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  1. Good thoughts, but Prison doesn't really work as well as intended, most people come back as repeat offenders after serving their time because in some instances, they weren't given the tools to deal with life outside of the prison. I even knew someone once who went to prison and learned how to steal luxury cars from another inmate who was serving time for that exact crime. Am I saying that these people need to be killed off for committing non murder related crimes? No, certainly not but what I am saying is that somehow, some way, there has to be a better way somehow to deal with this and help people to not repeat their offenses.
  2. One one hand, Capital Punishment is "You shouldnt kill people, so we'll kill you for killing others" indeed, makes the punisher as bad as the punishee, but on the other, I think people who kill or torture others till their dead should recieve the same treatment as they gave to the victim, I feel more strongly about this if the victim is a child. (If someone shoots and kills, that person should be shot at and killed, beheading, then they themselves get beheaded,.. so on and so forth.. In the way they did to the victim.) As for the person or persons who committed the Manchester Bombing, I think they should be locked up in a room, one far away from any other people in a secluded area and have a bomb placed under them that will kill them when it goes off, but have someone tell them when they lock them away that a bomb is planted in their location and "They dont know when it will go off" and instill the same terror in those mother fuckers that caused panic and fear to rip through the hearts of many of the people of England, citizens and otherwise that were there only to see a concert. Of course though, someone WOULD know when they were going to detonate it, but they could choose to let this person live in fear for days, weeks or even months before setting it off.
  3. This seems to need it's own thread it's just so epic!! LMAO!
  4. You gained Mirkwood forest? #LOTR #RIP
  5. Throw the Jew down the well!
  6. I hate to disagree with you, even if it is just a pinch, but in a small way he's right. He had a hell of a cruel way to tweet that and I don't think in a million years that THAT should have ever been said the way that it was, as the UK bombing was a horrendous tragedy, regardless of the race and nationality of those that were effected, I think him attributing the rt to WHITE people was wrong, but I think what he meant here was that if people tweeted and rt'd things about cancer as much as they do about a national tragedy, the world would be that one step closer to finding that cure for cancer or alleviating the cancer symptoms in general. I DO agree fully though that his tweet didnt have to happen that way and if it did, it could have been worded one hell of a lot nicer than he did.
  7. I found this to be hilarious because this stuff is stuff I either have done or would do in my real life to a varying degree! Here are my results Passionately Passive-Aggressive You definitely have a passive-aggressive personality. You've booked a one-way ticket to an early grave if you keep this passive-aggressive behavior up. Take some time to re-evaluate how you got to this point. Pay attention to your anger, take a vacation, ease up on the caffeine - anything to take the edge off. But get it together now, before it's too late.
  8. I think I pretty well understand both sides and also being a Jew myself, I feel like my own opinion on this could weigh fairly heavily on the given matter, Here are my *JEWISH* two cents. One one hand here, what happened in WW2 was an atrocity and should NOT be poked fun at or made light of because millions of people died, men women and children died horrible deaths and were buried unsanctimoniously in ditches, stripped of their hair, their clothes and pretty much their whole human identity as people were stripped from them, even long before they were actually killed. I can fully understand the sensitivity behind the matter as it truly was a catastrophe that this even happened to behind with. On the other side of the coin here, I watched this and I thought this was really funny!! I enjoyed it, it's performance art! Not all performance art out there will be pleasing to all people and this happened to be one of them. What if this man was trying to make a statement about that time in reminding people of what happened, so that it never happens to any people ever again? Sure, it's unorthodox in manner as it's not the same as walking through Auschwitz birkenau, stepping on the ground up bone meal of those that have been long dead while curiosity conciliates around what putrid stench of death lingered in the air that came from the chimneys, and this guy could have really been helping people learn from the past, even if people googled "Gas the jews" with malicious intent, they could have learned some valuable history lessons that people wouldn't have googled or read a book about, otherwise! I think the fairest thing to do in this situation, because people ARE sensitive about this topic, would be for youtube to take down the video in it's entirety and call it a day but this man shouldn't have been arrested and I would say maybe even taking down the video wouldnt be fair, this dog that was TRAINED to do this, only knew if it responded to "Gas the jews" That maybe it would get a treat. This video was made because the guy's girlfriend thought the dog was so cute, and he wanted to make the dog do very uncute things, just like what he did in the video. Maybe it would have been better if he kept that video private for the most part because there is no appeasing everyone, all of the time as it just cant happen.
