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  1. This is what I was working on, it's done now though! Hooking out your poop
  2. Joy's anal.
  3. @ragreynolds I'sm curious, but if I were to become a Patreon of your channel,s specifically the 25 level and I have been interested in this for a while now, but I am curious. I dont have any social media, infact your forum is as "social media" as it gets for me because facebook is too depressing, no point in having a snapchat and there's not enough characters in Twitter. If anyone else uses social media, more power to you, but it's just not for me. Instead of the social media part, can I get all my youtube comments on your channel, liked by you, as well as regular likes and responses here, as you would on social media accounts? I think that's the only question I have for now.
  4. DJ Flubbel for the win!!!!!!
  5. Love this promo!!!!!!!!! I'm for sure going to order my next steak, medium rare!
  6. Maybe people will think I'm trolling here when I say what I am about to say, but I'm not. I think more pf a "traditional" mindset. I don't think men and women will ever be equal and I don't think it should even be thought about. Yes there are some things that they should have equality to a degree, like land and home ownership and the ability to have families of their own and work, yes those things should be equal for everyone, but men and women are "wired" differently, in a mental, physical and biological level. Not that there arent big and tall women out there, because there are but men are most likely to be taller than women and stronger than women, while women can withstand more physical pain (Like Childbirth... because women were made for that reason) while men typically have more stamina, endurance and strength than women. Neither one is bad or wrong, they're just different in that way and socially even, men and women are different. Am I saying we should make women ride in the back of the bus? No, not at all. If your man needs help making ends meet ladies, go and help him and get that job or education to make ends meet! My views are in no way "Women should be barefoot and pregnant all the time" but men have been in charge (whether or not you believe anything of the bible) since Adam and Eve Maybe I'm biased on the majority of women I meet, I don't like them and one could even say since Adam and Eve, women have lured men into corruption and even now, women were the ones who started the feminist movement which has created a sort of divide in the genders and men feeling like they need more rights because of these select stupid few feminists. Are all feminists stupid? No, just the stupid ones. If you have ever worn a vagina costume in a feminist parade, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you! I feel like it's women's job to support, nurture and be gentle and it's the man's job to be protective, supportive and providing for his family home.
  7. So you're in a business, this must mean that you have somewhat of a left wing mindset at least, this is how business works and thrives, so why do you care with how people "treat you" in regards to your business as long as people are partaking of your services or buying your goods? Serious question.
  8. This is art, pure art!!!! I love this!!!!!!! He asked me quite a while ago if I wanted to see him in an Emo music video, I said of course I would and asked where it was, he said he didnt have one so that makes this extra cool for me! I love this so much!!!!
  9. I was curious, I dont know if anyone is familiar here with Coppercab or not, but I have been a fan of Coppercab for a while now! His outbursts are kind of funny and even though he has two newer videos, this is my favorite as of recent, laugh so hard I cried!! Check out Coppercab if you haven't already!!!!!!
  10. Omg just take my money right now! I would buy it!
  11. Ooh so salty!!
  12. Neopets were freaking awesome! I might be a tad too old to have been playing Neopets when it was popular, but whateves right? It was fun! That would be a sound gig!!!!