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Status Updates posted by ragreynolds

  1. Hi Sheila

    1. sheilamotko


      Hello Ryan..how you doing?

  2. Hope you’re having a great day, Sheila 

    1. sheilamotko


      Hasn't been too bad... been doing more research on family stuff..Hope yours was great too:rock:

  3. Will be editing the forum layout and stuff in the next few days. Hopefully, we'll get a good state of clubs with the old forum system being there as well.

  4. uhoh, Halloween is soon

  5. I still miss ala

    1. Myvagmademedoit


      I do too, very much. 

  6. So many connection issues with the site

  7. hey losers

    1. Nox


      *echoes across still forums*

  8. I love how Sheila always checks in

  9. I've added the recent topics section back to compensate for the lack of updated activity on the main page. Hopefully this will make things easier to find for those of us who only really check up on what is currently going on, rather than having to look through all the clubs sections.

  10. Iron Fist is much better than I thought it would be. I shouldn't have put off watching it for this long. 

  11. New book will be published in the next week

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    2. The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy


      Are you interested in a film deal?

      Mr. Reynolds

    3. ragreynolds


      That's something I'd love to do. 

    4. ragreynolds


      I've thought about a documentary before because that's easy. But I think I'd rather something better.

  12. Hope people find the new default theme to be alright. I'm excited about the possibilities of the new sliding header. I can put images in it too. Will definitely be using it to wish people Happy Birthday, make announcements, feature topics, maybe feature members, and loads more. Stay tuned.

    1. bryanna


      it's broken

    2. ragreynolds


      Screenshot? It's working fine for me.

    3. bryanna


      its working fine now but earlier it said something about a configuration

  13. Sheila is definitely the nicest person in the community 

  14. everyone go make clubs

  15. I've updated to IPB 4.2. Some cool new features (such as reactions). Just bear with me while I fix the themes and get the new shit set up properly.

  16. Tomorrow's live show is gonna be great 

  17. I'm planning out a novel now hehe