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  1. Dropping in to say hello all...getting ready for Thanksgiving ...I can smell the Turkey already mmm mmm....:applause::rock:

  2. Hope everyone is having a great night..finger is black and blue, and hurts some but other then that its fine..Happy Birthday shout out to @pxc Hope it was a good one.. :applause::rock:

  3. Hello, well I hurt my hand taking the dog out..he decided he wanted to start crap with another dog. :applause::rock:

  4. Checking in...gonna be sad when RR ends..but lets make the most of it while its still here :applause::rock:

  5. @Justin13 Please be careful through your AF career..I hope you get to see places like Germany ..and Thank you for your service Justin
  6. I think I have made a discord, don't know if I can remember log in..I am not to sure on how to use it. but if you want to email me your user name. I will come on here let you know what mine is..should be under my name. Update: This might be it sheilamotko#0201 sheila81#5558 is the new one, its through my phone..still setting it up
  7. I first want to thank Ryan for having this forum as long has he did. You made me laugh so much. And I will tell you I will miss this forum..thank you for the times I needed to vent. My live isn't easy,but you made it funner lol. Believe me ,me venting on here helped me though . But Ryan you have to do for you, your a young man ,don't forget you have a life outside this and youtube :applause:And don't think this is the last you will hear from me..its not..lol  Gift of gab  you know lol   :rock::lmao:

    1. ragreynolds


      Thanks for being here Sheila 

  8. Aww Ryan...will miss this site,but you need to do what you think is best. Even though I only show up in the evening..and posted some . I still enjoyed every minute of it I will be here until the end...Those who want contact with me..Go to my facebook https://www.facebook.com/sheila.motko or my twitter https://twitter.com/queenrockettfan and Tumblrhttp://fontanablr.tumblr.com/ For those of you on Onison.co, Yes I have a profile there. http://onision.co/user/22 If you friend request me..send me a message too saying that you know me from RR. Ryan also has me on Facebook. Dear Ryan... If you ever decide after you shut this forum down...to renew or make a new one..please do send me a email..sheilamotko@gmail.com the rest of you can send me emails too if you like Love to all. Ryan know that I have not just befriended you but adopted you as a son .
  9. 8 more days until Thanksgiving...what am I  thankful for..well I am breathing lol...that's always good. I hope that 2018 will be better then this sucky year..  :rock::lmao:

  10. Wish the holidays would hurry up and get over..Taking one day at at time . Having good moments and bad ones ...But always with a smile on my face.  :rock::lmao:

  11. Hey guys , what's up...hope everyone is good.   :rock::lmao:

    1. ragreynolds


      im good sheila, how are you

    2. sheilamotko


      Doing okay right now..tomorrow, well we just got to see lol :lmao:

  12. Hello guys, checking in..how is everyone ?   :rock::lmao:

  13. Hello everybody , hope everyone is good ..its getting chilly lately..how about were you all live?   :rock::lmao:

  14. Hey all..hope all is going well with you guys..this place is getting worse..this morning ,some idiot broke out my son's and his gfs window of their car...   :rock::lmao:

  15. Hello..still doing research , trying to figure out what my great great great grandparents names were..Stumbled upon a Stephen Wagner(possible..) born in 1797 if its My great great grandmother's father..then it worth all the hard work.   :rock::lmao: