UK one. Just a hunch tho
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    I am generalising I know, I'm just saying what I notice from my personal experience. I'm not writing an essay or an article for the paper so I can generalise. Also, I don't see anything wrong with generalising, most people do it and I'm not fussed about being politically correct.
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    Although I'm not offended, I think her point is that you're making a vast assumption and generalizing a demographic with no factual data to support the claim. If I were to pitch in, I know more fat guys that admit they're fat and think it's funny than women who would ever admit to such a thing. Maybe another difference from US to Great Britain?
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    YES It's so enlightening and touching! One of my fav series for sure. Plus Brit Marling is fit af 😍 YOU NEED TO FINISH IT....IT'S GREAT!
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