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    happy bday to one of my favorite members here on rr!!!
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    Thank you Ryan and Thank you @bryanna So far its been good..
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    Yes they are ..when they are adults anyway (or suppose to be adults lol)
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    I totally agree @ragreynolds I am dealing with morans myself on CafeMom..I posted a comment in support of a young woman who had to give up her child for adoption..and I mentioned I knew where she was coming from and I had experience in how to deal with the pain of the situation. ..I've had to choose adoption 3 times..and omg..you think I killed the President ..But I stood up and dealt with it lol.
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    He's a coward, Sheila. I've done livestreams with him and he sits quietly, but as soon as I'm not there he insults me!
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    Oh just because he can't get over on you...He shit talks everybody and when the confront him...he tries to debate .
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