  9. I was going to make a sodium joke but.... Na

  10. [5/14/2017 3:12:26 PM] Meh: Do you not believe that what you say about me on RR displays what you actually think about me? [5/14/2017 3:13:00 PM] Ludwig Van: Now Ala, I haven't said anything bad about you. Are you mad at me? [5/14/2017 3:13:36 PM] Meh: Oh [5/14/2017 3:13:41 PM] Meh: Was that Seeker then? [5/14/2017 3:14:27 PM] Ludwig Van: I cant control whatother people do, and Iss'sm not blaming anyone for anything. [5/14/2017 3:14:48 PM] Meh: Isn't Seeker your alt account? [5/14/2017 3:16:10 PM] Ludwig Van: No, I only have one account, me. [5/14/2017 3:16:32 PM] Meh: Then who is that? [5/14/2017 3:21:09 PM] Ludwig Van: Some blonde guy from England I believe [5/14/2017 3:21:32 PM] Meh: That's a pretty vague description... No name or anything... [5/14/2017 3:21:42 PM] Meh: Pretty suspicious, Molly >_> [5/14/2017 3:23:18 PM] Ludwig Van: Well I dont know him personally or anything The time Ala thought I was also @Seeker
  11. Hebrew and Arabic are similar like that as well. I understand and can speak a little Hebrew (But not written, because growing up, I would hear my mothers side of my family speak some hebrew every once in a while, like family gatherings and stuff ) and I can also understand some arabic too, not a lot, but a little because I speak some Hebrew. Example in English. Hebrew (Shalom) in Arabic (Shalum) said almost the same way... and that is just one example. Is it easy to learn? Nope! Not easy to learn! German and English have some similarities as well, like if you were at the grocery store and looking for Apple Juice, you might see a carton of Apfelsaft and even if you didnt know the words apple juice, it can be figured out pretty easily.
  12. Okay, so I;m Bisexual, I'm pretty open about itr right now and my mother is pretty supportive! Ive been out of the closet about it now for the past six months or so, and really I didn't even HAVE to come out and tell my family, trippiest thing happened when my mother one day was like "Hey, I think you're bisexual." and walked away No hate, no malice just said matter of factly and that was all! I was literally in shock!!! I hadn't SAID anything, but she already knew... At this point, I decided to be out of the closet.
  13. Fucking love you, Jimmy
  14. Because the dark side of the force became too strong, my friend.
  15. There is so much epic in this picture!
  16. Marry me.
  17. Yes, it's what happens after you delete snapchat, nothing. I deleted my snapchat before deleting your snapchat was a thing.
  18. Happy Birthday!
  19. Oh well fuck! I made a typo, so kill me.
  20. So I'm thinking of starting a business on second life. I would sell Pictures in frames, Picture frames and poster pictures, and textures for some furniature each at varying prices. In secondlife, you purchase Lindens with real money, and the Lindens can be used to buy anything your heart desires from market place, shops around second Life and rent places to "Live" there on game. In secondlife, all items are made of things called "Prims" and Prim is a word short for Primitive shape and everything in Secondlife is made out of these prims. When you rent a place in second life, you get added to one of their goups that enables you to mae your own prims, which means you can decorate and build stuff there where you live. Each area of Secondlife only has so many prims belonging to them, so when you rent an area, you're really renting prim usage rights and given an amount to keep in your place. As an example of this, I know of a place that lets you use 70 Prim for 120L/WK, which is a good deal! My store will feature my photoshop works, I think the style will be mostly "Kitschy" and "Pastel Goth" in nature. I will also sell various flowers and vases as well. So let's talk costs... You can purchase two thousand Lindens for eight dollars, and two thousand go pretty far. It costs 10L to make uploads, so mostly what I will be selling will be making back my own money spent on the item. I am thinking of selling Copy - Copy means you can copy and have as many of the object in your inventory as you desire. Mod- Mod is short for modification and with this, you can edit the object on your own that you pay for. Trans- Short for Transfer, means you can give copies of your objects to other people and have permissions over the item. COPY: - Copy only - 1 prim pictures and vases 10L (This is me getting my money back for making the picture texture) - Copy 2 Prim Pictures and 4 Prim Flowers w/Vase 25L. (I am getting back my money, plus half of one more upload) MOD: Mod and Copy one prim picture - 40L (I am giving you rights to my textures with MOD permissions, so yes I would charge more) Mod and Copy two prim - 80L (You have two of my textures at this price.) I would have to pay the cost of the rent for the month of my shop, buying my items would also help pay my shops rent, so you would be able to support me that way as well. I would charge 10L per prim if I had any requested items, and some things can be made out of only one prim. This is just a thought here, no action or anything yet behind it, but if I do I would ask if I could make an advertisement and have sample pictures and a landmark location, lots of cool stuff.. I;m no where near ready to open anything yet, just thinking here. Thoughts?
  21. The girl in the picture reminds me vaguely of Meg Griffin from Family Guy
  22. She's not really my type either, but I love her blunt spitfire personality and that wins me over. <3
  23. I'm in love with Till Lindemann