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  1. Goodnight guys...hopefully goodnews by Monday or Tuesday...stay safe and strong never give in or up

  2. Goodnight all, still trying to find a place..need all the luck and prayers in the world...stay strong and safe, never give in or up

  3. 4'9
  4. Making a short goodnight guys...stay safe and strong ,never give in or up

  5. Goodnight all..hope you guys had a great day...Stay strong,and safe never give in or up

  6. Goodnight all, still haven't found a place..VERY stressed..once we get approved...it will be fine...Stay safe and strong ,never give up or in

  7. Goodnight all..seems my situation gets worse. ...but I will keep trying..Stay strong,and safe ,never give in or up

    1. ragreynolds


      Hope things get better, Sheila

  8. Goodnight all..the hunt of the affordable place continues ...Stay safe and strong,never give in or up

  9. Goodnight guys...hope your day went well..me its gonna suck until I know we can move into a place..scared you know...stay strong (I will too) and safe, never give in(won't do that ) or up

    1. ragreynolds


      I'm sure everything will be fine Sheila

  10. So...we will be moving soon....so tired of being accused of crap..anyways stay safe and strong,never give up or in

  11. Goodnight all..hope your doing well...got an inspector coming to inspect the apartment for bugs..even though we don't have any...Found out the managers were told to find anything to ger rid of us..because we wanted stuff like the gate and the closet fixed. I will keep you updated...stay strong and safe ,never give in or up

  12. I am so mad right now..My manager for these sucky apartments decided to put the other nieghbors having bed bugs on us..we don't have any ...So if they find one,just one..they will evict us..mind you the tenants downstairs found a few on their bed...(they could have been there from where they lived before ) So we opted to move...The place won't even fix what needs to be fixed..like the leak we've had in our closet for 3 years...and they haven't fixed yet..thats okay I still have pics to show if it comes to a court case lol...so in a nutshell that's whats going on..
  13. Goodnight all , hope all is well with you all..I will keep you updated with whats going on...stay safe and strong,never give in or up

  14. Goodnight all, hope today was a good one for you all...stay strong and safe,never give in or up

  15. Goodnight all ,hope you guys had a great day...we've had rain all day,flooding in some places..but we are good..Stay safe and strong,never give in or up

  16. Thank you
  17. I think she's just a person who needs to learn to keep to the truth. As for Ala..next time you do talk to him ask him about his forums I know when they were called Beautiful Forums he was having lots of problems.Can't remember if they were renamed Online Universe or not ..can't find it . So let him know I didn't go away ,just got my laptop back
  18. Speaking of Ala..has anyone heard from him..he deleted his facebook and I can't find the forums...he had changed the name from Beautiful Forums to something like Online Universe and I can't find it. He still has his channel fb pages and his channel..I messaged him and no response..wonder if he's okay...Before he deleted his fb..she was on there back and forth..dunno if she unfriended me again...she's doing the same ole thing
  19. Goodnight all..hope you had a great day...job interview tomorrow..wish me luck...stay strong and safe ,never give up or give in

  20. Goodnight all..hope you had a great day.hoping my laptop battery doesn't go out it was on poor...waiting on a new one...Does anyone know if I can fun this laptop with out the battery as long as its plugged into the charger? Stay strong and safe,never give in or up

  21. Goodnight all...hope your day went good..stay strong and safe, never give in and never give up

  22. Goodnight all..been a long day...probably gonna have to update windows..it keeps bugging me lol...anyways...Stay strong,stay safe never give in and never give up.

  23. Of course I would be here..and thank you
  24. Would you guys really want her on here or not??