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  1. Happy Saturday or Sunday depending on were you live ...checking in..hello everyone :applause::applause:

  2. Still around..hello guys..checking in..see you all maybe tomorrow :applause::applause:

  3. Hello ,I hope everyone of you are having a fun day..still waiting for a new charger..funds have been kind a low. ,but hopefully soon  Try and pop up tomorrow to say hello.:awesome:

  4. Hello how is everybody..checking in letting yiou all know I am doing fine...:awesome:

  5. Hello everybody..checking in hope your area isn't hot like here in Riverside Ca  lol:applause:

  6. Hello all..hope today was great for you, here its over 100 degrees..not safe for man or beast..I know I went out there lol:applause:

  7. Another Friday , hope you all are having a wonderful those who are already up for Sat..hello have a awesome day:applause:

    1. ragreynolds


      Thanks sheila

  8. Making another stop by...will try once as day...hope you guys are good and Happy Birthday @snoop. :applause:

  9. Making another stop by...will try once as day...hope you guys are good. :applause:

  10. Hey guys is everyone :)

    1. ragreynolds


      I'm great, Sheila. How are you?

    2. sheilamotko




      Holding my own..I still really really dislike this town..To high priced in everything..and this place especially .but other then that fine :awesome: Really ready to move though..but have to wait till next March when the lease is done

  11. Hello ,stopping by to say hi.Happy Birthday @Thor:applause:

  12. Hello everyone..hope your having a great summer..its to hot were I live lol :applause:

  13. Saying hello to all of you...let you know I am a okay...:P

  14. Don't worry guys I will be back on full time as soon as I get the charger..hopefully soon..When I do come back I might share videos...

    This was 4th of July in Riverside hubby , I and our roomie....

  15. I am still here lol...hello guys...:awesome:

    1. ragreynolds


      Hi Sheila 

    2. sheilamotko


      Hello are things in Scotland?? Here in Riverside(which I really really hate loll) its over 100 like 112 degrees. ...

    3. ragreynolds


      Things are okay here