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  1. I want to watch The latest episode of the walking dead but Kodi, Watch series and Putlocker arent working?? Any other suggestions?
  2. I went and got my nose re-pierced today and i'm going to get a snug piercing next month
  3. nah, i don't like that game :/
  4. Thank you, will give it a try
  5. Rude.
  6. i have no money and me and Morgan are wanting one online that we can play together
  7. I need a good game to play online, i'm fed up of Town Of Salem and Transformice and cant find another good game to play??
  8. I have my ears pierced and i did have my nose pierced but it closed p so i'm waiting for it to heal so i can get it done again. I also want my tongue, belly button and either my Tragus, Industrial, Helix or snug done.
  9. ehhhh.... excuse you...
  10. too late
  12. aimie_reynolds_x
  13. I don't get ill very often but when i do its just a cold, like i have currently.
  14. I am currently reading a book called 'Red Queen' by Christina Henry, it is the second of two books, the first of which was called'Alice'. It is a twisted take on Alice in Wonderland involving all my favorite characters portrayed differently. The book is dark but also creative, it is unlike any of the Alice in wonderland films. I would definitely recommend these books to everyone as i do not enjoy reading very much but i have been sucked in by both of these books.
  15. 1. Gossip Girl 2. The Vampire Diaries 3. Gilmore Girls 4. Teen Wolf 5.The Originals 6.Game of thrones 7. Orphan Black 8.Pretty Little Liars 9. Jessica Jones 10. Death Note