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    Is Second Life that game where people cyber and pretend to be black women?
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    This guy is a real piece of work. My video goes over things
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    I go to open stage night, so my pay is the tips I get. Lowest being $7, highest at $21. Being on cast at a bar is where I'd get a paid booking. I'm not sure how the pay would be there. Thank you! And no I don't have a YouTube channel. I have an instagram account for it though as mentioned in the introduction. If you're asking if I've done a duo lip sync, I have not.
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    Yeah, I was never a Street Fighter fan. Soul Calibur has some good things going for it, but really it's largely a mess. Mortal Kombat just feels like a caricature at this point where they seem to pride themselves on brutality rather than good fighting game mechanics.