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  1. Hey guys, hope your day is going well..five more days and its moving day..:rock: :applause::allears:

  2. Hello everyone, hope your having a great day..Birthday shout outs to @Justin and @Justin13 have a great day:rock: :applause::allears:

  3. Hello everybody, hope all is well..having less stress but still gonna worry, found out my son and his gf were turned down for apartments because of her credit..sometimes life throws good and bad at you at the same time .:rock: :applause::allears:

  4. Hello everyone, hope all is well..less stressed..going over to where we are moving to very soon..one more week!! and its back home to Fontana !!!.:rock: :applause::allears:

  5. Hello all hope your all doing well, me so so..stressed a little.:rock: :applause::allears:

  6. Hey everybody , how's your day..mine is so so still kind of stressed..:rock: :applause::allears:

  7. Hey everyone , hope everyone is doing well..:rock: :applause::allears:

  8. Hello all hope all is good..Me, getting ready to move in less then two weeks...yippy :rock::rock::applause::allears:

  9. Hey everybody, hope your having a wonderful night... :applause::allears:

  10. Hey everyone ...hope your all well..can't believe soon this forum will be no more...sad face :applause::allears:

  11. Hey guys..hope all is well..little early..:applause::allears:

  12. Hello everybody hope your having a great day..checkin in :applause::allears:

  13. Hello everyone..hope all is well..it wont be long until we are home again...:applause::allears:

  14. Hello all hope your all well..well we got Drama here and not the good kind either:facepalm:


    Checking in and doing fine ..hope you all are..Ryan have fun in LA !!!!