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  1. Been packing little by little..until we have a actual  move out date Checking in Hi Guys  :rock::applause::pray:

  2. Hey guys, hope all is well..having a quite day myself  :rock::applause::pray:

  3. Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing okay  be better with no stress once we are in a new place. :rock::applause::pray:

  4. Hello everyone, hope you all are well..checking in :rock::applause::pray:

    1. ragreynolds


      Hope you are well too Sheila

    2. sheilamotko


      Doing better, looking for a new place with my son,daughter in law and my husband...:rock: Keep prayers for us Ryan :pray:

  5. Hello everyone, hope your well..checking in and saying hello :rock::applause::pray:

  6. How is everyone..?? Birthday shout out @Alfie ..Happy Birthday ...see you later guys not doing to good.. well explain soon :rock::applause::pray:

  7. Hey guys hows your weekend going..mines' okay :rock::applause::pray:

  8. Hello everyone, still waiting for that charger...hopefully soon...checking in..how is everyone today.:rock::applause::pray:

  9. Hello everybody, checking in..hope all is well. Hopefully , I will have a new charger as soon as tomorrow..:rock::applause::pray:

  10. Hello everybody, hope your year started out good..mine well..we will see soon..Birthday shout out to @Scarytale , Hope it was a great one for you

  11. Thankl you guys
  12. Other then worrying about my son and his girlfriend being out there..they made it home safe and earlier then I thought they would..now if they could just get the registration tags for their car, we get another place to live that is afford..all will be well
  13. :rock::applause:Hey everyone...birthday shout outs to @Chris ,@lily and @xoxo

    Hope you had a wonderful New years and hopes it will get better for you as the year goes on

  14. :rock::applause:Hey everybody!! Happy 2018 ..were in the world its already ..and for those of us not yet there...check back in ,in 2018

  15. I'm home so I be okay...gonna be worried about my son and his girlfriend...they are out at a party, she doesn't drink..but he will.