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  1. Hello everybody , first off , birthday shout out to @ArseRaptor on this their 26th Birthday...yes its early today ..sometimes I will post status early


  2. Hello everyone, hope your having a great day. Things are a little better..just so much stress for us all


  3. Hello everybody, I hope your having a better day then me..everyone is on short fuses right now..but once the first comes we will be fine. .


  4. Hey everybody, hope your having a great day..One more month and I am out of this berg lol


  5. Hello all..well its going okay for me ..soon as we are out of this hell of a apartment


  6. First off..again..Birthday Shout outs to @dan and @Kemosabez hope your birthdays were wonderful..doing okay so far lol


  7. First off..Birthday shout out to @CharlieChinchilla I hope it was a great day...finally ,very soon by March will be back home in Fontana...


  8. Hey everyone, first off Birthday shout out to @Dean hope your having a great one..doing okay, well be moving back to Fontana soon


  9. Hey all..doing fine, hoping for some good news soon.


  10. Hello everyone, hope all is well..just checking in  :rock::applause::pray:

  11. Hey everybody , how is your Thursday ? It too warm here for January..still stressing about a place , hopefully we'll find one.  :rock::applause::pray:

  12. Hey guys..hope all is well...  :rock::applause::pray:

  13. Weird well you weren't kidding @bryanna ..that is !1 WEEEEEIIIIIRDDD
  14. Been packing little by little..until we have a actual  move out date Checking in Hi Guys  :rock::applause::pray:

  15. Hey guys, hope all is well..having a quite day myself  :rock::applause::pray:

  16. Hello everybody, hope all is well..doing okay  be better with no stress once we are in a new place. :rock::applause::pray:

  17. Hello everyone, hope you all are well..checking in :rock::applause::pray:

    1. ragreynolds


      Hope you are well too Sheila

    2. sheilamotko


      Doing better, looking for a new place with my son,daughter in law and my husband...:rock: Keep prayers for us Ryan :pray:

  18. Hello everyone, hope your well..checking in and saying hello :rock::applause::pray:

  19. How is everyone..?? Birthday shout out @Alfie ..Happy Birthday ...see you later guys not doing to good.. well explain soon :rock::applause::pray:

  20. Hey guys hows your weekend going..mines' okay :rock::applause::pray:

  21. Hello everyone, still waiting for that charger...hopefully soon...checking in..how is everyone today.:rock::applause::pray:

  22. Hello everybody, checking in..hope all is well. Hopefully , I will have a new charger as soon as tomorrow..:rock::applause::pray:

  23. Hello everybody, hope your year started out good..mine well..we will see soon..Birthday shout out to @Scarytale , Hope it was a great one for you

  24. Thankl you guys
  25. I want to wish you all a safe and fun New Years, If you go out and drink, please think of other drivers and have a sober driver. Life yours and theirs are to precious to lose. May you have a great new year. 2017 has not been a great year for me and my family. We've lost family members, had to move and deal with drama we didn't need to . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! TO ALL OF YOU AND RAGREYNOLDS FORUMS...BE SAFE!! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU IN 2018.