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  1. drugs r good
  2. you need to be stopped
  3. I decided it would be a good idea to make a video about the cancer that is the Tumblr shoplifting community.
  4. If anyone is planning on seeing this movie, let me just say that it is not what you're expecting. It's being marketed as this horror movie but in all honesty, I don't even think you could really call it a horror. I'm still not sure if I liked it or not, but it certainly made me think a lot, and I'm still thinking about it. Lots of symbolism. I'd recommend seeing it just because it's quite unique and I'm sure everyone will take something different away from it.
  5. yes they are
  6. No one has ever said that only SJWs get offended by things. However, there is a difference between being offended by something and moving on with your life, and being offended by something and actively spreading hatred and going after the person who caused you that offence. The impressionable part is true since a large portion of his audience is young and will copy him. So I'll give you that. However, him apologising isn't going to stop any of them from still copying him. Doesn't matter what he says or does, the fans of his who actually will copy him are largely the same people who are just going to think he's giving in the PC culture. I actually think him apologising will cause certain parts of his audience to start calling other people niggers even more often, simply because they know it bothers so many people. White people cared more than black people did. I saw far more white people being overly vocal about what happened than I did black people. A large portion of the black people I saw upset over it were SJW types who you'd get that response from over anything. I actually saw almost as many black people defending him as I saw condemning him. I don't think black people really care - and I also don't think they should care. This is a non-issue. We don't need to be making a big deal out of it. What part of the argument is black and white? The only part I see that's black and white is when people say "If you say the word nigger then you are a terrible person regardless of context". That's black and white. Because you're saying that if you don't say the word, then you're okay, but if you do say the word, then you're bad. That argument doesn't take into account context, intent, or any other possibility. It makes it a black and white issue because there are only two possible sides - racist or not racist. It's not black and white to say that saying nigger isn't always racist or bad, and that's what the majority of people defending PewDiePie are saying. Sure, people who think that nigger is an appropriate word for any circumstance no matter what and if you get offended by it then you're a dumb SJW are also putting forth a black and white argument. But those people are in the minority. Most people are saying one of two things: That no one should ever use the word under any circumstance - this is a black and white argument. That context and intent matter and that just saying a word isn't bad - this is not a black and white argument. So I really don't know what you're talking about by mentioning a black and white argument since you're clearly not referencing the people who think it's bad no matter what. And honestly, I don't think he did anything wrong or bad. Did he do something I probably wouldn't have done myself? Yes. Did he do something that I would probably advise not to do? Also yes. But did he do something that I condemn and has given me a negative opinion of him? No. I really don't care that he did it, and I honestly don't think we even need to be having this conversation. I truly do believe that it is a non-story. People can be upset all they want, that's their right, but there is no need to be screaming about how he's a terrible person all over social media. Just be offended, then move on. There is absolutely no need for the reaction this has gotten.
  7. that's rude
  8. Dirk has been exposed
  9. This isn't about restricting anyone's rights. In fact, it's about giving more rights to businesses. The government certainly shouldn't be making it law that you can't smoke or drink while pregnant, but I do think that individual businesses should be able to make their own decisions about who to offer their services to, for any reason. However, as I said in my original post, I think this discussion is kinda pointless in the first place because it's not something that could ever actually be implemented because businesses would have no way of knowing for sure whether or not someone was actually pregnant. So unless someone has a solution to that, I don't even see the point debating this.
  10. Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating sim. Talk about the game and post your own videos/streams of it My playthrough:
  11. This is a hard one. If there is scientific evidence that guarantees a baby will be harmed then I think that's where the place is for this discussion. However, if you're going to stop pregnant women drinking then surely you should also stop them smoking. Where do you draw the line? Should we stop them buying junk food since that's bad for you and could harm the baby? It's a hard thing to decide on. I do think that businesses should have the right to refuse their services (for the most part). I think that if a bakery doesn't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, they shouldn't have to, and I think that if a bakery doesn't want to bake a cake for a white nationalist convention, then they also shouldn't have to. The only time I think businesses should not be allowed to refuse all services is when you are talking about large corporations, and even then, I'm not fully against them refusing most services. I just don't think that the likes of Sony should have the ability to refuse someone the ability to purchase one of their game consoles. Ban them from a certain store for misconduct? Sure. But I think there are certain instances where it's not reasonable to let a business have 100% power. Give them 99% power. I just fear specific big businesses having so much power that they can directly impact what people can and can't do. That's part of the reason I think that there is room for certain regulations on the likes of Facebook and Google to force them to uphold full freedom of speech. Certain businesses get too big and too powerful, and when they get to that stage then there have to be some boundaries. As a Libertarian, I am for small government, and I fear the government having too much power. But I think it's just as valid to be concerned over businesses becoming that exact same thing that we Libertarians fear governments becoming. I do think that businesses should probably be allowed to refuse the sale of alcohol to certain individuals. Businesses already do this to rowdy/violent customers who are clearly very drunk, and they do it to people they cannot identify as old enough to drink. I think the issue with this situation though, would be in telling who is actually pregnant. Often times you would never know someone was pregnant, and sometimes you can't tell if they're just fat or if they're pregnant. There's no real way to know unless you asked them, and even then they could lie about it. It's not like people walk around with a 'proof of non-pregnancy' card. So I think that it's a thing that could never actually be introduced, even if I do think that businesses should be able to refuse the sale of the alcohol.
  12. Today marks the 4th birthday of this community! Note: The site went live around 4 am UK time on the 12th of September 2013. Because it was 4 am, it was actually the late night of 9/11 for the Americans in the community.