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  1. Dont forget to apply to north power my friendly Canadian friends.

    1. Seeker


      What about Danes, though? Aren't we honorary Canadians?

  2. I bought a cheap SD card a long time ago which was spoofed, I also had an indecent where the item was never sent.
  3. I'm like level 33 now not that far in the main story, games fun though
  4. Nice fuckin watermark
  5. Yeah i think ill wait for gen 2
  6. Charlie baby ive missed you :* :*

  7. main website is down?

  8. Neither of those 2 words describe me very well please try again.
  9. I always imagined Anthony would be taller
  10. Wow did u gain weight? Maybe it's just the dress!
  11. Literally how I feel about you and mark
  12. When jimmy got down voted so hard he cried
  13. Make rr great again.


  14. Just my steam games tho...
  16. I'm 5'10
  17. Oh well hi other side of world
  18. Guys guys guys, does this mean its over?