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    I dont think it's OK for a pregnant mother to drink, not in any form, but, if a pregnant woman wants to buy the alcohol, she should have that right to buy it. even if she does drink it, which again, I do not support AT ALL. but then I can see here, somewhere down the line, stores that sell alcoholic beverages may have people pregnancy test all women who are attempting to make a purchase, even if the drink isn't for them, themselves. That right there, would be a huge breach of privacy and a step in the wrong direction for society, maybe something so extreme wouldn't happen, but what if it did? This could raise a lot of discrimination suits, which would take away from the cause altogether, It very much is a possibility that this could happen at the words of one bleeding heart liberal. I think that they should have the right to deny sales to pregnant women if they want to, but it should be their right to choose, and the woman's choice of who she is really buying that alcohol for.