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  1. On Seconclife I have a couple friends that I was talking to, one speaks German, the other Indonesian. I was using a translator from Secondlife so that the Indonesian girl could understand me. I speak a little German (No where near fluent) so I was talking to the girl that spoke Indonesian, in English so that my translator would translate it for me, but the translator did not translate from Indonesian to German (But would translate from German to English) , so everything I said to both, I had to say once in German for the German speaker to understand, and again in English so that my translator would translate it to Indonesian for me. The German asked the Indonesian girl, "Where are you from" This did not translate to English.. So I told the German lady where she was from, In German, then again in English so the Indonesian The German lady said in English "I know very well" The translation said "I am also very white" I explained what she meant in English to the Indonesian lady and we all had a pretty good laugh.
  2. fucking love this song
  3. Which "Overwatch" Character Is Your Soulmate? Doomfist A true warrior spirit, Doomfist believes that conflict is the way in which humanity evolves, and you can't help but feel the attraction to this muscled and ferocious champion. He believes that every battle makes you stronger, and he has clearly been in a number of them. This passion draws you to his energy, which embodies the belief that those who fall will be forgotten, but those who triumph will be remembered forever.
  4. Nope, sorry.
  5. BDSM... Should have started this a long time ago... Just sayin... 

  6. Trait Score Percentile Narcissism 1.7 14 Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self. [more] Machiavellianism 3.3 78 Machiavellianism is a tendency to be manipulative and deceitful. [more] Psychopathy 2 20 Psychopathy reflects shallow emotional responses. [more]
  7. Does not compute.
  8. Lets share Zelda music
  9. I wish the rubbing alcohol would have made the paper burn so fast, that his hands burnt off with it so he can never deface any fine pieces of literature ever again!
  10. Okay so at my Kids school, there will be a field trip to the convention center for the kids, under the guise of having a "Cultural appreciation" meeting, which because of where I live geographically, I feel this could be about acceptance of illegals. I dont have any proof that this will be the reason for the meeting, but I'm pretty sure that is what they meant. I know when we dd the political quiz to see where we fall in the spectrum, my results were more liberal than anything, but I cant and wont accept this. If anyone wants to come over to America and be a legal citizen, fine, but do it legally. I dont care if someone is white, black, brown, yellow or red, you want to be an American citizen, do it the right way, Maybe our legal system here needs to be fixed, maybe we need a faster system for those who want to come over and do things the right way so that there isnt such a threat of deportation to people, but instead of teaching American youth to accept what is broken, there should be a class about how to contact our local senators and organize peaceful protests to fix the system that is clearly broken. Do not teach children to accept the status quo, but rather, teach them to change the status! Not to mention, in all of my eight years (including kindergarten) of my kids school carrear, this is the first time that I have noticed no permission slips were needed for this trip and having many children in a confined space is rather scary.
  11. Planning on it.
  12. Maybe so, but everyone ignored the other half of what I said though, that having that many people together, now a days after all the shootings in schools and public places in general is a scary thing.
  13. How is it racist to want people to do things the right way to be American citizens? I dont care where people come from or what color they are, everyone who isnt born here should take the proper steps to be a citizen here.
  14. Hey everyone! Okay so a friend of mine on SL is moving land and selling their land, they owned a whole sim, he is moving his sim elsewhere and selling his land. I am buying 1/4 of the area. I will be putting up rental spaces for people, and you could rent my places. Because of the area it is in, a former beginners area, I plan to keep my rates low for rentals, but medium to high for my shop, because I would like to recoup some of my costs. The place I am getting and the amount of land is not cheep, BUT it is cheaper than anywhere else I could buy from. Normally when people sell their land, they sell for 1.0, 1.5 or even 2.0 of the original cost, this is to get their money back and make more money from the sale than what it cost them, Because this person is a friend. I am buying for 0.5, which is one hell of a steal!!! Additional Land Parcel Size (m2) Square Equal Line Length (m) Max Prims 1/128 Mainland Region 512 22x22 (16x32) 117 1/64 Mainland Region 1024 32x32 234 1/32 Mainland Region 2048 44x44 (32x64) 468 1/16 Mainland Region 4096 64x64 937 1/8 Mainland Region 8192 90x90 (64x128) 1875 1/4 Mainland Region 16,384 128x128 3750 OpenSpace 65,536 256x256 750 1/2 Mainland Region 32,768 181x181 7500 Homestead 65,536 256x256 3750 1 Mainland Region 65,536 256x256 15,000 +1/2 Mainland Region (when already at US$195 level) 32,768 181x181 7500 Private Island on pre-2007 server technology (second hand purchase only) 65,536 256x256 15,000 Private Island on current server technology 65,536 256x256 15,000 I do not haveit yet, nor do I have a name or anything for it yet, I will be putting more info as more beccomes avalible
  15. Why? Lol it wasnt that good that many years ago. The people there looked like creations from The Sims, I havent been there THAT long, but thats what someone else told me I spoke to that has been there that long.
  16. Does anyone here know anything about making 3D objects? If you do,  please send me a message in my  inbox, I would like to know more. Thank you. 

