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  1. Hello everybody , hope everyone is good ..its getting chilly lately..how about were you all live?   :rock::lmao:

  2. Hey all..hope all is going well with you guys..this place is getting worse..this morning ,some idiot broke out my son's and his gfs window of their car...   :rock::lmao:

  3. Hello..still doing research , trying to figure out what my great great great grandparents names were..Stumbled upon a Stephen Wagner(possible..) born in 1797 if its My great great grandmother's father..then it worth all the hard work.   :rock::lmao:

  4. Doing okay..just doing research..might have come across my great great great Grandparents.  sometimes research pays off  :rock::lmao:

  5. Checking in all..hope you guys are well...things are going a okay :rock::lmao:

  6. Hello everybody, how are you all doing? Me I have ups and downs. But doing okay :rock::applause:

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      Found out why my YouNow wasn't working...had to update the thing . So its now updated.

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  7. Hello everybody, hope all is well..getting used to the stupid time change .I am doing well...:rock::applause:

  8. Hello all..hope you all are good..having a so so weekend..waiting for everyone to get their damn rent together..and of course there will be a late fee..:rock::applause:

  9. First off...Happy Birthday @SkyBlu hope your day is a wonderful one...Things are going fine..just my annual daily chick in..:rock::applause:

    1. SkyBlu


      Why thank you Sheila!!!

  10. Everything is going pretty good...but the week isn't finished yet. Gonna be a long month..have to buy for the Thanksgiving meal for the 23 and December is gonna be worse I think. Gotta keep going..:rock::applause:

  11. Hello Everyone, hope all is well and you all had a safe All Hollow's eve..get this..we had no Trick o Treaters , not even one. ..weird huh??:rock::applause:

  12. Hello everybody , hope all of you are having a safe and fun All Hollow's Eve...Birthday shout out to @_C_O_T_O_ and a Happy All Hollow's Eve too  :rock::applause:

  13. Hello everybody , hope your having amazing day..Those who live in Michigan Happy Devils night..don't use the eggs on peoples cars..that prank is not funny, its costly  :rock::applause:

  14. Hello to all you beautiful people...checking in ..remember you all rock :rock::applause:

  15. Checking in early today..hope you all are having a great Friday...:lmao:  :rock::lmao:

  16. 2Things are better today, I hope everybody is doing good. Few more days and  it will be All Hollow's Eve!!!! Get ready all you Gouls and a Birthday shout out to @SkeletonSmasher hope you had a goulishly happy day .   :rock::lmao:

  17. Things are better today, I hope everybody is doing good. Few more days and  it will be All Hollow's Eve!!!! Get ready all you Gouls :rock::lmao:

  18. Well , had a not so wonderful night..roommate insisted on getting drunk..thought the doctors have told him ,he keeps it up he'll die...then at  three o'clock this morning the drunk decides to try and pick a fight with my husband...who would pick his skinny ass up throw him over the balcony  with one hand...rooommate is 5'2 , husband is 6'5 yep , he'd crush him like a worm.lol.:rock::lmao:

  19. Just stopping by once again..to say hello ..feeling a bit better of course...life does get rough sometimes. :rock::lmao:

  20. Just another messed up month..No one can afford this ghetto place...I hope when March rolls around we have a place to go..We are all stressing on all the money we are paying on a 2bedroom and 2 bath apartment on the 3rd floor..and dealing with the college kids partying until 3 am ..and the curfew is 10 pm for noise. Don't worry guys, I  just needed to rant a little..I not a person who gives up the ghost easy lol:lmao:

  21. Hello everybody, hows it going ? Well All Hollow's eve is almost here..you all going to dress up? :lmao::rock:

  22. Hello all, BIRTHDAY SHOUTO OUT TO THE @The-Jackal Hope your having a wonderful day and night!!  :lmao::rock:

  23. Hello all, stopping by, I will come back on aft3er this computer gets charged up again :lmao::rock:

  24. Hello ,its me again...how is everyone doing, I haven't had to bad of a day. Just listening to the Daugher in law bitch and complian as ussual lol nothing new.  :lmao::rock:

  25. Hello all..hope you guys are having a great day..checking in with you all :lmao::rock: