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  1. Just posted the first video to my new gaming channel. I'll be posting the first actual gaming video tomorrow, but Patrons will get access a day early, as they often do with a lot of my content. This channel is just for me to have fun with, I'm far less concerned with it than I am with my main channel.
  2. Alien Covenant. IT WAS BORING AS HELL. But for some reason, everyone is saying it was great. I disagree entirely.
  3. This thread is for all discussions about Game Of Thrones Season 7. Spoiler tags are not necessary for things that have happened on the show since you shouldn't be in this thread unless you've watched the latest episode. But if you're talking about something that has been leaked/other spoilers, then put those in spoiler tags.
  4. If he was still the same character as he was earlier in the show, then maybe I'd be bored of him, kinda like how I'm bored of Cersei and Jaime's whole thing. But the Hound has gone through a lot, and since he returned last season he has been on a path of redemption. He is quite clearly a different man, and I'm enjoying seeing where he's headed. I especially love the parallels with Arya. Back when they were travelling together and ran into that father and son who we now know are dead, the Hound was the ruthless killer, whereas Arya was remorseful and didn't want anyone to get hurt. Compare that to the most recent episode, and now the roles have been reversed. Arya is the killer who has no remorse, and the Hound is the one who feels bad for what he has done and is trying to make things right.
  5. It got really shit reviews but I saw it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  6. I've seen the movie twice now. I actually quite enjoyed it, and more so than the Brendan Fraser movies. Don't get why all the reviews are slating it. It's certainly not an amazing movie or anything, but it's not as bad as the reviews are making out. Anyone else seen it?
  7. Sounds terrible
  8. I personally believe that every person should have the right to die. However, if a person is unable to make an informed decision, then, of course, they should not be allowed to make that choice. Saying "euthanasia shouldn't be allowed if you're mentally ill" is too broad of a stroke. There are countless mental illnesses that would not play any factor in a person deciding whether or not to end their own life. It really depends on each individual case more so than simply saying "no euthanasia for A, B, and C".
  9. I've been meaning to watch that movie
  10. When I get good
  11. I'd certainly agree that Arya and Dany stole the show with their sheer on-screen presence. They certainly feel like very big and important characters, and you know something exciting is going to happen when you see them, and this episode was no different. I had no issue with what Dany did this episode, and I don't think she's a bad actor, I just don't think she's a great actor. I think she is outperformed by most of the cast by a landslide, and it has shown most in scenes where she has had emotional moments with say Tyrion. Peter Dinklage is a fantastic actor, and personally, I really feel depth from his performance. Emelia isn't bad, and I certainly couldn't imagine anyone else as Dany, but I think in terms of her acting ability, she is simply just outshone by the likes of Peter Dinklage, and it isn't even close. So I don't think she necessarily does a bad job, it's probably just that I think everyone around her does a better job, and that kinda makes me disappointed in Emelia's acting skills. But hey, it could just simply be that she's not being given that much to work with. As I said in my last post, it feels to me as if her character has been stuck at the same point in its development arc for quite a long time now, and that could be why she doesn't come across as a great actress to me. I had zero problems with her in the first few seasons, but now I do. So it could very well be just that. I'd have to re-watch previous seasons to see if I think her acting is any different. It's not even the whole setup and wearing the face that I find unbelievable. It's more the fact that she'd even go in there and it would work perfectly. There's got to have been some people that didn't drink anything or were out of the room having a piss, only to come back and see her. It just worked out far too cleanly imo. Game Of Thrones has always proven to be a show where nothing ever really goes that cleanly, and certainly not when a character is outnumbered like Arya was. Maybe I'll get over it if they do some other stuff with her later on in the season that I really like, but that just didn't sit right with me, even though the scene itself was a good scene. The