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    Took a selfie on the train to Scotland. and another photo later with Anthony!
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    Wanna see a meme frog? OF FUCKING COURSE YOU DO
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    when we all found out about dawn's underage porn trafficking
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    I like my coffee how I like my men ground up and in the freezer juuuuuuust kidding but i do like it how how i like my women full of cream someone stop me please
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    well it was about time i start selfie whoring <3
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    Wanna see a British frog
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    Jade we talked about this whole tattooing yourself thing
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    I have om on my upper back and a quote down my spine (one day i'll take a new photo) & hip tattoos
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    little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest scooping up the field mice and bopping 'em on the head without a filter
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    I hear if you say her name three times she appears.
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    The Sunset earlier today.
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    i support abortion up until the child is 16 years old
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    He did kill his tortoise. RIP REPTAR, NEVER FORGET.
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    I can only imagine what it's like to be in your shoes. My new book, 'Medium Rare: A Guide To Fine Dining & Perfect Timing' will be released later this year. For exclusive updates and sneak peeks, become a Patron: http://patreon.com/ragreynolds
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    No he doesn't give a fuck about cancer, he just wants to stand out and be controversial and watch all those teenage girls who look up to him like Jesus agree with him. He doesn't care about cancer he just likes to say mean shit at wrong times because he is a sociopath.
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    update: He lives at my house now. About a month ago he was homeless and he asked if an offer that Tristan made back when he got shot was still available. Tristan offered to give him a place to stay while he got clean since he had nowhere to go. I asked Tristan...Tristan said yeah. So... he was homeless...living on the street and had just gotten jumped so his gf got him a ticket to Denver and we picked him up at the airport. He was kinda bummed out for a couple of weeks.. ya know...new setting...only having one working arm...that kinda thing...but he's in good spirits now and clean ours apartment while we are at work and hangs out with our neighbors and their dogs. He may be getting a job as a flagger or, as I like to call it, a flaggot soon as that's one of the few jobs you can do with only one arm. He still has his second arm it's just severely fucked up. I'll try to get him to join and post pics because it's crazy looking. So...yeah. He's staying here for a month or two while his gf gets her ducks in a row and he is able to move to Washington. He's also clean btw which is good.
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    I've been out of the closet about being heterosexual since birth. Feels good to not hide it.
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    Fit is an interesting way to spell fat
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    wow seeker having your tongue pierced doesn't make you a hoe
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    When jimmy got down voted so hard he cried
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    #Cut4Justin i mean that wasn't even the drama Thor jeez. my favourite drama was when we all found out Ryan is grooming underage girls and has been fooling us all by making ala out to be the bad guys this whole time. The jig is up boy
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    Was this the picture you saw?
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    No but it would be nice if you groomed yourself a little bit
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    i dont like eating rank pussy.
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