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  1. one sister (25) one brother (21)
  2. Exactly as the title says This is Jaws, Oliver then Frodo (bottom to top) Then we have Sebastian, Bellatrix and Duke(left to right) Or other dog Molly in the background
  3. Onions, or avocados
  4. Justina bb ❤
  5. I know I'm late but its pxc!
  6. I'm so excited
  7. theflyingcactus , duh
  8. What a hottie
  9. She won't be poor if she doesn't her job right.
  10. You're so sweet! I'm glad u like it.
  11. they look really blue today but sometimes they look more grey and have a lil brown close to/around my pupil
  12. I got this one like three days ago
  13. https://g.co/kgs/0WK5Qe
  14. Boob tape. So technically yes, no bra.
  15. Ummm considering i live in a southern state. No.
  16. LOOK AT MY LIL RONALD! How's his scratch?
  17. Heyyooooo
  18. I didnt go to my high school prom. I went to my middle school one though!
  19. @bryanna
  20. Underworld: Blood wars
  21. Should I take this info to the bank or something?
  22. Tinka!