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    Better take your kid out of school then
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    Don't be too harsh, Bry. He might delete all of his videos again!
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    this dude is just desperate for views. not only did he come here just to post that video, but he has the same clip in another video.
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    you don't need rubbing alcohol to set paper on fire, stupid
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    Sorry, I forgot that it's incredibly difficult to be a parent and talk to the school about this day? You clearly do care anyways because you don't want your kids involved in your fake scenario because you want ask the school what this day is about. Missed my point Molly, be a parent and find out about this day instead of assuming and getting outraged. Then come back and tell us and then get outraged. I don't disagree, I just also don't care because there are bigger scourges on society.
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    Do you hear yourself. Why on earth would it be about accepting illegals and even if it is, you ever think it's just about teaching kids with intolerable, racist parents to just treat other people with some respect. Keep your kids off school if you don't like it, or better yet ask the school what this is about? Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to how you are seen in society and approach the school and ask what this will fully be about! Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to your kids infact. Just ask. You're the parent. You're literally pulling shit out of your arse to be angry about because you won't ask the school or keep your kids off school for the day, don't give me any bullshit that you already did because you would've posted it.
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    adding onto that sims dont even look bad. a lot of people use cc and make their sims look really good
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    He's dumb. He also made a video repeatedly calling me a keyboard warrior, literally right after I confronted ShortVideos IRL. So clearly I'm the OPPOSITE of a keyboard warrior.
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    Hello all..how is everyone..me I pretty good ..Hey @ragreynolds I might have some English in me...came upon a census from 1920 that lists my great great grandmother(on my mom's side) as her Nationality as English...lol Birthday shout out to @Lynx, hope you had a great one.
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    If you do, and you want to advertise for my land on your channel, I will give you (and Vi if she wishes to join too) free rent on any house or appartment of your choice, excluding shops, for as long as you wish to live there.
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    I have some rules of my area I would like to share here, I will not share the link to my land just yet as I havent fully set up, but please expect pictures to be coming to this thread soon too. If you are on Secondlife, if these rules sound good to you and you wish to visit, please stop on by. Still setting up now though. Welcome to your new home I have some rules for you, but they are simple and won'tbe that hard to follow. 1. Please pay rent on time. you will have two warnings about this before you are evicted. 2. Please stay within prim limits of your rental. There will be a prim counter in your rental, so you can see how many you have up and how many you have left, please dont go over your limit. The limits are set becuase I am sharing my overall prim count with you and have divided up these prims on the property, if you DO go over, I will get notices from the GLH (German Land Holding) Notifying me I am over prim, so please, lets stay with our limits. 3. Please do not decorate my sidewalks, keep all prims inside your rental unit. The prim counter does not count prims outside the unit, unless you know how to count your prims, please don't go over them. 4. I will inlude a free furniature set along with this notecard, you can use it, but you may also purchase your very own and use that instead, please feel free to use what you like, as long as you stay within your alotted prim count. 5. If you unpack an item, please clean up after yourself. Though I strive to have a family like atmosphere, this is not your mother's house. I will have access to whatever prims you put down and if you unpack something not copyable, it will get deleted instead of returned to you. To avoid this is easy, pick up your boxes. 7. No temp rezzer items allowed. Temp rezzers are boxes with code that put toegther large objects, this can lag the entire sim. I would rather no one use any temp rezzers on my land, If you do not know what I mean. Contact Betyourbippy or goodchildlegacy and we will be more than happy to help explain this to you in further detail. 8. If you rent one of my shops, you will have more prims than anyone else at a higher cost, becuase shops are intended for you to sell your goods. You may have a sign indicating the shops name, but again, then it is up to YOU to include that one prim in with your total count, as prim counters only count prims inside the dwelling. If you decide to rent a shop, I encourage you to rent a sign board somewhere to advertise your goods, I will even pay one month of lindens to you to put on that board. This brings people to my area, I encourage this. 9. No public nudity. If you are wearing an unpacked item and it happens to knock off your shirt or pants/dress/skirt, no one will give you any problems, it is up to you then to realize you're naked and fix it. I want my place to be family friendly, so please lets not have public nudity. 10. Rules are subject to change at any time. Should the rules change, myself or Godric Goodchild will send out note cards to the tennants revising the rules. CO OWNERS: Betyourbippy (Skye Muller) Goodchildlegacy (Godric Goodchild) MANAGERS: Hein888 (Hein Muller)
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    I should try the game out sometime
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    It's quite clear from this thread, plus talking to people outside this thread that people like the old system better. However, as per the poll, it seems people still want the clubs to exist in some way. I hope I've struck a good balance. I've put the regular old forums back, but I've also left clubs active. Members are free to make their own clubs without having them approved now. The NSFW section of the forums will remain in clubs rather than the regular forums too. This ensures the utmost privacy for anyone posting in that section.
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    Isn't it funny how what we once thought as comedy gold, is cringe material later on? I saw this and laughed at the randomness of it. It was cute. I't would be pretty cool to see another prank call video.
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    I think a big part of the problem with Theresa May is that she seems to be trying to appease both sides of the Brexit argument... only to upset them both.
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    After being asked 3 times in one interview, Theresa May refused to say that she would support Brexit if she had the chance to vote again. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/10/theresa-may-refuses-to-say-if-she-would-vote-for-brexit-in-fresh-poll Theresa May clearly isn't pro-Brexit, so the question I'd like to ask is whether or not you think she is the person best suited to the task of leading Britain through the Brexit process. Do you think she should carry on in her position, or should she make way for a clear pro-Brexit politician, whose heart is actually in the work that they would be doing? Personally, I think she should step down. I like her less every day, and I have zero confidence in her ability to lead the country through Brexit.
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    I agree. One of the things I "learned" (it's common sense really, so I didn't so much learn it. More reinforced) in management was that people are a lot more effective at doing something when they're enthusiastic about it. It goes without saying, but it's wouldn't just get you a better deal, but perhaps a better deal in a faster time as well. One of the reasons the Netherlands has a 4 day working week as standard is because the productivity drastically increased, meaning it was more efficient for give workers a longer weekend. One of the things I've repeatedly noticed watching interviews with Theresa in is not only her lack of enthusiasm but also the lack of progress and how vague her stance is on it all. The whole process seems like a slog and it shouldn't be. We've had well over a year to figure out where we stand and what our options are, but up until recently we haven't learned a whole lot about what we're actually going to do. That said, she's clearing up after Dave, who basically got things off to a very very bad start. So with that in mind, she's doing okay given the situation, but I still see a lot of room for improvement.
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    that poor actor guy ryan reynolds who has to share a name with shreks greasy half brother
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