  17. Happy birthday



  18. If you do, and you want to advertise for my land on your channel, I will give you (and Vi if she wishes to join too) free rent on any house or appartment of your choice, excluding shops, for as long as you wish to live there.
  19. I have some rules of my area I would like to share here, I will not share the link to my land just yet as I havent fully set up, but please expect pictures to be coming to this thread soon too. If you are on Secondlife, if these rules sound good to you and you wish to visit, please stop on by. Still setting up now though. Welcome to your new home I have some rules for you, but they are simple and won'tbe that hard to follow. 1. Please pay rent on time. you will have two warnings about this before you are evicted. 2. Please stay within prim limits of your rental. There will be a prim counter in your rental, so you can see how many you have up and how many you have left, please dont go over your limit. The limits are set becuase I am sharing my overall prim count with you and have divided up these prims on the property, if you DO go over, I will get notices from the GLH (German Land Holding) Notifying me I am over prim, so please, lets stay with our limits. 3. Please do not decorate my sidewalks, keep all prims inside your rental unit. The prim counter does not count prims outside the unit, unless you know how to count your prims, please don't go over them. 4. I will inlude a free furniature set along with this notecard, you can use it, but you may also purchase your very own and use that instead, please feel free to use what you like, as long as you stay within your alotted prim count. 5. If you unpack an item, please clean up after yourself. Though I strive to have a family like atmosphere, this is not your mother's house. I will have access to whatever prims you put down and if you unpack something not copyable, it will get deleted instead of returned to you. To avoid this is easy, pick up your boxes. 7. No temp rezzer items allowed. Temp rezzers are boxes with code that put toegther large objects, this can lag the entire sim. I would rather no one use any temp rezzers on my land, If you do not know what I mean. Contact Betyourbippy or goodchildlegacy and we will be more than happy to help explain this to you in further detail. 8. If you rent one of my shops, you will have more prims than anyone else at a higher cost, becuase shops are intended for you to sell your goods. You may have a sign indicating the shops name, but again, then it is up to YOU to include that one prim in with your total count, as prim counters only count prims inside the dwelling. If you decide to rent a shop, I encourage you to rent a sign board somewhere to advertise your goods, I will even pay one month of lindens to you to put on that board. This brings people to my area, I encourage this. 9. No public nudity. If you are wearing an unpacked item and it happens to knock off your shirt or pants/dress/skirt, no one will give you any problems, it is up to you then to realize you're naked and fix it. I want my place to be family friendly, so please lets not have public nudity. 10. Rules are subject to change at any time. Should the rules change, myself or Godric Goodchild will send out note cards to the tennants revising the rules. CO OWNERS: Betyourbippy (Skye Muller) Goodchildlegacy (Godric Goodchild) MANAGERS: Hein888 (Hein Muller)
  20. This is not feasable anymore, I have new plans to share now.
  21. Thank you very much!
  22. I forgot my email address I used for Patreon, I typoed it when signing up, and now I cant remember it *Epic sad face*