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    I need all of you guys to send prayers or thoughts that we can go back to Fontana Ca..we talked about but we need your good vibes to help us get there...
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    Checking in...gonna be sad when RR ends..but lets make the most of it while its still here
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    I first want to thank Ryan for having this forum as long has he did. You made me laugh so much. And I will tell you I will miss this forum..thank you for the times I needed to vent. My live isn't easy,but you made it funner lol. Believe me ,me venting on here helped me though . But Ryan you have to do for you, your a young man ,don't forget you have a life outside this and youtube And don't think this is the last you will hear from me..its not..lol Gift of gab you know lol
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    Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing fine Happy Birthday shout out to @Aimieee on this her 17th Birthday..have a wonderful day .
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