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    On Seconclife I have a couple friends that I was talking to, one speaks German, the other Indonesian. I was using a translator from Secondlife so that the Indonesian girl could understand me. I speak a little German (No where near fluent) so I was talking to the girl that spoke Indonesian, in English so that my translator would translate it for me, but the translator did not translate from Indonesian to German (But would translate from German to English) , so everything I said to both, I had to say once in German for the German speaker to understand, and again in English so that my translator would translate it to Indonesian for me. The German asked the Indonesian girl, "Where are you from" This did not translate to English.. So I told the German lady where she was from, In German, then again in English so the Indonesian The German lady said in English "I know very well" The translation said "I am also very white" I explained what she meant in English to the Indonesian lady and we all had a pretty good laugh.