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  1. Don't be too harsh, Bry. He might delete all of his videos again!
  2. Last night, my most recent video was removed from YouTube. It appears to have been flagged, and YouTube's system has taken down the video. I have also received a strike on my account, meaning that I will be unable to livestream for the next three months, and hence, will not be able to host my podcast the way I usually do. I have filed an appeal against the decision, and hopefully, my video will be reinstated and the strike will be removed, but I am preparing for the worst-case scenario. If the video is not reinstated, I will most certainly start distributing my content more frequently across other platforms. I am getting sick and tired of YouTube's terrible decisions and practices, and I refuse to let them have any control or influence over the creative direction of my content. If the decision is not reversed, I will start posting my videos, in full, to Facebook and Vidme. Stay tuned, as I will be posting a full video update to my YouTube channel in the coming week.
  3. He's dumb. He also made a video repeatedly calling me a keyboard warrior, literally right after I confronted ShortVideos IRL. So clearly I'm the OPPOSITE of a keyboard warrior.
  4. fake and gay
  5. I should try the game out sometime
  6. It's quite clear from this thread, plus talking to people outside this thread that people like the old system better. However, as per the poll, it seems people still want the clubs to exist in some way. I hope I've struck a good balance. I've put the regular old forums back, but I've also left clubs active. Members are free to make their own clubs without having them approved now. The NSFW section of the forums will remain in clubs rather than the regular forums too. This ensures the utmost privacy for anyone posting in that section.
  7. Great new trailer dropped. Just be aware that it seems to be quite spoiler-filled.
  8. I'll send you a PM with the email. I can see what it is.
  9. I posted an exclusive old Prank Call video on Patreon. But yes, I'm considering making a new one sometime in the near future!
  10. I think a big part of the problem with Theresa May is that she seems to be trying to appease both sides of the Brexit argument... only to upset them both.
  11. After being asked 3 times in one interview, Theresa May refused to say that she would support Brexit if she had the chance to vote again. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/10/theresa-may-refuses-to-say-if-she-would-vote-for-brexit-in-fresh-poll Theresa May clearly isn't pro-Brexit, so the question I'd like to ask is whether or not you think she is the person best suited to the task of leading Britain through the Brexit process. Do you think she should carry on in her position, or should she make way for a clear pro-Brexit politician, whose heart is actually in the work that they would be doing? Personally, I think she should step down. I like her less every day, and I have zero confidence in her ability to lead the country through Brexit.
  12. It’s terrible, Sheila. I’ve had the same thing happen to me many times over the years. It’s not like you’re making money from the use of the music!