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  1. @ragreynolds I was wondering how interested you would be in doing a Patreon video where you react to the youtube channel, Poppy. Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8JE00xTMBOqKs7o0grFTfQ But please don't watch any videos till you do a reaction, please? Any videos will work! I would be curious to see what you think of this woman.
  2. Okay so a few days ago, I went to the store with my daughter and I kind of knew the guy in passing, as he used to be a home health aide for my neighbors, and I'm friends with my neighbors, so we visit sometimes. Last year, I invited my neighbors to Thanksgiving, being they were two elderly men and couldn't do much cooking, and I wanted to share. When they came over, they brought their Aide guy along, his name was Chris and he was a pretty nice guy. As Zee and I walk into the store, Chris says Hi to me, I return the greetings and then we walk away to get a soda. At this point, Zee asked me how I knew him, as she forgot he was over for Thanksgiving last year...I tell her the above, and think nothing of it. We go to the checkout and as I'm there, Zee starts singing "Mommy and Chris, sitting in a tree!" .......... I have NO interest in this guy, but my kid was making it sound like I did..... I was like "Zee, that's awkward." and she stopped singing that song and apologized. Then Chris starts telling me when he will be at the neighbor's house, I smiled and nodded and quickly left the store after paying. Oh man I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I like it, AI give it a 7/10, even though AI only listened to the first three songs, but I liked it anyway.
  4. Getting mentioned right before the Devil..
  5. I'm not saying who this person is, what they were holding before this picture happened or anything about it, since this is a topic of cyber bullying, I thought I could share something on that topic as well, a visual if you will. I don't think the subject of this photo ever saw it.
  6. I completely support this, but I must say here as well that the World really isn't getting any better and is as still corrupted as ever, the doomsday clock has two and a half minutes till midnight, but I digress. The world isn't getting better. This is one of the soundest things that I have heard in my life, it makes sense, a lot of sense, I liked all of it, but the last paragraph in particular: I was in freshman year of Highschool before we had computers in school for kids to use, before that I got bullied "the right way" if you want to think of it like that, face to face. as If more people thought like Ryan, people wouldn't want to do crazy things to each other, or to shoot up schools or colleges, or blow places up, all the madness of the human race. Do I support bullying at all? No, but people are going to do all kinds of fucked up things, our reactions to their asshattery should be the main focal point.
  7. I became a Paetreon.
  8. I feel this needs it's own topic. I love this song so much right now!
  9. Actually, if we both liked creepy clowns we could talk about them, why not? I have to be in a specific "lets make creepy clownAs" mood, but they do happen from time to time. Creepiest damn one, hands down is Pennywise..but I also kind of like it... Sometimes....
  10. Everyone's got something good going for them, everyone does, even if that other thing is waking up, eating food, just whatever you have in life that is considered good, let's talk and give thanks.
  11. What would happen if just for a day, everyone in the world was very nice to one another, no war, no murder, no corruption of the human race, for as much as possible for a day! What would happen? To be real, this would never happen, but what if it did? What would the world be like for that day! Let's dream together! <3
  12. Clowns is not a topic like very much, in fact, It is one of my least favorite topics of viewing or discussing, sI suppose it's not the sight of clowns, pictures of them either. but more of the idea that's I find the fake smile and makeup covering their real faces that resembles entirely different features in a most obvious way, that scares me the most. I find myself being drawn to "Scary clown art" and making some pictures, so far I only have one, but maybe in the future, I will add to my own thread with more pictures, Sharing is caring! HA!!!
  13. Hey, just wanting to make a thread where people can check in, tell me about their day or just well, most anything!