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  1. :rock::applause:Hey everyone..hows everybody's Friday(or in some places...Saturday ) Waiting to move soon...

  2. :rock::applause:Hey everyone..hope your having a great time...all I can say when it rains it pours...(no its not actually raining) things will be fine ..

  3. :rock::applause:Hey everybody, hope your warm were you live..So California is always warm lol..will not always

  4. :rock::applause:Hello everybody...sitting here trying to catch up with all my pages lol...hope you all are doing well.

  5. :rock::applause:Hello all..feeling better...things are good so far...but the day isn't over yet lol

  6. :rock::applause:Hello everybody, checking in early, been sick ..but I will be better soon..nothing serious

  7. :rock::applause:Hello everybody, checking in..and doing okay ..hope you all are too.

  8. :rock::applause:Checking in guys..hope you all are having a great day...things are so so with me right now ,but I am taking it one day at a time.

  9. :rock::applause:Sorry its been awhile...been having health issues..my skin broke out..but its better...hope all is well.

  10. :rock::applause:.Checking in, making the best way I can..not going let bad times ruin Christmas.

  11. :rock::applause:.Birthday shout out to @OfficialTallVideos Happy Birthday...doing okay, just kind want the holidays over ...might not even have a special dinner..

  12. :rock::applause:.Checking in , hope your day went well..Christmas is a month away...probably won't be a great one..but we will make the best of it.

  13. Hello all, hope you all are well..not looking forward to another month is this dump...oh well.. :rock::applause:.

  14. Hope you all had a great day...see you tomorrow ..stay safe :rock::applause:.

  15. To those who celebrate..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! :rock::applause:.

    1. bryanna


      you too sheila!

  16. I am checking in...hope all is well with you guys. Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be Celebrating...checking in tomorrow as well:rock::applause:.

    1. ragreynolds


      Have a good day sheila 

  17. I need all of you guys to send prayers or thoughts that we can go back to Fontana Ca..we talked about but we need your good vibes to help us get there...

    1. ragreynolds


      You have my support

    2. sheilamotko


      Thank you Ryan..this place is just to much..we are lucky we had Thanksgiving dinner..Christmas might be hard..but if we are in a cheaper place..will help. Stupid Social Security turned me down again..but  we will be okay. :rock:

  18. First off..Happy Birthday @bryanna:rock:You rock!!!!

    Hello everyone hope your having a great day /night

    1. bryanna


      thanks sheila you rock too!

  19. Dropping in to say hello all...getting ready for Thanksgiving ...I can smell the Turkey already mmm mmm....:applause::rock:

  20. Hope everyone is having a great night..finger is black and blue, and hurts some but other then that its fine..Happy Birthday shout out to @pxc Hope it was a good one.. :applause::rock:

  21. Hello, well I hurt my hand taking the dog out..he decided he wanted to start crap with another dog. :applause::rock:

  22. Checking in...gonna be sad when RR ends..but lets make the most of it while its still here :applause::rock:

  23. I first want to thank Ryan for having this forum as long has he did. You made me laugh so much. And I will tell you I will miss this forum..thank you for the times I needed to vent. My live isn't easy,but you made it funner lol. Believe me ,me venting on here helped me though . But Ryan you have to do for you, your a young man ,don't forget you have a life outside this and youtube :applause:And don't think this is the last you will hear from me..its not..lol  Gift of gab  you know lol   :rock::lmao:

    1. ragreynolds


      Thanks for being here Sheila 

  24. 8 more days until Thanksgiving...what am I  thankful for..well I am breathing lol...that's always good. I hope that 2018 will be better then this sucky year..  :rock::lmao:

  25. Wish the holidays would hurry up and get over..Taking one day at at time . Having good moments and bad ones ...But always with a smile on my face.  :rock::lmao: