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  1. On The Rag #12 LIVE

    I will be live with Jamie Leigh Fischer at the following link on the date and time stated in the event information.
  2. Does anyone remember that really annoying black girl that came to RR from OFO? I can't remember her name or what she did, but I remember she was really something else
  3. You're really bad at this
  4. Yuck
  5. I don't think there's anything to worry about. It has great ratings an viewership. It will definitely get renewed.
  6. Most people tend to have one or two things that they are always working towards at any given time. For me that has been my new book as of late, for some others, it is perhaps some art project, a documentary, or even just a focus of losing weight or becoming healthier. So what are you currently working on?
  7. uhoh my book is done

  8. Well with the $25 option you get a monthly personalised video message, plus all previous rewards, which include: a once a month opportunity to suggest a video topic, the social media follow, the free copy of my first book as an ebook, exclusive updates and sneak peeks of my new book, a special Patron member group/rank right here on the forums, access to many videos often a day early, and access to Patron only posts on my Patreon page. As for not having the social media, I'm not quite sure I can quite do anything for you there. On my videos, I do my best already to like all of the comments that I do like, and I respond to almost all of my comments so long as I have something to say to them. Same thing goes for responses, I tend to respond to pretty much everyone here. The one thing I would say is that by becoming a Patron, you can make posts on my Patron feed that I am more likely to respond to faster than anywhere else. I get instant email and phone notifications for all Patron activity on my Patron page. So yes, I suppose I could do what you're asking, but what I'm saying is that I already pretty much do all of that. If you're becoming a $25 Patron then there's still plenty of other rewards. I'm always open to suggestions for my Patreon page, so if you have any then let me know!
  9. Yup. She made more videos about him in 2 weeks than Someguy827 did in 8 years.
  10. You rule breaker
  11. It's true!