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    Hey Vii, I think it's time to open up the uh, wounds here. Yes, I am the one that said "I don't see why everyone kisses Vii's ass" a couple years back in the anon section. Whether or not anyone else remembers that, I don't know. I had to have been 16-17 years old at that time. I've grown since then. I was literally just being a dumbass who didn't know any better. I just saw you as this new kid who was being worshiped solely because you were dating Ryan. That was just my perspective of it. I didn't try to get to know you because I was turned off by your "popularity." Which looking back on is stupid since it's the internet, but to be fair this used to be a bigger part of my life. I'm here now to own up to my shit. Why didn't I do it sooner? Well, simply because I had forgotten about the post anyway, and plus it seemed like everything was fine for a while. You never reached out to me to be like "hey bitch, I snooped into the anon shit and saw your comment so fuck you." I rather would have you called me out back then instead of holding it in and eventually fully withdrawing from our group (though there were other reasons too). Then at least the water would have been cleared way sooner than it is now. Anyone can look at this and think "why is Token reaching so far?" "what if Vii's comment had nothing to do with you?" Everyone gossips about everyone. There have been recent screenshots passed around. That's why I am aware that you still have some type of feelings about it to this day. Maybe you say you're over it, but it still fuels you. I'm making this post to open myself up about it. You can bitch me out, you can take this and accept what I did was a dumb kid mistake. What you can't keep doing is going around being shady about petty drama; using Ryan, or even George, as your human shield to talk to other people. If they can say you're upset about something, then you're more than capable of admitting to it to the person who hurt you. I mean I can see why you would use them like that, but it for sure is a reflection of your character. And again, this is all observation from the recent discord fiasco that happened as well as the screenshots that have been passed around. But, I do apologize for the comment I made that I didn't foresee the consequences to. It was still wrong of me to do so yes, but I do know what the affects of it are now. I'm willing to make up for this, and if you don't want to that's fine, but I couldn't remain behind a door anymore.
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    ALL MY FRIENDS KNOW THE LOW RIDER i will never forget this phase thank u
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    In regards to RR, I've been here too long but I'll genuinely be sad to see it go, but I'd much prefer that the right decision is made in regards to what you want Ryan and that is far better than keeping something you don't feel fully committed to going! My fave memory was and probably always will be when Dirk took over Kelley's account and while not exclusive to rr, got all men demodded on onisions forum using my comment from rr! Good fucking times.
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    It's funny that our discord keeps coming back to being the drama group, there's been no drama since you and George left and the only drama that has happened since the first time you left vii, was a completely unrelated issue that doesn't need to be brought up here, until Ryan's group and then we had a talk, a little bitch sure but then so did the group you were in. Unless you're apart of the drama then you won't be involved unless you get involved, same with the bitching. Everyone has issues, but no one's used them as a reason for their behaviour and I swear that you are seeing what you want to justify it. If you think we are toxic then you should look at yourself for some self reflection because your behaviour towards people trying to make amends even going so far to tell someone they need to speak to you first, SERIOUSLY telling someone to jump off of a bridge is toxicity at its best, if you think you're the victim that's fine but I hope one day you'll look back and see that you're not, never were and you never will be because you're ridiculously strong and you take no shit. This will be the last response to the drama that is about to happen from me so don't reply to this expecting anything. Our group isn't toxic, Bry and token are not toxic and maybe some people have toxic tendencies but there are really good, honest and lovely people that don't deserve that word branded on them. I hope that everyone genuinely has the best possible life they can possibly lead and I really wish everyone the absolute best.
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