issue with Arya just appearing where she did last season was that the rest of the season was certainly not that fast paced. I don't recall any other characters (other than perhaps Little Finger) actually travelling like that. She was just suddenly there. The rest of the seasons of GoT made us watch as people slowly travelled across the country, but somehow Arya travelled an even greater distance within a single episode, with no updates in between. As for Little Finger, I don't feel like he's that bad with the teleporting around. He isn't in every episode, so I don't really have a huge issue with him being in say King's Landing in episode one, and then being in the North in episode 3 or 4. If there are any examples of a short period of time where he's moved super far then let me know and I'll probably agree with you that it's bullshit. I just think the Arya one was the worst there's been in the show, which really disappointed me because Arya is one of my faves. Finally, I would have complained if I knew other celebrities had cameos (well probably depending on what they were). The Ed Sheeran cameo was a special kind of annoying to me because there's been this whole influx of progressively more and more mainstream attention on Game Of Thrones as each season has been released. I hate how suddenly there are all these celebrities on board and making appearances now that it's just the cool thing to be into. Maybe I'm just being touchy, but it really takes away from that special aura that I view around Game Of Thrones. It's this really special and great thing, but then suddenly there's someone like Ed Sheeran popping up, and it almost normalises it and makes it less special in my mind. Also, I had absolutely no idea that Ed Sheeran was making an appearance. In the lead up to this season, I've been avoiding reading about the show and I've been avoiding watching videos. I only watched one of the trailers/promos that were released. The main reason I'm doing this is that I did the exact opposite for season 6, and it actually ruined a lot of the show for me. I absolutely loved the first 5 season of the show. I went in blind and watched the first 4 seasons just before season 5 was released, and then I loved all of season 5 too. There was so much unexpected content, and I loved being shocked again and again. When I started watching season 6, I had been reading up on all but confirmed theories, image leaks and loads of other stuff. In the end, it made me enjoy season 6 far less than I had enjoyed previous seasons. I still really enjoyed it, and I think it was better than some other seasons, but I just didn't enjoy it as much, and it was because so much of that shock value and suspense was gone. I knew that Jon Snow was going to come back to life, I knew that his true parentage was going to be revealed, I knew that Cersei was going to blow up/burn a lot of King's Landing, I knew that the Hound was going to come back. These are all moment that normally would be huge OMG WTF moments. These are the type of moments that largely made me love Game Of Thrones. Sure, Jon coming back was a pretty easy one to predict, but the others weren't. Not unless you've read news, seen/heard about filming locations, or read fan theories. When those moments happened in the show, I had a feeling of "Omg yay they finally did that, I'm content now" rather than "OMG WTF THAT WAS AMAZING" or "OMG WHAT THE HELL I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK OR FEEL". And when I was watching some of the earlier episodes, I was just left thinking "Okay but I know Jon is coming back to life, so all this talk for the first 99% of the episode about how he's dead and that's horrible is just boring and meaningless to me. It's like when you watch a movie antagonist is in a life threatening situation, but you know that they're not gonna die now because you saw them do something else in the trailer that hasn't happened in the movie yet. It makes you not really care as much about what's happening to the character at that moment. You know that they character is going to survive, and so you don't get as emotionally invested. And it's that emotional investment that I want to feel when I'm watching a show like Game Of Thrones. It's what makes it more enjoyable for me, and it's what separates great shows from good shows. SO YEAH, that was a long drawn out post, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying. I don't want to have anything of this season spoiled, because I want to go back to having that old feeling I had before of shock and suspense when big things happen. I'm sure you've said in the past that you don't care about that or whatever, but for me, that's what gets me invested in a show. Not knowing what's going to happen next.
