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    That's fair. And anyone not being nice can be kicked out of the club! That's what's good about clubs!
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    I'm good to people that are good to me. I activly try to be good to others, hoping they're good to me, but if they're not good to me, then fuck 'em. Aint nobody got time for that shit. My father had a philosophy that I agree with, and that is "it's nice to be nice" an d that means being good to those that are good to you. One can be viewed as a nice person, and still be honest and trustworthy, Let me give you an example, look at ANY of Onion's content on Youtube, he's a dick often and does it under the guise of "honesty" which is total bullshit. In this video here, because Trisha Paytas didnt understand/like Onion's past relationships and marriages, or even his current marriage, he lashed out and called her a ninja turtle and Fiona from Shrek, which was entirely uncalled for. I think he should have just stuck to the topics at hand rather than attacking her physical appearance because she and him don't have the same moral compass as one another. This happens in the first twenty seconds of this video. This is just an example of my point here and why i think it's good to be good to everyone you meet. Someone can very well be honest and truthful, but also can be kind and considerate to others, Not all truths NEED to be said ALL the time. Am I suggesting anyone lie? of course not, I would never suggest such a thing, but I think it's nice to be nice and take others into account before letting that bold and brazen honesty fly. My response to his comment pretty much sums up my feelings.