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    Little peek at the layout design for the social network I'm going to create. I've been slacking a bit, mainly because I'm trying to think of what to fill the white blocks with exactly (I know the middle will be the feed, unsure of the sidebars though) Also, the black line on the side is part of photoshop; I was too lazy to save this as a png so I just used lightshot to screenshot.
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    my drag, henny last Thursday I finally got out and performed at a bar in a city an hours drive away, and now I'll be continuing that and going (or at least trying) to every Thursday show here's a gif of me from last week
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    Just finished my first year of uni, I'm in the middle of writing a short film screenplay that's an adaptation from King Henry VI Part 2 ....Other than that... I'm working in conjunction with my liver to survive all this drinking this summer.