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    So I finally made a thread for this rather than posting random photos in other threads. Yes, I am a bioqueen. Meaning I am a biological woman doing exactly what drag queens do. Wigs, full makeup, heels, et c. I love embracing the femininity by becoming an extreme ideal version of myself. Though I still call what I do "drag" due to the fact it is still under the drag umbrella. So who am I? My drag persona is called Milky Juicy. Funny enough, as sexual as my name sounds, I actually ripped it off from the title of an obscure CD I found at a thrift store for $2. Sexy sure, but it's from an alternative folk album. My aesthetic is late 80's-early 90's band groupie girl, or a waitress trying to join a motorcycle gang in 1987. Whichever. No I shouldn't have to explain what my "look" is, since you'll be able to see that in looks below, but I like to include it. Since I am a real girl, I try to really hone in on a good performance. I do this by often creating a character for a song. You can half ass being a drag queen if you are a biological guy, so I feel I'm under a closer watch and try to be out of the box since I already stick out as it is. How did I begin/How long I've been doing it. Well I was introduced to RuPaul's Drag Race in my freshman year of college and I became obsessed with it, like most young queens do. The first time I went out in "drag" was well over a year ago, towards the beginning of 2016. I then continued to try to do drag makeup in my room. For months I collected and bought clothes, wigs, makeup, tights, et c. But this June I finally got out and performed at a bar in Birmingham (an hour drive from where I live). So in total, I've been performing for 2 months now but have greatly improved in such a short time. Where I'm going. Well this portion isn't going to be me saying "I'M GONNA BE A STAR" don't worry. However this is something I want to continue in the years to come as I've already started gaining fans. Christ almighty, I've sounded pretentious this entire time, but that took the cake. It's truly a jarring experience when people say that you're their favorite performer. Any who, I've been asked to be a part of a photoshoot project about drag queens, booked for a gig on campus in October that raises money for an LGBT based charity, and I'll be performing in another charity based event a week after this is posted. Looks (oldest to newest), most can be seen on my drag insta: sistermilkyjuicy Ask anything you'd like about what I do if you please! I'm sure this will be looked over but there are titties hidden here
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    I go to open stage night, so my pay is the tips I get. Lowest being $7, highest at $21. Being on cast at a bar is where I'd get a paid booking. I'm not sure how the pay would be there. Thank you! And no I don't have a YouTube channel. I have an instagram account for it though as mentioned in the introduction. If you're asking if I've done a duo lip sync, I have not.
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    HBO accidentally leaked episode 6 themselves @The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy @Oppi @bryanna
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    Is Second Life that game where people cyber and pretend to be black women?
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    This guy is a real piece of work. My video goes over things
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    For future reference then, for me, I always wear black shoes, I'd never wear brown. Almost all of my t-shirts have writing on them, I would probably be wearing dark jeans, and my hair is darker than what you made it. But you got the pose spot on. I put my hand on my hip like that all the time!
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    @ragreynolds And @Viiolai In Chibi Form
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    I was going for a blue green look, but I didn't want to do solid lines, so I used spray paint and could on;y do one line on each side, I haven't seen many pictures of you or videos of Ryan's featuring you, so clothes, hair, and pose was just a guess. I have no idea about what shoes either of you wear, and hair color was just brown. i could have gone light brown or dark, but I didn't want you two to look like siblings. Hahahha! And the pose was inspired by another picture, I didn't mean to make your leg look broken! lol!! I'm glad it's liked over all, I'm not the best artist ever over Microsoft paint with my mouse as my only drawing tool, but I like to draw!
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    I have so many questions. When did I have 2 turquiose streaks in my hair, when have I worn jeans under a dress, why do I have a bob cut, why is my leg broken? Why is our hair the colour of a well produced turd, and since when has he ever worn brown shoes? Nice BG, and well done for adding ryans eyebrow raise.
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    Very much loving this!!!!
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    I have an apartment on SL that allows me to add another person to my rent, so I am offering to share if anyone wants. I have included a picture of how I have the place set up. Cost is 75L a week and I have three weeks paid already. 50 Prim (Objects) and I have some up already in the picture but am willing to split the prim 25/25 I have a working TV Web Browser Sim Radio Station is the Beatles Reply to this if interested and I can give you more information.
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    That's what happens when you're famous.
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    If I had the time to play Second Life, then I'd take you up on the offer. But unfortunately, I don't.
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    thank u for actually looking through
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    Okay so a few days ago, I went to the store with my daughter and I kind of knew the guy in passing, as he used to be a home health aide for my neighbors, and I'm friends with my neighbors, so we visit sometimes. Last year, I invited my neighbors to Thanksgiving, being they were two elderly men and couldn't do much cooking, and I wanted to share. When they came over, they brought their Aide guy along, his name was Chris and he was a pretty nice guy. As Zee and I walk into the store, Chris says Hi to me, I return the greetings and then we walk away to get a soda. At this point, Zee asked me how I knew him, as she forgot he was over for Thanksgiving last year...I tell her the above, and think nothing of it. We go to the checkout and as I'm there, Zee starts singing "Mommy and Chris, sitting in a tree!" .......... I have NO interest in this guy, but my kid was making it sound like I did..... I was like "Zee, that's awkward." and she stopped singing that song and apologized. Then Chris starts telling me when he will be at the neighbor's house, I smiled and nodded and quickly left the store after paying. Oh man I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've already watched a lot of her videos, so a reaction video might be difficult. I'll see if I can think of anything though.
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    I'm glad to see the recent topics feed is back.
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    Yeah, I was never a Street Fighter fan. Soul Calibur has some good things going for it, but really it's largely a mess. Mortal Kombat just feels like a caricature at this point where they seem to pride themselves on brutality rather than good fighting game mechanics.
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    It's Tekken, man. Tekken 7 is proof of that. Street Fighter fell off. Soul Calibur just can't get it right. Mortal Kombat is just getting worse. Injustice is fun, but it's not quite there yet. Let's not forget it's a NR fighter. Shouts out to Dead or Alive though, consistently great. They just put themselves in a weird corner because they've also focused heavily on making the game appeal to perverts.
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    7/10, it was alright, better than expected. ________ I dedicate this to @ragreynolds, I like him too u know
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    I'll extend this thread for another 48 hours. Need more replies and more arguments please. Socialists come on. ARGUE US!
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    Lmao at Jimmy wanting to restrict the free market. I thought you were a capitalist.
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    My main issue with gaming is that I get so indecisive about where I wanna play things. I've had such a terrible internal struggle since having both a PS4 and Xbox One. I've ended up using the Xbox One for pretty much everything other than PS exclusives. It pains me to evenly divide my time between them, cause I hate not having all my achievements/trophies linked and whatever else. I pray for the day that we get the ability to link our profiles. I doubt it'll ever happen though