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  1. Which "Overwatch" Character Is Your Soulmate? Doomfist A true warrior spirit, Doomfist believes that conflict is the way in which humanity evolves, and you can't help but feel the attraction to this muscled and ferocious champion. He believes that every battle makes you stronger, and he has clearly been in a number of them. This passion draws you to his energy, which embodies the belief that those who fall will be forgotten, but those who triumph will be remembered forever.
  2. Nope, sorry.
  3. BDSM... Should have started this a long time ago... Just sayin... 

  4. Trait Score Percentile Narcissism 1.7 14 Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self. [more] Machiavellianism 3.3 78 Machiavellianism is a tendency to be manipulative and deceitful. [more] Psychopathy 2 20 Psychopathy reflects shallow emotional responses. [more]
  5. Does not compute.
  6. I wish the rubbing alcohol would have made the paper burn so fast, that his hands burnt off with it so he can never deface any fine pieces of literature ever again!
  7. Planning on it.
  8. Maybe so, but everyone ignored the other half of what I said though, that having that many people together, now a days after all the shootings in schools and public places in general is a scary thing.
  9. How is it racist to want people to do things the right way to be American citizens? I dont care where people come from or what color they are, everyone who isnt born here should take the proper steps to be a citizen here.
  10. Lets share Zelda music
  11. Okay so at my Kids school, there will be a field trip to the convention center for the kids, under the guise of having a "Cultural appreciation" meeting, which because of where I live geographically, I feel this could be about acceptance of illegals. I dont have any proof that this will be the reason for the meeting, but I'm pretty sure that is what they meant. I know when we dd the political quiz to see where we fall in the spectrum, my results were more liberal than anything, but I cant and wont accept this. If anyone wants to come over to America and be a legal citizen, fine, but do it legally. I dont care if someone is white, black, brown, yellow or red, you want to be an American citizen, do it the right way, Maybe our legal system here needs to be fixed, maybe we need a faster system for those who want to come over and do things the right way so that there isnt such a threat of deportation to people, but instead of teaching American youth to accept what is broken, there should be a class about how to contact our local senators and organize peaceful protests to fix the system that is clearly broken. Do not teach children to accept the status quo, but rather, teach them to change the status! Not to mention, in all of my eight years (including kindergarten) of my kids school carrear, this is the first time that I have noticed no permission slips were needed for this trip and having many children in a confined space is rather scary.
  12. Why? Lol it wasnt that good that many years ago. The people there looked like creations from The Sims, I havent been there THAT long, but thats what someone else told me I spoke to that has been there that long.
  13. Does anyone here know anything about making 3D objects? If you do,  please send me a message in my  inbox, I would like to know more. Thank you. 

  14. Happy birthday