  12. Ed Sheeran appearing in the episode annoyed me. To me, it was nothing more than a distraction from what was going on. The whole time he was on screen I wasn't thinking "I wonder what Arya is going to do here", but rather I was thinking more along the lines of "Why the fuck is Ed Sheeran in Game Of Thrones". It came off like a cheap ploy, and I wish they wouldn't do stuff like that. Sam's stuff was good, I find that all interesting. Cersei and Jaime are starting to bore me now, it's the same shit that's been happening forever between them. Euron showing up wasn't interesting to me because as Jaime already put it, they are outnumbered and outdone by everyone. They've no chance, and Euron being there with the Ironborn hardly helps their cause. Euron's character just misses the mark for me entirely, but I think it might just be the way the actor delivers the lines. The Jon and Sansa stuff was alright, I'm interested to see what happens there. I like the idea of Sansa challenging Jon. She's spent the rest of her time of the show quivering and being abused, it's nice to see her go on the offensive, even if it is opposite of Jon. The Hound's stuff was probably the best part of the episode imo. Very interesting. The Arya stuff was alright, but certainly not her best. I thought the scene at the start of the episode was a good scene, but I think it's ridiculous how far her character has jumped. She is slowly feeling more and more like a God-like character that can't be touched (which was a huge problem I had with Daenerys last season), meanwhile, it wasn't that long ago that she was a vulnerable little girl. I don't care how much training she's had (that we didn't even see most of, and there's no evidence for there being that much of), it's just not believable that she can suddenly masterfully wear other people's faces, and even if she could, it's unbelievable that she could pull off that entire thing she did in the opening scene, regardless of how good the scene actually was. Finally, I had no real issue with the ending scene. I thought it did its job, but it's becoming more and more apparent to me that either Emilia Clarke just isn't a very great actress (see Terminator Genysis for further evidence), or the show just doesn't have good writing for her character. Her character has slowly become one of the blandest in the entire show imo, and after reading through countless other forum and Reddit posts, along with watching various YouTube videos, I realise that I'm not alone in this thinking. Yes, we get it, she has gone through a lot. Yes, we get it, she's super hot and badass and has dragons. But that seems to be the extent of her character right now. She's pretty much all show and no real depth. I think her character peaked early in the show, and now they've just had to kinda hold her in the same place for multiple seasons until she could finally get to Westeros and actually progress her character. Sure, things were happening to her and around her outside of Westeros, but we've not seen any of that impact her character. Final thing I'll say about her is about the acting again, and I think it's pretty disappointing that throughout most of her scenes, her facial expressions stay almost entirely bland. Maybe that's in the writing. Maybe all of her horrible past has caused her to put up strong personality walls to protect herself from being hurt anymore. But to me, it seems dumb. In all, I'd give the episode a 7/10. It most certainly wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great. I'm sure the rest of the season will only get better, and I'm sure that I will grow to like Daenerys once again after she actually goes up against other main characters. Daenerys was one of my favourites for the first 1-4ish seasons - she was probably in my top 3. I think a thing that led to me becoming bored of her character was the fact that there were never really any big main characters she had to face off against outside of Westeros. This meant she could overcome anything and not be the one to die since the characters she went up against were basically just nobodies that no one cared about. Now that she's in Westeros, she's going to be going up against other main characters, and when that happens she won't have the same luxuries of coming out on top every single time and her character never being in any real danger. I really do think that her being in Westeros is going to make me really like her again. I really hope I can like Arya again some more too. Arya was my second favourite character right up until the final episode of season 6. I found it so out of place and too much of a jump for her to suddenly appear in Westeros and kill Walder Frey, and then the start of this latest episode hasn't helped that. I hope they back off a little and make her character more vulnerable again. TL;DR: The episode was good, but not great.
  13. As the title says.
  14. I'm too lazy to watch things with subtitles
  15. I don't really play/use Steam at all these days, but as usual, I'm ragreynolds.
  16. Congrats
  17. You should still just have that sorta YouTube channel. Who cares if it's done to death. Just do what you enjoy. To embed, just paste the YouTube link, hit enter, and wait. It should do it automatically.
  18. Everyone
  19. what
  20. Most people tend to have one or two things that they are always working towards at any given time. For me that has been my new book as of late, for some others, it is perhaps some art project, a documentary, or even just a focus of losing weight or becoming healthier. So what are you currently working on?
  21. rip