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  1. Other then worrying about my son and his girlfriend being out there..they made it home safe and earlier then I thought they would..now if they could just get the registration tags for their car, we get another place to live that is afford..all will be well

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  2. I want to wish you all a safe and fun New Years, If you go out and drink, please think of other drivers and have a sober driver. Life yours and theirs are to precious  to lose.  May you have a great new year. 2017 has not been a great year for me and my family. We've lost family members, had to move and deal with drama we didn't need to .


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  3. A Christmas Memory

    Christmas of my memory,fresh in my mind,
    The tree,the ornaments glow,
    The lights,colors of various kinds,
    How our excitement starts to grow.
    Dreaming of presents under the tree,
    Hoping for all we asked for.
    Trying to stay good and full of glee,
    Never to be naughty no more.
    Watching the snow fall
    Those bright white snowflakes
    Looking at our tree ,so tall,
    And seeing the ice on the lakes
    How I miss those Christmas days
    And Mama and Dad
    Its those memories that pays
    Makes me happy and sad.
    They always made Christmas grand,
    They made our wishes come true.
    Though they didn’t have a fortune on hand,
    We never had the Christmas blues.
    I hold on to Christmas past,
    But look forward every year.
    And hope our traditions last
    And always keep loved ones near.
    Hope you all like it, I wrote it just last night..comment if you like too.
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  4. I think I have made a discord, don't know if I can remember log in..I am not to sure on how to use it. but if you want to email me your user name. I will come on here let you know what mine is..should be under my name.

    Update: This might be it

    sheila81#5558 is the new one, its through my phone..still setting it up


  5. Aww Ryan...will miss this site,but you need to do what you think is best. Even though I only show up in the evening..and posted some . I still enjoyed every minute of it I will be here until the end...Those who want contact with me..Go to my facebook https://www.facebook.com/sheila.motko or my twitter https://twitter.com/queenrockettfan and Tumblrhttp://fontanablr.tumblr.com/ For those of you on Onison.co, Yes I have a profile there. http://onision.co/user/22


    If you friend request me..send me a message too saying that you know me from RR.  Ryan also has me on Facebook.


    Dear Ryan...

    If you ever decide after you shut this forum down...to renew or make a new one..please do send me a email..sheilamotko@gmail.com the rest of you can send me emails too if you like 

    Love to all. Ryan know that I have not just befriended you but adopted you as a son .

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  6. I tried to upload three part videos..of me and my friend riding in her truck..well I guess they caught music in the background ,mind you it was on low volume I didn't think the nosy idiots could catch it..they haven't in the past...and the ones they did..they just turned off the sound.  I messaged them and they said ..about the copyright blah blah blah..and next time turn off the radio..right turn of a radio that isn't my property...Sometimes Youtube don't make sense of a billy goat. ..sorry for the rant post...thanks for viewing..and comment your thoughts


  7. I made a volgish video yesterday telling the nut jobs who thought the world was going to end...how we are all still here...lol They believe everything I will also add the day prior to this one here too. Comments will be accepted. .


    From the 23rd of Sept. in  the morning


    This one's from the 22nd of Sept. in the morning as well.

    This is just how I feel...And also I don't remember if I mentioned in either video...but if God was going to destroy the world..he certainly wouldn't tell people the date and the time ...I was sneaking with these videos btw..dumb girlfriend of my son thinks just because she is on the lease and not me..gives her the right to tell me(her elder ) what to do..Anyways...comment if you guys like

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  8. Ryan..in America..Service dogs are allowed legally to go in anywhere the the disabled persons need them including eating places. This man had PTSD, This dog was trained by professionals ..that' why he's well behaved..This woman knew the laws about Service dogs..Blind people need them, so do deaf people. Now she's claiming  they are all racists. By them using the N word.

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  9. I totally agree @ragreynolds I am dealing with morans myself on CafeMom..I posted a comment in support of a young woman who had to give up her child for adoption..and I mentioned I knew where she was coming from and I had experience in how to deal with the pain of the situation. ..I've had to choose adoption 3 times..and omg..you think I killed the  President ..But I stood up and dealt with it lol.:lmao:

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