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  1. Can you believe, some people actually do that stuff for fun!
  2. Jimmy is so daddy. hahaha!
  3. I had a friend that looked pregnant, but isnt. She is in her late 40's, has had four children and is a heavy drinker. She legit looks pregnant even though is having menopause symptoms. Again, I do not support pregnant women drinking, but if a woman LOOKS pregnant, but is not pregnant, she should be able to buy as much alchol as she wants.
  4. After giving birth to my daughter, which that also required someone to touch my vajayjay, after that my bladder didnt go back into place and the surgery I had for that was vaginally.
  5. Happy Birthday RR!!
  6. I dont think it's OK for a pregnant mother to drink, not in any form, but, if a pregnant woman wants to buy the alcohol, she should have that right to buy it. even if she does drink it, which again, I do not support AT ALL. but then I can see here, somewhere down the line, stores that sell alcoholic beverages may have people pregnancy test all women who are attempting to make a purchase, even if the drink isn't for them, themselves. That right there, would be a huge breach of privacy and a step in the wrong direction for society, maybe something so extreme wouldn't happen, but what if it did? This could raise a lot of discrimination suits, which would take away from the cause altogether, It very much is a possibility that this could happen at the words of one bleeding heart liberal. I think that they should have the right to deny sales to pregnant women if they want to, but it should be their right to choose, and the woman's choice of who she is really buying that alcohol for.
  7. Oh that makes much more sense now.
  8. Screaming Old Man- doesn't fit contextually 2:23-2:53 and again at 3:32 -3:40
  9. "There's someone named "Molly" in this" That's just a cool name!
  10. Whether I'm actually nice or if people think I'm nice or not nice, that is aside from the point. The reason I created this place is that I want a place for members to come and feel safe knowing no one, at least on this side of things, is going to behave like a douche bag to them, just because they want to. I don't really care too much what others think of me to be honest, I just want a safe space where others can talk about things in their day or the things of their life and have no one behave like a cunt about it.
  11. This Triangle Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait You got: Creativity You’re a creative soul who is always open to new perspectives and experiences. You’re the type of person who can make something from nothing, and you’re constantly presenting solutions that people didn’t think were even possible. But sometimes it can be exhausting to be creative! We totally get it. Don’t let yourself crumble under the pressure to produce something “good” or original. Embrace your creative spirit, even on days when you don’t feel creative at all.
  12. I'm good to people that are good to me. I activly try to be good to others, hoping they're good to me, but if they're not good to me, then fuck 'em. Aint nobody got time for that shit. My father had a philosophy that I agree with, and that is "it's nice to be nice" an d that means being good to those that are good to you. One can be viewed as a nice person, and still be honest and trustworthy, Let me give you an example, look at ANY of Onion's content on Youtube, he's a dick often and does it under the guise of "honesty" which is total bullshit. In this video here, because Trisha Paytas didnt understand/like Onion's past relationships and marriages, or even his current marriage, he lashed out and called her a ninja turtle and Fiona from Shrek, which was entirely uncalled for. I think he should have just stuck to the topics at hand rather than attacking her physical appearance because she and him don't have the same moral compass as one another. This happens in the first twenty seconds of this video. This is just an example of my point here and why i think it's good to be good to everyone you meet. Someone can very well be honest and truthful, but also can be kind and considerate to others, Not all truths NEED to be said ALL the time. Am I suggesting anyone lie? of course not, I would never suggest such a thing, but I think it's nice to be nice and take others into account before letting that bold and brazen honesty fly. My response to his comment pretty much sums up my feelings.
  13. Of course, I think it was fake. Aside from the aspect that many people think it took place in a studio, what I think happened was the Americans went to Space, they did land on the moon but perhaps they met other life and decided it wasn't safe. I think this because the Russians were supposed to have their own expedition there, but never did, and I think this because it would be rather selfish of Humans to think that Humans are the only life forms out there in the whole universe, there has to be more than just humans. I'm not a scientist, I can't prove any of what I had just said, but looking at the film evidence of this, the shadows of the astronauts all go in different directions, which would mean a multiple light source, but if they were on the moon wouldn't there be only one light source, meaning all shadows would go in the same direction? This could be debunked by the discrepancy of there being hills on the moon causing the light to go in different directions. There is a radiation belt around the earth, to get to the moon they would have had to go through this . Nasa claimed that there was sufficient aluminum plating on the ships interior and exterior to protect the astronauts from lethal doses of radiation, but this event happened sixty years ago and at this time, not enough was known about radiation and the effects of it on the human body, as such disasters like Chernobyl wouldn't have happened for another fifteen years, and even at that time, people still died during such because again, not much was known about radiation. The flag itself was WAVING in space, how can that be since there isnt any air on the moon? I think the whole event was fake.
  14. "Reeeee!" - Demi Lovato 

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      She's terrible!

  15. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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      Thank  you and I will try @Myvagmademedoit ,hasn't been bad so far :wave:

  16. First this kid here, (Because that's what he looks like, a kid) starts complaining that you somehow insulted his partner, then he goes on to insult yours? What a hypocrite! That was horrible what he said when he said that your girlfriend is probably really overweight, has he ever seen Viiolai Omg! She is one very good looking woman! I have seen her in one video and in the pictures she has posted on here, so not a lot of times, but she's still pretty damn hot and egghead videos doesn't know what he's talking about.
  17. So on WOW (World of warcraft) I'm messing around with different races and classes on the starter version, you can play up to level 20 for free, and every time I start a new one, I always have mail from "The forgotten Smith" with a mount that I already have in my inventory called "The Warforged Nightmare" and starter accounts cannot check mail, so every time I try out a new character class and want to delete it, I have to write a support ticket and a bug report that this is happening, which is all incredibly frustrating, I hope they get that fixed soon.
  18. Found some guy to dance with. Having fun.
  19. This is one of the reasons I don't particularly like social media, it follows you everywhere and anywhere and people who want to know more about you, can look at your thread be it new friends, future employees, anyone can and they can see stuff and judge your character based off it, even if it was past tweets or posts and the writer of these may not share the same thoughts or ideas that they did prior to it being seen on their page and it's a good way for people to make unfair assumptions about someone based off of that.
  20. Have you ever been talking to anyone with a different accent than your own, as in something vastly different from yours, from another part of the country you live in or a different country altogether, and then you pick up their accent? I don't mean over time, I mean like right away. and then have to apologize profusely because the person thinks you're mocking them when you really aren't? When I was younger, I lived in New Jersey and would travel to Philly often, both of which have distinct accents, Jersey and Philly are kind of similar, but both distinct at the same time. Then when a little older my family moved to the south west, which again is very much different. I heard people say things I wasn't used to saying myself like "Fixin' ta" and soon I picked it up. To use that in a sentence