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    Because it's literally been years...
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    Well yeah, the whole point of this thread is that him being put in prison is absurd. It almost worries me to an extent because my YouTube channel has a lot of 'distasteful' and potentially 'hateful' content on it. This guy only has 32K subs, probably was less when this all kicked off, so he's small. Not as small of a channel as mine, but we're both still small. I have various videos claiming Australians are all retards, videos saying that Brazilians are dummies, videos comparing various groups of people to child molesters, etc... so although I don't really have anything Nazi related (other than supporting Evalion's right to speak) I have a lot of content that I'm sure various people would like to have me arrested for too.
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    Yeah, I understand why these laws are in place, I just don't agree with them in the slightest. You cannot have a hate speech law in place that will account for jokes as well. Humour is subjective, and people could easily turn to using the excuse of "It was just a joke, I wasn't actually preaching for everyone to kill the Jews". The problem is that there are people who think that certain types of humour shouldn't be allowed. Maybe you don't like cancer jokes, but that doesn't mean the rest of the country shouldn't be allowed to tell them and laugh about them. Same goes for the likes of Holocaust jokes and 9/11 jokes. There should never be laws prohibiting hate speech, simply because everyone has a different idea of what hate speech is, and everyone has a different idea of what is and is not acceptable. There's a difference between actually threatening someone and telling other people to harass someone because they're black, or just saying that black people are all nasty and should fuck off. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions and say whatever they want, no matter how horrible or stupid that may be. What people should not be allowed to do is directly call for harm to come to someone else. "I hate all black people and they should fuck off back to Africa" - racist and disgusting, but should be allowed. "I hate all black people and you should get a bunch of your friends together on Saturday night and beat the shit out of that nigger who lives next door to you" - should not be allowed. The difference between those two statements being that one was simply a hateful opinion being voiced, whereas the other was a direct call to harm someone because of that hateful opinion. The best way to deal with racists and the like is always to let them speak. Let them speak and everyone will see how dumb and disgusting they are. If you do not let them speak, they will gather discreetly and their ideas will brew in the dark until suddenly you realise that there are far more of these people than you thought. Censorship of any speech, no matter how bad it is, is never a good thing. And that's what hate speech laws are; censorship of speech and ideas.
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    When you're watching house of cards a weird threesome breaks out of nowhere!
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    This actually has nothing to do with the SNP. The UK, in general, have these exact same laws prohibiting hate speech. In the UK we do not have true free speech. It's just that for whatever reason, the police/legal system are more intolerant of so-called 'hate speech' in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK.
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    1. Killing people who we suspected to be witches was also a tradition, funny how we stopped doing that... 2. This point is irrelevant because you're not talking about fox hunting. 3. Irrelevant because it's still not about fox hunting. 4. Irrelevant again cause once again, not about fox hunting. 5. Hey...guess what? Irrelevant, not about fox hunting. 6. Foxes terrorise the countryside? Ah yes, a nocturnal, skittish animal is terrorising the poor towns people in Rams Bottom, oh no. Wait...they're not? So yeah, I don't even know what you're on about
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    Yes. YES! GOOD GOYS! Fuel his paranoia. Direct the YouTube masses in his direction.
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    I just had to present a six-minute presentation reflecting on my school year and the classes I took. 'twas bullshit. I mean, I get we have to do it because it's a graduation requirement, but it's fucking stupid. I was dreading it because I fucking suck at speaking in front of people. I get really nervous and start shaking really bad. my stomach starts hurting, and i feel like crying. it's not even just in front of people, either. i can't hold a conversation with members of my own family or even friends i've known for years. so, basically, i'm asking if anyone has any tips on how i an overcome this crap.
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